Canada Visa application guide from KSA



This guide is intended for Temporary Residence Visa to Canada for Tourism purpose for Filipino applicants residing in KSA applying online. Please check your eligibility first if your nationality is allowed to apply online, otherwise you need to apply on paper and must appear in person at VFS Riyadh to submit your biometrics details. (online application works better on Internet Explorer)

Canada visa application is the most challenging visa to get as per my experience. It requires longer processing (39 days processing in Saudi Arabia as per this post) and a lot of documents too. When I applied online for Canada Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) for tourism purpose on Aug2016 intended for my Eid Holiday plan on September 2016, I got refused due to the following:

First (immigration status in country of residence), when I applied for Canada visa, my Iqama has 4 months remaining before it expires. Although I also submitted an explanation letter regarding this, that it will be renewed 2 months before it expires, which was really the case, this situation gave the visa officer enough doubt about my immigration status in KSA. Second (purpose of visit), I did not submit an itinerary and my flight booking was just a screenshot of the flight itinerary I took from a website (not an actual flight booking). Again, I stated this on my Explanation Letter that I will take that flight once visa is granted, but they did not consider that explanation. Lastly, (current employment situation), when I applied, I did not submit copy of my ExitReEntry visa. This document is essential in determining the validity of my residence/work permit validity, which during that time, only have 4 months remaining before it expires. Having a clean travel history from European countries, USA, Japan, etc. for the past 5 years didn’t helped much in this application. I received Visa refusal notification after 20 days of submitting my application online.

Where did I go instead when my Canada visa application was refused?

Since my UK and Schengen visas are still valid during that time, I just traveled to Manchester UK and Copenhagen Denmark during Eid Holiday in September 2016.

Reapplication procedures

I applied again for Canada TRV on Nov2017.  I have used the same Profile I created in 2016 for this new visa application in 2017. If this is your first time, you must create a profile and password at  and answer the questions so you can be given a GCKey at the end of the process based on your answers. Be sure to remember all your answers as you will be asked to answer it for security reasons everytime you log in. From the date of creating an account, you have 60 days to complete your online application. If you can’t finish it in one time, just save it and go back to complete it later once you have all the information you need.

Forms & documents you need to complete (as per your personal checklist online):

  1. IMM5257E – Once you logged in, there are several questions you need to confirm until you reach the page showing the list of forms you need to complete (checklist) and what supporting documents you need to upload. This IMM5257E is the actual visa application form, do not open this form, just download it instead and save it on your desktop and start filling it out, put N/A for questions not applicable to you. Once completed, just click “VALIDATE” and save it. No need to print this form or write your signature. This form will create barcodes automatically once validated. Save the form and upload it on this part of your online application.
  2. Proof of Means of Financial Support – Make 1 file for the following (Employment Certificate signed and stamped by your Sponsor and attested by Chamber of Commerce + 6 months payslip + 6 months bank statement) and upload it on this part as 1 whole PDF file not more than 4MB size.
  3. Travel History – Make 1 file for the following (all pages containing visa labels, entry/exit stamps from current or old passports or copy of boarding pass + copy of Iqama with English Translation + ExitReEntry visa) and upload it on this part as 1 whole PDF file not more than 4MB size.
  4. Passport – upload the data page of your current passport including page showing your signature + other pages with stamps (passport validity should not be less than 6 months).
  5. Photo – upload your photo 3.5X4.5cm size white background (file size not more than 4MB)
  6. Purpose of Travel – Make 1 file for the following (daily itinerary + flight booking + hotel booking)
  7. IMM5645E – This is the Family Information form. Don’t open this form, just download it and save it on your desktop. Then complete details of your family members whether or not they are traveling with you. No need to sign it, just save it and upload it on this part.
  8. IMM5257B_1 – This is the Schedule 1 form. Don’t open it, just download it and save it on your desktop. Then complete the security questionnaire and you need to list down all countries you visited in the last 5 years. Once completed, click the “VALIDATE” button and save it and upload it on this part. No need to print or write your actual signature.
  9. Letter of Explanation – you can write additional details about your trip, you can explain further for any information you wish to clarify. No word limit so take advantage of this.

After completing the above forms and uploaded all required supporting documents, they will ask you to sign this whole online application electronically. Then click the next step, payment of your visa application online by credit card (CAD100). You will receive email confirmation after this. Then several email update notifications. Followed by a long waiting game in the hope that your visa will be approved in the end. If refused, they will just send you email explaining why they refused your application. If approved, they will request for your original passport to be submitted at VFS Riyadh. You will also see on your online profile “Final decision: Your visa application is approved”.  You need to print that Request for Passport Submission letter and submit it together with your original passport. VFS staff will ask you to pay by cash the passport transmission fee + Aramex courier fee so that they can just deliver my passport at my address after visa stamping at Canadian Embassy, otherwise I can collect it at VFS by myself or by my representative after processing.

Payment to be collected at VFS (in CASH only):

SAR125 – Passport Transmission fee

SAR6 –  SMS service fee

SAR24 – Aramex courier fee


Nov02- I completed my online application and uploaded all supporting documents, paid visa fee. I received 2 emails as confirmation of visa payment and visa submission.

Nov03- I received email update on my application, asking me to login and check it, when I open, there is no update, don’t worry, it’s normal, it seems that you will receive email updates whenever the Visa Officer open your file.

Nov04- I received email update on my application, but it’s the same when I login, no update.

Nov30- I received an update containing a letter requesting to submit my original Passport, I went at VFS Riyadh immediately to submit the Request Letter+ my original Passport+ payment of Passport transmission. Late afternoon I received 2 sms confirming my passport has been forwarded at Canada Visa Office.

Dec05- Morning I received update on my online profile status to “Approved”. Also received an email from VFS that my passport was being couriered by VFS. Afternoon I received my passport from Aramex.

Visa Approved (2017)

5 years Multiple (until my passport validity)

How to compile Travel History in 1 PDF file

Make sure to download Acrobat Reader DC so you can edit, combine, reduce files or you may copy paste all travel history files to Microsoft Word then save it as PDF, as long as the total size is not more than 4MB. Travel history means all pages of your current and previous passports containing visa labels, entry/exit stamps. In case you have Australian Evisa or traveled to Australia, it means your passport will not have visa label nor entry/exit stamps so the only evidence of your travel is copies of your airline boarding pass. Also include your valid Iqama copy with English translation and your Exit-reEntry visa. Make sure that your Iqama is still valid for 1 year otherwise they may take shorter remaining validity as grounds for refusing visa.

How to compile Proof of Means of Financial Support in 1 PDF file

Make sure to download Acrobat Reader DC so you can edit, combine, reduce files or you may copy paste all files to Microsoft Word then save it as PDF, as long as the total size is not more than 4MB. Financial capacity evidence is Certificate of Employment – make sure your name, nationality, passport number, Iqama number and validity date, position, monthly salary, approved leave, purpose of travel, duration of contract is clearly written, this should be signed and stamped by your employer and attested by Chamber of Commerce. 6 months payslip – must show that the salary stated on your CoE are the same amount on your payslip. 6 months bank statement – stamped by your bank on 1st and last page or online statement should show that your employer deposits the same salary mentioned on your CoE on a monthly basis. Your last balance must be more than enough to cover your entire trip (amount of plane ticket+ amount of hotels+ daily expenses). You can also add Creditcard statement if available or shares of stocks, Company Register if you’re a business owner. If you are not funding your own trip you must provide guarantee letter from the person sponsoring you or inviting you in Canada with copies of his/her bank statement, and passport, ID/visa status in Canada.

How to compile Purpose of Travel in 1 PDF file

Make sure to download Acrobat Reader DC so you can edit, combine, reduce files or you may copy paste all files to Microsoft Word then save it as PDF, as long as the total size is not more than 4MB. Evidence of travel purpose is Daily itinerary – make a list of what you plan to do from day1 to last day in Canada. I made an itinerary starting from the day of my flight from Riyadh to Manila to show that I will stay first in Manila before flying to Canada. Flight ticket – I included my already paid roundtrip ticket from Riyadh-Manila and a flight booking issued by travel agency for Manila-Vancouver. I also included my MabuhayMiles Elite membership statement to show that I even have enough miles for a free flight to Canada from Manila. Hotel reservation – I took it from covering cities I plan to visit (Vancouver & Banff). If you have invitation you must include it here.

Letter of Explanation

You can write whatever additional information about your trip to Canada which you find useful to your visa application. No format to follow and no word limit. On this letter, I actually answered and explained one-by-one the 3 points mentioned on my previous Refusal Letter. Giving them an assurance that I have no intention of overstaying my visa. Among G7 member countries, Canada is the only country I haven’t visited yet.


To my readers, my rule here is simple. LIKE this blog before asking question. Seriously i will reply ONLY to those who LIKED this blog. Thanks for understanding. 😘


About hunterpm

I'm an Overseas Filipino Worker based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia since January 2007. I love traveling. 25 countries as of January 2019. My favorite countries i visited multiple times are Japan UK France USA. I don't prefer staying at hostel for security & privacy, I'd rather stay at a cheap hotel as long as it has its own toilet and bath. I'm a Top Contributor of TripAdvisor in Riyadh. I used to work in Kapuso network GMA7 in Manila for 6 years before working in KSA. I have this blog to help other travelers the basics & techniques how to apply tourist visas. Hope you enjoy reading my blog... Thanks everyone!!! 😄😘😜
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35 Responses to Canada Visa application guide from KSA

  1. how much minimum bank statement is required.

  2. Sorry for again disturb you dear for hotel booking and flight booking Confirmed is necessary or we just can reserve.

    • hunterpm says:

      Hotel booking which u can cancel later if u change your plans, website like offers free cancellation. Flight booking u can ask travel agency for this for sr100 or if u are friendly enough to a travel agent u can have it for free.

  3. Veeru Banarjee says:

    Hi Sir,

    Hope you are fine This is Veru, please review my below situation and I need your expert advise as I want to apply for TRV to Canada for my annual vacation in Sep-2018

    Age: 31
    Job:- Projects coordination Engineer
    Salary:- 7k
    Indian Nationality.

    Visa Refusals
    Canada = Feb-2017 = Refused first time Reason – US rejection not mentioned in form
    Canada= Mar-2017 = Refused Second Time Reason – No Travel History
    Canada = Apr-2017 = Refused Third Reason – Current Situation of job.

    After my first refusal I have applied again stating my apology for not mentioned the refusal of US visit visa –Nov-2016 which was my genuine mistake. But I was also approved with US Visa on Second attempt and is valid until 2026.

    Last year in August 2017 I have travelled to usa.
    Travelling history I have traveled to Bahrain-2016, Qatar-2017

    Current Situation of job. I am working in Riyadh since 2011 in MNC. Almost 7yrs of experience.

    I would like to reapply online in May-2018 please advise me for necessary recommendations. I would also like to know if indian nations can apply online.

    Thanking you.

    • hunterpm says:

      3 refusals means Canada is not yet ready to welcome u to their country. It means u should travel more to other countries to add additional travel history. Although your personal background is good enough, Canada need assurance that u are going back to ksa after your trip by presenting supporting documents like existing contract exitReEntryVisa and Iqama should still be valid for another year to establish your acceptable “current employment situation”. My suggestion is to skip Canada in 2018 and try Europe like Schengen or UK visa.

      • Veeru Banarjee says:

        Thanks you very much for your reply. God Bless you.

        i wish to travel in Eid ul Fitr- 14-Jul to 12-ul-2018 to canada exploring Niagara Falls i. i do not have any intention to stay in canada as i have my ties in India, my property, bank balance and my parents working in Saudi more over last year i was in USA disneyworld for my annual vacation with my relatives and have return back to saudi My USA visa is Valid until 2026 Multiple entry.

        can i give it a try giving a brief explanation and ensurring of my return convincing the visa officer. providing as you said of 7 yrs of working experience in KSA, Contract with Exit re-entry Also i would like to know if Indian National can apply online..

        Regarding Schengen Visa, i am afraid because in June-2017 Eid ul Fitar holidays i was refused with Italian Embassy twice same time reasoning “my return is not certain” though i provided them my return purchased ticket with hotel booking and all their mandatory supporting documents . in my point of view the main reason was due to my maritial status-single.May be can i apply for France Embassy? Again my intension is return to Saudi as i do not have any friends or relatives.

        for Visiting UK i have plan next year to see the Cricket Word Cup in May-2019 with my Family and Friends.

        Sir i need your advise based on above.

        thanking you.

      • hunterpm says:

        Try ur luck with canada again. But be sure to declare u have been refused visa to schengen also twice. Yes Indian can apply visa online. Being single is not an issue when applying visa to any country.

    • shaun says:

      veeru how did thay know that you refused from USA, did you mention anywhere ?

      • Veeru Banarjee says:

        Dear Shaun, Your application will be thoroughly review by the VO and thr data base they have all the information and just want to make sure we are true enough. Yes we have to mentioned List of Visas rejection in Back ground information.

        Finally after a long struggle today i got my Visa from VFS- Riyadh Valid until my passport. it took only 21 days as my application was considered in CAN+.

      • shaun says:

        wow thats great..
        i wanna apply visa next week thats why im asking about rejection… my travel history is UK, switzerland, france , spain, portugal, USA, Malaysia, Bahrain and UAE what do you thing would i get ?
        and one more thing i wanna ask you if you dont mind, does low salary matters like if im getting 7K to 8K it is ok or its really low for canadian visa please reply me ASAP.

  4. seok says:

    Hello Hunter,
    I was wondering if the visa validity is also the validity of passport? So it is better to renew my passport now before applying for Canadian visa in order to get 10 years multiple entry Canadian Visa validity too as the Philippine passport now is 10 years valid? or it is a case to case basis? but of course granting a visa relies on the consular decision.

  5. Maria says:

    From my experience I could say that Canada visa application is the most challenging visa and most troubled one. But when my sissy applied for Canadian Visa she seeked the help of Government agency called WORLDWIDEFORMATIONS and luckily she go the passport within two weeks without any troubles.

  6. Hey bro I have one more question, do you have employee letter ? What do I have to write in that ? Can you please send me a copy ? What do I have to mention in USA and Canada? Please help me with that bro

  7. yang says:

    hi sir hunter kasali po ba sa supporting document ang medical. hindi ko nakita sa list of requirement mo sa blog mo. if ever meron medical anung klaseng medical and need? Thanks po Godbless

    • hunterpm says:

      Tourist/visitor visa po blog na to kaya di required ang medical. Depende po sa purpose of travel mo sa Canada kung need ng medical or not.

      • yang says:

        yeah i know its tourist blog sir, sa supporting document meron silang part ng medical na nakalagay ileave lang na blank just like yun family forn # 7 from ur blog i will leave it blank too? thank you po

      • hunterpm says:

        I’m not sure what your personal background is, required supporting documents depend on personal circumstances. My visa application does not require medical. What’s listed in my blog were the only documents required from me during my application.

    • seok says:

      Hello yang, I think I can help you on this matter as we have the same experiences. For tourism purposes or visa visa less than 2 weeks of stay do not require a medical certificate. If you opt to stay longer than that, then that’s the time they require you a medical certification. Medical certificate will automatically sent out via their recognized medical center. Its electronic system that the medical center will be sent out to their Embassy. You cannot just go to any hospital or clinic you want. The medical test conducted on me were eye test, physical test, stool, urine and blood test that cost me SAR 998.00.

      • yang says:

        Hi seok had u able to process your tourist visa? would you mind sharing me your sample letter of travel purpose? Thank you

  8. yang says:

    hi seok would you mind sharing you sample letter for the purpose of travel? email me at thank you in advance GodBless

  9. shaun says:

    would love to share my experience about canadian visa.
    applied on 4th june 2018 from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
    letter from office (NOC) + 6 months bank statement + 6 months payslips + return air ticket + hotel booking + all passport scanned copies + all visas scanned copies (travel history) + iqama and iqama english translation + daily routine while in canada + cover letter

    20th of june 2018 got an email to submit my passport , now today 21st of june 2018 going to submit my passport 🙂

    • yang says:

      hi shaun congrats congrats. im living also in riyadh can i contact you for guidance in applying, thank you. Just incase thank you i really need a help with the application. email me your number.

      • shaun says:

        hi yang,
        sorry just check your comment, im out of country u can ask me anything i ll explain you.
        i just followed whatever hunter explain, so if u need any help just ask.

  10. Sir hunter, my manager is asking if she can still apply for a tourist visa here in Riyadh given their (Canada-KSA) recent situation? Do you think it would be the same process?

  11. Faiz Ali says:

    Hello, Mr Hunter,
    I have some questions regarding Canda Visa:

    1: Can we download Online bank statement from our E-Banking & how much duration is Required because from the Internet we can only download 3 months old statement & how much is the required balance?

    2: if we get Visa approved can we request for visa paste on Passport from our home Country because of the current situation between Canada & KSA?

    3: Should I scan my all passport pages & send to them or only enough to send Visa pages or exit-entry stamps?
    Thanks in Advance

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