Australian visa online for Filipinos in KSA

If you have read my previous blogs, you will notice that I always plan my Eid Holiday trip every year by applying visa to countries of my choice atleast 3 months before i travel. This year 2017 Eid-Al-Fitr holiday will be on 25JUNE. I wanna visit Australia, the first country in the southern hemisphere that I’m going to visit. Here’s how to apply for Australian tourist visa online for Filipinos based in KSA:
Create an account at

Log on to your account and start filling out the online visa application form.

Scan all supporting documents* requested to be downloaded on your online visa application. File should not be more than 4MB PDF or JPEG, up to 60 files can be uploaded.

Pay your visa application fee by credit card (AUD135++).

Check your email, once you receive email from DIBP requesting you to submit your biometrics details (photo & fingerprint), print the Request Letter**

Go to choose your location city, print the appointment letter. You can also walk-in for biometrics if you weren’t able to book schedule at VFS Riyadh

Attend your biometrics appointment schedule and bring original passport and the Request letter from DIBP. Pay the biometrics collection fee by cash SAR291. VFS staff will capture your digital photo and finger print.

Wait for an email from DIBP once the final decision for your application has been made. If approved, “Visa Grant Notice***” containing QR code will be emailed to you as PDF, print it as you need to show it to the airline when you check-in for your flight to Australia.

*Supporting documents I actually uploaded:
1. Evidence of Travel Document: Passport data page with notarized stamp from Philippine Embassy Riyadh (cost SAR100), previous passports showing travel history. I included all pages of my passports containing US UK Schengen Japan visas and stamps from other Asian countries I visited (22 countries) for the past 10 years.
2. Evidence of Birth/Age: Birth Certificate issued from PSO & my SSS ID
3. Evidence of Overseas Work Experience: Certificate of Employment showing position, passport details, contract duration, approved leave, monthly salary, signed and stamped by my employer.
4. Evidence of Visa Status in country of residence: Iqama (Saudi Residence ID) with English translation, Saudi Exit/ReEntry Visa
5. Evidence of personal financial capacity: 6 months bank statement (print screen only from my online banking), 6 months payslip, front page of my credit cards, travel insurance
6. Evidence of Temporary Stay: paid roundtrip ticket Riyadh-Sydney (for Jun2017), paid roundtrip ticket Riyadh-Manila (for Sep2017), paid roundtrip ticket Manila-USA (for Sep2017), cover letter explaining my trip to Sydney.
**All visa-required nationalities applying Australian visa from the Middle East locations are required to submit biometrics, Filipinos applying in the Philippines are not required to submit biometrics.
***Australia does not issue visa sticker on passport, but if you want visa sticker you need to pay extra and you need to send your original passport at VFS Riyadh.
Processing time:

I submitted my completed online visa application on 27Apr, submitted my biometrics on 1May and received my Visa Grant Notice on 24May. After online submission, you will receive an email confirmation and online Invoice for visa fee you paid and the request letter for biometrics collection. The next email you will receive is the Visa Grant Notice (if approved) or notice of visa refusal (if denied). No email update in between. Visa processing is being done by Australian Embassy in Dubai. VFS Riyadh is the one collecting biometrics from applicants from KSA. They charged me an extra SAR10 for SMS service on top of SAR291 biometric submission fee, but I did not receive a single sms from VFS. I requested single entry but got multiple entry visa valid for 1 year. I already paid my tickets before i applied visa since it was a promo airfare from PAL. Although plane ticket and hotel booking are not required, it helps in establishing an evidence of temporary stay. Since i will be flying to USA on Sep2017 for Eid-al-Adha holiday, i uploaded my paid tickets as additional proof that i will not stay long in Australia.


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About hunterpm

I'm an Overseas Filipino Worker based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia since January 2007. I love traveling. 25 countries as of January 2019. My favorite countries i visited multiple times are Japan UK France USA. I don't prefer staying at hostel for security & privacy, I'd rather stay at a cheap hotel as long as it has its own toilet and bath. I'm a Top Contributor of TripAdvisor in Riyadh. I used to work in Kapuso network GMA7 in Manila for 6 years before working in KSA. I have this blog to help other travelers the basics & techniques how to apply tourist visas. Hope you enjoy reading my blog... Thanks everyone!!! 😄😘😜
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43 Responses to Australian visa online for Filipinos in KSA

  1. Kabayan says:

    Hi Hunter,

    Thanks for this very good and informative blog it guides the first timers who likes to take the same path as you did in your vacation to Australia.

    Just want to take advice as I am planning to go to Australia next year’s Eid-Al-Fitr.

    Evidence of Visa Status in country of residence : Is there an official English translation of Iqama or you just provided directly the translation.

    Evidence of personal financial capacity : Did you submit a Saudi or Philippines bank statement and approximately how much was the figure if you don’t mind.


    • hunterpm says:

      There are so many translation office in Riyadh & in any other cities in KSA to translate your Iqama in English, it need to be printed on a letterhead of the translation office with their company stamped. You need to present your saudi bank account statement to see if your monthly salary mentioned in your employment letter is the same amount u receive in your bank account monthly. Make sure your last balance is more than enough to cover your travel expenses (rountrip airfare+ hotel+ daily transpo/food expenses). As for me I always make sure everytime i apply for any visa my last balance should not be lower than SAR15k.

      • kabayan says:

        Noted and mabuhay!!!

      • Kabayan says:

        Hi Hunter,
        Just want to know your opinion on this case, what if you’re going for a final exit and you want to visit Australia directly from Riyadh then return to Philippines so does exit/reentry visa will not be applicable anymore? Because I’m not sure if my company will issue exit/reentry visa just for a requirement for the tourist visa application.

      • hunterpm says:

        They will not grant u visa if u are going for final exit. U can apply once ur back in PH and try your luck.

  2. benjamila says:

    Hi Hunter,

    Thank you for blog. It really helps a lot.

    I just want to know if you have any idea how the payment works for australian visa. Yesterday, I applied for an australian visa at VFS office here in riyadh. I’m kinda confused how to pay the visa fee. so, when I arrived at the office they told me to write my credit card details coz the payment is through credit card. I thought I’m going to swipe my credit card in the card swipe machine. after that I proceed for biometric. I’m just wondering how they gonna charge my credit card because I do have online password for my credit card (Alawwal Bank credit card). I’m kinda worried about it coz what if they didn’t charge my card? and my application will be rejected. And until today I didn’t receive any text message or email from VFS.

    By the way, I applied for Schengen Visa (france) last August 6 and got approval on August 8 at VFS. I can’t help not to think about this payment thing.

    Thank you so much.

    • hunterpm says:

      If u made your Australian visa application online u should have paid by credit card the visa fee also online. Since u applied thru VFS they will charge u extra as service handling fee on top of the visa and biometrics collection fee. They will ask u to fill out credit card authorization form and once ur application is processed, the amount will be deducted from ur cc. France is the quickest in processing Schengen visa, sometimes they issue visa on same day.

      • benjamila says:

        Yeah.. this is my problem..I’m waiting for them to deduct the payment from my credit card. but no deduction until now and any confirmation.

        My france visa is valid for 35 days only. If I will not use my schengen visa what will be effect on my next application? plan has been changed that’s why i’m applying for australian visa.


      • hunterpm says:

        Take note that Australian visa processing takes -1+ month. Ur application will be transmitted and processed in Australian Consulate in Dubai. For Schengen visa, no problem if u r not able to use it. U can apply again next time.

    • ming says:

      Hi there..
      im trying to apply for australian visa,may i asked when you applied thru vfs how long did it take for them to process your on a little tight time frame coz i need to apply for french visa for visit in new caledonia..and its by april 8 already..
      Did you get sticker visa or onine visa..
      thank you very much

  3. Ali Raza says:

    Would you please tell me how much salary required for apply schengen visa and for online Australian visa

  4. Liz says:

    Hi Hunter,

    Did the Embassy of Australia requires u to submit your official birth certificate from NSO? Is that a mandatory requirement?


  5. seok says:

    Hello Hunter,

    I have some doubts now as I already apply my visa to Australia online and have done also the bio-metric at VFS Center in Riyadh. When I check online on the status of my application, it shows I need health assessment. Does it mean I need to undergo medical check up? I need your urgent response on this matter. Do they required you the same?

    Many Thanks

    • hunterpm says:

      I wasn’t required medical check since i stayed in Oz for 1 week only and that was clearly stated on my visa application. Med check is required based from ur personal circumstances, nationality, medical history, travel history.

      • seok says:

        Thanks Hunterpm for the immediate response but due to my eagerness to comply all the required documents online, I took my medical test yesterday and it was very very costly. It was SAR 997.50. Costlier than my visa application and bio-metrics fee. I will be visiting for 7 days only in Ausie and have decided to undergo on it as it was written on the application. I read blog also from twomonkeytravels that she undergo medical so I decided to undergo without a clear instruction or email from Australian Embassy to go for it. It was just part of the correspondence on the application. This is a lesson learn to everyone applying for visit visa to Ausie to wait if they contact you for additional docs or proceed with medical. I am also a Phil. national, had visited many countries in Europe, Japan, UK and other Asian countries. I decided to took the medical as I thought that is the reason for the delay of the decision of my application. It’s almost 25 days now since I applied and still got no response.. Will keep you inform here once I received the decision on my application.

      • hunterpm says:

        Have u submitted copy of ur medical insurance as supporting document? 25days is normal processing, it could be longer though. Pls keep us updated, thanks

  6. seok says:

    I cannot reply on your statement above asking me if I submitted my medical insurance so I commented it here in a new thread,Yes I included my medical insurance on my application. I have BUPA category-A and I’d been using it all of my travel required documents. I’d been used with all of this documents needed for visa processing and travel insurance is a must. I get worried now since I do my medical even without the embassy asking me to do it, but it was really shown there on the correspondence. Also, we cannot make any medical to any hospital or clinic, they have a list of accredited medical center in Riyadh and need to bring the referral letter which is generated on the online application.. Al Warood Med. Center and Dr. Sulaiman AL Habib both in Olaya, KSA is the only recognized and accredited medical center for visa processing medical requirements. They will send automatically the results of medical to the Embassy of country you are applying for visa. I am so worried now that they may think that I will stay long in oz because I do the medical even though my intention is to visit there for only 7 days. Still waiting for the decision of my visa hopefully within this week it will release. I’m so confuse now.

    • hunterpm says:

      Usually they only ask chest X-ray for applicants requested medical document but since u already done medical exam then u r good to go. Dont worry u will be approved based from ur travel history and complete supporting docs. Best of luck!

      • seok says:

        Hello Hunter,
        I just want to update you the status of my Visa Application. I just received a grant email Today Feb.21 and It was “Approved” valid for 1 year with multiple entry. The only thing I believe why there is a need of medical is that, I applied on the system 1 year even though I will stay there for 2 weeks only. There are categories of 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. I choose 1 year in the system. Imagine, I applied Jan. 3. but got no decision for almost 1 month until I decided to go for my medical Feb. 3 because I was worried why it is so late for the decision. After my medical, It took again another 20 days for the decision. Yes, X-ray, Physical, Eyes and Urine Test only is being conducted. I think I made a mistake for doing my medical without clear instruction from them to do it because they are giving 1 year validity to all applicant without doing a medical test same as you. My Bad.

      • hunterpm says:

        Important thing is u got approved, congrats!

  7. Fran says:

    Hi. If applying here in riyadh which form to fill out for online tourist visa application to australia? I already made an immi acct and made application for visitor subclass 600 but the form to be filled out was form 956a whch is appointment or withdrawal of an authorised Recipient . So i can not process my online application. I will apply here in riyadh and will fly from ph.

  8. ming says:

    thanks for the very informative blog..

  9. Hussaini. says:

    Hello sir,

    First of all thank you very much for providing such as a useful information . I am planning to apply from Riyadh for Austrailan Tourist Visa for my vacation in November-2018 (7 Day trip only) following are my query.

    1) Do I have to take Riyad Bank Statements Duly Stamped by the Bank or can I use online Transaction History PDF for the past 6 Months and upload online.
    2) Is it required Company letter to be Attested by Chamber of commerce. or just company letter required stating my necessary required information.
    3) Is Employment Contract Required.
    4) Do I have to Purchase the Ticket.or can i just show only tentative ticket because after getting visa i will buy the ticket.
    5) Is Exit Re-entry Required since I am planning to visit Oz in November.
    6) Is Medical Test Required? I am aged 31.
    7) Previously i had been rejected by US but was approved last year and have visited USA his year will the rejection have any affect on my application.

    Waiting for your kind advise.

  10. Liza says:

    Hi Hunter,

    It’s been more than a month that I have not receive any email from the Australia Visa Center in Dubai. I have been tracking my application until now and it says that my application has been forward to Australia Consulate General/Australia Embassy for processing. I submitted my application in VFS Riyadh since June 3 and June 6 it was forwarded by VFS in Dubai.

    I make sure that I have forwarded all the necessary documents according to their requirements list.

    I also read your blog, that there will be no messages in between from the Australia embassy during the process of your application, and that I will only receive an email either refusal or approved. I feel left hanging on air waiting the status of my visa.

    I have sent several emails to their help desk and giving me the same answer that my application is still on process it is exactly 5 weeks now.

    Have u encounter anyone who has the same issue like mine?

  11. Zel M says:

    Is it necessary to submit exit/re-entry visa? Thanks

    • hunterpm says:

      ExitReEntry visa along with Iqama are your evidences of your legal permission to be in a country (ksa) other than your country of nationality. It will help u prove your legal status here and your permission to go out and reenter ksa after your trip.

  12. Zel M says:

    And after submission of application online, usually how many days will it take for them to send the request for biometrics? Thanks

  13. Zel M says:

    Thank you so much for the info. I appreciate.

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