How to apply Schengen visa for Switzerland at VFS Riyadh

Another Schengen visa application experience, this time I applied at Swiss VFS Riyadh

Background prior to my visa application:

– I had been issued previous Schengen visas from Czech Rep (twice) and one from Spain, check out my previous blogs.

– I have an existing valid US and UK visas on my current passport.

– I already visited 10 countries in the Schengen area in the past 2 years.

– I plan to travel to Switzerland this Eid holiday July 2016

Actual documents i submitted:

1. Completed visa application online, printed and signed, attached 1 photo

2. Appointment confirmation letter

3. Original passport + copy of data page and previous Schengen visas

4. Employment letter attested by Chamber of Commerce

5. Exit/reEntry visa copy

6. Iqama copy with official English translation

7. Bank statement for 6months with original stamped by the bank

8. Copies of my credit cards front page

9. Travel insurance original

10. Flight booking

11. Hotel booking (cancelable from

12. Introduction letter (not required but helpful)


20/04/16 – I registered my profile at Swiss VFS Riyadh website, completed Schengen visa online application form and printed it and signed including the complementary page and I pasted 1 photo (size 35x45mm). Then schedule my appointment to be on 02/05/16 and I was automatically assigned at 11:45am slot.

02/05/16 – Monday I submitted my documents at VFS Center Riyadh, paid visa fee total SR363 cash, they collected my biometrics data (digital photo and finger print scan), eventhough my previous biometrics is still valid as per VIS it should be valid for 5 years. Its high season when I applied so it was crowded and i spent 1 hour inside VFS instead of just 15mins. Late afternoon I received an email that my application has been forwarded at Swiss Embassy for assessment.

03/05/16 – Tuesday at Swiss Embassy, my Schengen visa was issued and pasted on my passport, however they did not forwarded it immediately back at VFS center.

05/05/16 – Thursday before lunch time I tracked down my visa status online and glad to know that my passport has been dispatched back at VFS Center, however I only received after 30mins a sms and an email stating that my passport is ready to be collected at VFS center, at 1pm I went to VFS center to collect my passport, visa was issued for 90 days stay valid for 6months multiple entry (i requested 1 year validity on my visa application form and intro letter, thanks anyway!). I noticed that the visa has not been stamped by Swiss Embassy so i sent email to them to confirm if stamp is not required, based from my own google search i found out that Swiss Schengen visa does not contain stamp, unlike other Schengen states which always put stamp or signature or dry seal on top of the visa sticker.

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About hunterpm

I'm an Overseas Filipino Worker based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia since January 2007. I love traveling. 25 countries as of January 2019. My favorite countries i visited multiple times are Japan UK France USA. I don't prefer staying at hostel for security & privacy, I'd rather stay at a cheap hotel as long as it has its own toilet and bath. I'm a Top Contributor of TripAdvisor in Riyadh. I used to work in Kapuso network GMA7 in Manila for 6 years before working in KSA. I have this blog to help other travelers the basics & techniques how to apply tourist visas. Hope you enjoy reading my blog... Thanks everyone!!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜˜πŸ˜œ
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170 Responses to How to apply Schengen visa for Switzerland at VFS Riyadh

  1. Kath says:

    Hi Hunter. I have a question. I have a valid UK tourist visa and I am planning to visit Turkey. I can get a Turkish e-visa, is that correct? Thank you!

    • hunterpm says:

      Thats right, just E-visa for $20 i think, u can get the visa in 5mins πŸ™‚

      • Kath says:

        Hi, I heard that in order to use your e-visa, I must book only with Turkish Airlines. Have you heard of it too? My friend told me when she asked a Filipina working in Turkish Embassy. It’s upsetting since I’ve never read about it before.

      • hunterpm says:

        Thats not true, u can take any airline of your choice.

  2. yari says:

    Hi hunter! Need help… Im trying to place schedule for schegen visa (france) online but it always says session timeout.. When i tried to call the hotline i think its the fax number.. I cant locate in the website the address where i can have appointment.. Can you please give me the address of vfsglobal? And in your experience did you experienced it too on the website? Thanks

  3. Kirly79 says:

    Me and my friend applied for tourist visa in france and we received a text message stating that our passport is ready for collection. In your experience, do you think we were granted a visa? An anxious reader here :).

    • hunterpm says:

      It means the decision has been made on your visa application whether or not visa is granted. They will not tell u if your visa is approved. The only way to find out is to collect your passport and see if there is visa sticker or stamp of visa refusal in it.

      • warlajo says:

        Hi hunter! First of all i wanna thank you., your blog is very helpful and inspiring. Got our schengen visa already.. The processing was so fast.. Only 1 day in the embassy and was delivered to me after 2 days by aramex. Medyo nakakakaba lang while waiting sa visa kasi sabe saken sa vfs usually 3-5 working days daw before mgkadecision., pero sa nangyari wla png 1 day nirelease n agad ng french embassy., though we don’t want to entertain negativity kc complete nman lahat ng documents namen.. Pero d mawala sa isip nmen n baka insufficient yung funds namen kc 5k sar lang kaya agad binalik.. And yung copies ng cc nmen d din tinanggap sa vfs not needed daw.. Thank God talaga at naging positive talaga.. Now busy na kame sa pagplan ng trip namen.. Super thanks! 😊😊😊✈️

      • hunterpm says:

        Based from experience French embassy ang pinakamabilis magprocess ng schengen visa. A friend of mine submitted her schengen visa app in the morning then late afternoon if that same day ready na passport nya for ollection. Congrats and enjoy ur travel to europe 😊

  4. Warlajo says:

    Hunter ask ko lang kc ung flight n nkuha nmen my layover n almost 10 hours sa dubai so gusto nmen rumampa muna sa dubai while waiting and to meet friends na din.. Question is where are we going to secure the visa? What type of visa? Meron kc aq nabasa na they dont issue visa on arrival na daw.. So mas better na din nmn my visa before landing sa dubai pra wlang hassle… Thanks

    • hunterpm says:

      Dati oo they issue visa on arrival for those transiting through dxb but last april binago nila rules. Now u have to secure visa prior to arrival either thru kung fly ka ng EK madali lang sa manage my booking meron dun apply visa OR u can apply directly at , syempre u have to complete some documents kaya check mo website for more info. From ny experience in previous years pagmerong sale ang emirates airline bili ako ticket then apply visa thru manage my booking then wait for 4 days processing then eemail nila sau yong visa mo then print it, present mo pagdating sa dxb. Its a 96hour visa then usually i only stay weekend lang then balik uli riyadh.

      • warlajo says:

        Hi hunter! Question again, i applied for dubai visa last 17th of june and immediately after 2 hours they issued me a visa.. My concern is it is valid until 16th of july.. In my application i stated that i will be arriving in dubai on the 21st of july.. What should i do? I read in some blogs that i can apply 60 days before the trip thats why i applied early… How come they process my application if it is not covered by my travel date? I already emailed them but still no answer… Maybe you have answer… Thanks hunter!

      • hunterpm says:

        Visa rules of any country changes without notice. My experience before was its validity was 60 days from date of issuance, meaning u have to travel to UAE within that 60 days validity period. Maybe now validity is shorten to 30 days only, u have no choice but to apply again after ur visa validity expires (after 16 july).

  5. warlajo says:

    Hunter ok lng ba n sa king khaled magpapalit ng euros or any suggestions? Thanks

    • hunterpm says:

      I usually buy euro bills at Batha money changer shops, at KKIA usually euro value is less if u sell it and expensive if u buy it, but lately i find it more convenient to not buy any euro here in ksa, what i usually do now is bring my atm debit card and withdraw money at cash machine at airport in europe to get some euro bills, dont worry at immigration in the schengen countries they dont ask any question, they just stamp ur passport upon entry

  6. Sara says:

    Hi Hunter!
    I came across to your blog and it’s really very helpful. Thank you for always updating. πŸ™‚
    I am planning to apply for a schengen visa. expected travel on November as i want to spend Cristmas with my family.
    my profile is this,
    Issued schengen visa last 2013 (invited by my aunt)
    Issued Canadian visa last 2014 (multiple entry, expired last june this year)
    Filipino, 24 y/o working here in Riyadh since oct 2015 (in medical field with low salary,, haha)
    My first cousin and his family will be my sponsor this time,
    With peso and euro bank accounts in the Phil, and below 10000 savings on my acct here in saudi
    I got permission from my employer to have a 7-8 wks vacation.

    with this, do you think i have a great chance to be approved?
    what else do i need to prepare to fully convince the consul to grant me a visa as I really don’t have plans to overstay in europe
    Thank you in Advance

    • hunterpm says:

      There’s a big chance that u will be granted visa again since u already issued previous schengen and canadian visa, with that u’ve already proven that u can travel and comeback to the country of origin, regardless if ur salary is low, so go ahead and apply by october for ur november travel, ofcourse u need to show them copies of ur previous issued visas along with other required documents. Enjoy traveling πŸ˜‰

      • Sara says:

        wow! that was a quick reply! thank you so much! πŸ™‚
        I’ll start to process some of the requirements then.. hehe
        Is it also of good help if i’ll provide bank certificate of my accounts in the Philippines?
        another, do you get booking certificate online or from a travel agency?

      • hunterpm says:

        It would be helpful if u can show ur savings account in Pinas aside from ur KSA bank accnt. If u mean booking certificate as flight booking or hotel booking, its easy, have it online for flight or ask airfare quote from any travel agency u can have it for free, hotel booking u can have it from as long as u have creditcard just make sure its cancelable/refundable option, but if ur travel is sponsored by ur relatives they should provide u with invitation letter and other related documents.

  7. Sara says:

    regarding booking certificate, it’s for plane ticket as I will wait for my visa to be issued before i’ll buy one. πŸ™‚
    Again, Thank you Hunter!

  8. Sara says:

    Hello Hunter! It’s me again..😁
    I have questions again.. Where did you get the official english translation of your iqama?
    If I plan to travel on the last week of november, when do you think is the best time to submit my documents considering the validity of exit/re-entry visa?
    Thank you in advance!

    • hunterpm says:

      Find the nearest translation office in your area. Otherwise travel agency can refer one for u. Let’s say ur planning to on 20nov, count 90 days backwards so u can determine what date u can start submitting ur application. ExitReEntry visa is valid 90days starting from the date of issuance so u must use it within 90days, if u cant use it within that period u must cancel it to avoid penalty from jawazat and u can request a new one.

      • Sara says:

        Thanks again Hunter!
        another question, if my selected flight will have an stop-over in London for 1 hr 30mins, do you think I need to get a transit visa??

      • hunterpm says:

        For Pinoys no need for transit visa but make sure ur onward flights is at the same airport (e.g. arrival/departure at Heathrow ok, arrival Heathrow departure Gatwick not ok).

  9. Hi Sir, my friends and I planning to have the trip to Europe. 6 days in France , 3 days in Italy and 3 days in Netherlands. We already book for our flyt from Amsterdam to Paris airport to Fly back here in Riyadh. Our money each in the bank only 10k SR. Is there a possibility na madeny visa namin? Hotel booking was made thru, for FRANCE,ITALY AND AMSTERDAM. Thank you!

    • hunterpm says:

      I cant really say if maApprove or maDeny visa nyo ofcourse they will check ur docs if its all complete and personal merits, many factors to consider if they should approve or deny ur visa. Since u will stay more days in France then u need to apply at France VAC, theyl ask u to provide train or flight ticket for ur internal Schengen itineraries between cities you’ve mentioned.

  10. We don’t have those train tickets or flyt booked. Our appointment will be on Aug 9 at VFS. Is there any prebooking transport online? Any advice…thank u.

    • hunterpm says:

      It’s safe to submit flight reservation in between cities you’ve mentioned (train has no reservation u need to actually pay for it to have one). u can ask from travel agency, they usually ask a fee for a printout of the flight reservation. Make sure travel dates are the same as per ur itinerary. Tip: when I apply Schengen visa from specific country i usually provide itinerary only for that country as if it’s the only country il visit, to avoid additional document, eventhough i intend to visit several countries within Schengen area. Although for Switzerland, i showed a flight reservation showing Swiss as my sole country to visit in Schengen area (i actually ended traveling to Swiss only after my trip to London which is not part of Schengen).

  11. Thank you…our visa granted! We are now preparing for our 7 countries eurotripπŸ‘

  12. Eriberto Noemie Orbase says:

    Hi sir, I am a nurse working here in Riyadh. I am planning to visit Athens, Greece for my first leave. Do you know any travel agencies that can help or assist me in getting a schengen visa and arrange reservations for the hotel and airplane? In addition, I find it very complicated to process because I don’t know where to get a travel insurance here. Your reply is highly appreciated. Thanks.

    • hunterpm says:

      Find travel agency nearest to your location to help u with ur Schengen visa application, for Greece its kinda complicated since Greece is not covered by VFS Global so u have to inquire how to apply directly at their embassy. Travel Insurance can be purchased online at or if u have Bupa check with ur HR if travel abroad is covered, if yes they can issue u Bupa travel insurance for free, if not u can purchase online or at travel insurance company nearest u, google always helps.

      • Eriberto Noemie Orbase says:

        thanks for the information sir, if my plans won’t push through i’m thinking of visiting cappadocia, turkey since i saw from your article that’ its easy to get an e-visa if you have a valid us visa. again thank you!

  13. Sara says:

    Hello Hunter!
    If you don’t mind, can I have a sample format of the employment letter that you submitted?
    Thank you in advance!

  14. Deer sir I need uk visa

  15. Rohaan Ahmed says:

    HI Sir I am planning to apply Schengen visa in December 2016 from Riyadh. This is my first time I will apply for schengen visa before I didn’t travel any international country. It will be 8 days trip 4 days Paris 2 days Brussels and 2 days Amsterdam. Obviously I will apply from French embassy because my most of stay will be in Paris. My question is how many chances are there to approve my visa since I never visit any international country before? My family is here with me in Riyadh but I will apply alone with my friends. I have SAR 30K in my account. Can I visit 2-3 countries through Schengen visa because I am applying first time. Can we show unpaid booking of hotels through and unpaid air ticket reservation valid Exit Re Entry visa?

    Any other tip like which is the most easiest Schengen country to get the visa for the first time traveler?


    • hunterpm says:

      Sorry for my late reply i just came back from my Eid holiday in the UK. To answer your Qs, visa officer will decide based on your credentials like nationality, age, years of stay in your present employer, travel history, financial record. You will be refused visa if your nationality belongs to a country with highest percentage of overstayers + you cant show evidence of your previous foreign trips + your bank statement shows a balance not enough to cover your trip + you are currently working with your present employer for less than 1 year. Although its a case to case basis, i have friends who applied for the first time without previous foreign trips but they were granted Schengen visa because theyve been working with their employer for more than 5 yrs and earning high salary. I have friends who travels alot to nonVisa countries and earning high salary but were refused visa. It depends on the supporting documents submitted during your application. Always include an introduction letter addressed to the Consul stating why u want to visit their contry, a little background about yourself, your work, your financial capabilities etc. its like selling yourself why u want them to issue you the visa. Unpaid hotel reservation and dummy flight booking is accepted. France is the quickest in issuing or refusing visa. Easiest based from my personal experience is Czech Republic they only required me to show copy of my credit card as proof of my financial capacity, they did not asked for my bank statement, although they process slow, this was in 2014, today its not easy anymore as u need to apply via VFS, not directly at Czech Embassy.

  16. Sara says:

    Hello Hunter!
    regarding travel insurance, I checked tawuniya and their choices were, Schengen, worldwide, worldwide except us & canada.. my stopover is in london, will schengen travel ins. be enough? or it should be either of the two worldwides because of my stopover??
    thank you in advance!

    • hunterpm says:

      UK doesnt require travel insurance even for visit visa application, only Schengen member countries require travel insurance

      • Sara says:

        Okay.. Thanks again!😊
        Another question( from application form)
        For national identity number, is it the same with passport #? Or is it the Iqama?
        What do they mean with regards to the “entry permit for the final country of destination”?
        Thank you in advance!!

      • hunterpm says:

        Filipinos dont have national identity number since we dont have national ID system, saudis have, taiwanese have etc. put “N/A” or not applicable, same goes with final country of destination, unless u will be traveling to another non-Schengen country as ur final stop after ur trip to Schengen territory, then u need to put ur visa number for that country

  17. Sara says:

    Ahh.. See..thank you!
    Just to confirm po.. Entry permit is still not the same as my exit/reentry visa here in saudi?

  18. Sara says:

    Hello Hunter,
    I was trying to reprint my appointment letter but I can’t open it from the site (invalid ref no.) is this the format of the ref #? Example: RYAC******/**/**/**.. Will vfs send a confirmation letter on my e-mail??
    Thanks in advance!

  19. Sara says:

    Thanks again sir!
    If you don’t mind sir, may I know what are the documents,aside from iqama and bank card, do i need to bring to get a bank certificate?

  20. Sara says:

    Hello Hunter!
    I tracked a while ago my visa application submitted last Sunday, and it’s ready for pick up at visa Center. Should I go and get it there tomorrow even if I didn’t receive any sms or e-mail confirmation upto now?

    • hunterpm says:

      U can go tomorrow at VFS

      • Sara says:

        Hello Hunter!
        thank you for answering all my questions.. I got my visa last week, Nov 3.
        The visa process was really fast.
        October 30- submitted my documents to vfs
        Nov. 1- visa was issued.. multiple entry for 1 year. duration is 90 days though i only applied for 30 days.
        Nov. 2- passport was ready for collection at vfs..
        I was a bit disappointed with vfs, because they did not even update me regarding my application.. no single sms or email.. hahaha
        anyway, Thanks a lot Hunter!
        God bless and more power! πŸ™‚

    • Maria says:

      Hi ms sara i am applying also in Swiss embassy .. how much money did u have in your account?i also want to have the 90days……hope you will reply..

  21. Blue says:

    Hi Hunter. I’m here again at your blog for questions..
    I have new UK visa on my current passport. The documents that was used in applying for UK visa, can it be used again to apply schengen visa or do I need new sets of docs like bank statements, employment certficate (attested by COC), Iqama with english translation, etc. Because getting those docs again need to pay again..

  22. shaun says:

    hi there,
    im pakistani passport holder planning to visit EU countries in march 2017 living in Riyadh, just wanna ask you about chance, i got visited more then 5 times UK, got valid US visit visa stamped bahrain dubai malaysia visa,
    which country should i apply for shengen visa, i want to spend 2 days in France 2 days Italy 2 days spain guide me where should i go and about my chances of visa.
    thanks .

    • hunterpm says:

      U have a big chance to get Schengen visa, u need to apply to the country of ur first entry since u plan to stay equal days in each country.

      • shaun says:

        wow thats really quick,
        thanks for you reply, have a nice day mate !

      • shaun says:

        hi there,
        wanna ask you about Travel insurance, actually thats not for me for someone else, i checked with tawuniya travel insurance thy are asking about 300SAR for 12months travel insurance, but we need only 2 to 3 weeks insurance , could you please suggest me any cheaper insurance with 1 months time period .

      • hunterpm says:

        There’s a list of authorized insurance companies on the VFS website u can inquire each one and compare which one is the cheapest.

      • Maria says:

        Hunter i will also apply for uk visa since im planning to travel in august.. complete ko na un application online..kailangan ko ba isubmit un copy ng previous schengen visas ko and japan visa if it can help?

      • hunterpm says:

        Yes all previously issued visa expired or still valid.

      • Maria says:

        Thanks so much for your quick response!

  23. Neo says:

    Just need some advice.i am ofw in riyadh.planning to visit my gf in it posible to get tourist visa ?what should i do?and do i need to get an exit first in my company?

    • hunterpm says:

      U should ask ur gf an invitation letter, copies of her ID, copies of her bank statement if she will shoulder your expenses during ur trip. Once u have it u also need to complete the supporting documents as per check list i mentioned on my blog.

  24. hanz says:

    hi sir,
    sir hunter,ask ko lang po,need po ba ng letter galing sa company na pinag tratrabahoan ko?para sa pag kuha ng visa puntang france?thank u

    • hunterpm says:

      Syempre po, pagwala ka employment letter at exitReEntry visa from ur company, hindi po ttanggapin visa application mo, kelangan mo rin po kumpletuhin mga supporting documents na nabanggit ko sa aking blog.

      • Hanz says:

        Ganun po ba.ksi po balak ko lang sana pumunta .kso kng mag papaalam ako sa company d ako papayagan.wla po ba ibang option sir?sa ngaun hawak ko naman passport ko po.salamat at pasnsya na po ksi wla po ako tlga idea sa pag kuha ng visa.

      • hunterpm says:

        Ang employment letter pwede hinginsa employer at kelangan pirmado nya to at my stamp ng chamber of commerce, pati copy ng exitReEntry mo, kung wala ka nito wag knlang mag apply ng visa kase hindi nila tatanggapin incomplete documents. Ibang option is mag apply ka sa pinas pero hihingan ka rin ng katibayan ng employment mo eh saan ka kukuha non kung umuwi ka ng pinas at wala kang trabaho sa pinas. Kung hindi mo annual vacation eh baka nga hindi ka payagan ng employer mo.

  25. Sharon says:

    Hi, I’m from Jeddah and been working here 11 years. I applied for a France shengen visa last Jan 17 thru Etimad. The same day I received a message that my application has been forwarded to the France Embassy for processing. Then the next day someone called me from the French embassy and asking for a copy of passport of my companion (were unrelated) who will travel with me which we submitted on the next day Jan 19. Up to this date Jan 26 my travel companion got his visa already but mine is still in the consulate. Δ° have a history of travel in Turkey, Egypt and Hongkong and Macau. Δ°m really in stress as I booked my flight on Feb 3 na. Should Δ± call or send an email to france embassy to follow up? Tho in Etimad they told me that usually for other nationalities like us visa will take 15 days but I have some of my colleagues who got there visa in 3 days or 5 days and some doesn’t have a history on travel. Can you give me an advice what should be the best thing that I can do? Call or send an email?

    Thank you and your blog is really helpful. I hope I can travel more like you.

    God bless.

    • hunterpm says:

      Ur case falls on the “unlucky ones” but dont worry theres no harm if u follow up with VFS by phone or email, pinoys tend to be approved faster than any other nationality, france is the fastest to issue a a visa sometimes they issue on the same day of submission. Good luck hope itl be sorted out soon.

      • Sharon says:

        Hi sir,
        Up to this date hindi pa din na release yung passport ko 😣 whether I have visa or not and my travel date is on Friday @ 3am. I’ve been calling etimad everyday but there only answer was other nationalities will take 15 working days 😣 and still at the consulate.
        Since, I lose hope of getting a visa. Ask ko lng When can I re apply again? And dapat dn ba sa previous country kung saan ako nag apply?

        Thanks again.

      • Sharon says:

        Just to update my application .I got my visa today. What I did I tried to call the Consulate 2 days ago and send them an email address to Visa section. I told the details of my application tru Etimad and the documents that I submitted. Only to know that they didn’t received the documents they are asking. The consulate adviced me to send a copies tru email in which I did. Within 2 days I got the visa. The sad part only is I cancelled all my flights and hotel already.

      • hunterpm says:

        Lesson there is to apply visa as early as 90 days before ur planned trip to avoid this inconvenience.

  26. shaun says:

    Hi good morning,
    would you like to share your experience or any information about belgium visa, i’m thinking to apply schengen from belgium, what would you prefer is it ok or should i apply from other country, because i heard that the rejection rate of belgium is really less then other, is it true ?

  27. zo zo says:

    i’m trying to get information about Italy visa requirement but unfortunately VFS site is not working properly for Italy,
    can you tell me that VFS still dealing with Italy visa or not, if yes then can i have number of VFS Italy department ?

    • hunterpm says:

      Just google VFS Italy KSA it will direct u to the website specifically for VFS Italy and u can check the list of requirements u need to complete. Also u can apply directly at Italian Embassy on a specific days mentioned on the Italian embassy website.

  28. hi mr hunter! how are you? i will visit UK this eid holidays and I am planning to take a side trip to France. i am still not decided if i take an exit from france and go to belgium. there’s a portion in the schengen application form to tick if single entry or multiple entry and also asking if which destination member state will i go. Can i indicate there belgium even if i have about 20% chance of pursuing it?

    • hunterpm says:

      Granting of single or multiple entry Schengen visa depends on the decision of the visa officer of a Schengen member state, even if u tick multiple they can still give u single entry. u need to apply to a country where u will stay longer. I suggest u put only France and submit hotel booking only in France. If u put France & Belgium they will ask u to submit train or plane ticket in between these 2 Schengen countries plus hotel in Belgium.

  29. ksbkhurami says:

    I am Pakistan National, working here in Riyadh since last ten years, I along with my family are having valid USA visit visas on our passports (although, we did not travel yet) I along with family applied French visa couple of days ago, the day application were submitted, I received a SMS mentioning that our Applications forwarded to embassy and next day I received another SMS mentioning that our Application are under process. Following 4 days consulate was closed.
    Our applications were accompanied by my company letter mentioning my gross salary + position + contract tenure etc.. and handsome bank balance etc..
    What are our chances to get visas and how long further it may take to get decision.

    • hunterpm says:

      Some nationalities take longer to process, specially for Pakistani, just be patient.

      • ksbkhurami says:

        Thank you for your rapid response, I appreciate the same…
        How can I track my application online, as provided reference number has extra digits as compare to available space on VFS Application Tracking page… can you guide plz

      • hunterpm says:

        It should look like this (ABCD/00000/0000/00) the reference number is written on the invoice

      • ksbkhurami says:

        Yesterday, I received message from VFS about readiness of our passport, I collected passports, result was Schengen Visa is endorsed (Single Entry for 1 Months) We are preparing our trip (i.e. departing from Riyadh on 18-May)
        What is your advise about buying Euros….do our Saudi ATM cards working there… kindly reply

      • hunterpm says:

        I used to but euros here in ksa but they dont have smaller bills only like €100 200 500 which is very difficult to exchange. During My 3 last travel i just bring my SABB atm card or creditcard and withdraw at airport upon arrival without any issue.

  30. wanderexplorer says:

    Hi hunter, i just want to ask, if i got a valid USVisa, will i be able to enter Canada given i will be coming from a US state?

  31. wanderexplorer says:

    Great idea. Thank you so much Mr. hunter

    • ksbkhurami says:

      Hi, Wanderexplorer,
      I have small request, as advised by Mr. Hunterpm, regarding entry to Canada with USA visa, once you had checked with Author/Blogger followed by confirmation from Canadian Embassy, kindly share the received response(s)

  32. wanderexplorer says:

    28 Entry permit for the final country of destination, where applicable

  33. 28 Entry permit for the final country of destination, where applicable. this is from schengen visa app form. what should i put in this part? cause i will only go to France and not go to other Sch. countries. after that i will return to UK. should i just leave this one blank?

  34. shaun says:

    hi hunter,
    wanna ask you one silly question,
    once i get SCHENGEN visa from SWISS embassy then how many countries can i visit and can i go to FRANCE as well ?
    any link where i can find out detail and countries name …
    i tried to search on google but didn’t get any proper info

    • hunterpm says:

      If u check VFS website, Schengen visa is valid for 26 countries, even google type “list of Schengen member countries” it will show u the list.

      • shaun says:

        actually why im confused because someone told me if you get visa from spain embassy u will get different countries and if you get visa from swiss then you got different countries, like different countries got different rules thats why.

      • hunterpm says:

        When i got Schengen visa from Spain, i traveled to Spain France Belgium Netherlands. When i got Swiss Schengen visa I traveled to Switzerland & Denmark. When i hot Schengen visa from Czech, i traveled to Czech Republic Germany Austria Hungary Slovakia Italy France.

  35. shaun says:

    thanks you hunter for you time and information.

  36. shaun says:

    good morning hunter,
    im back with another silly question,
    going to apply schengen, but not sure should i submit my all passports like i did with UK visa or only current passport is enough.

  37. I just wanted to share that if you plan to apply VFS in Riyadh, you have to provide an exit/re-entry visa along with the orther documents. They won’t allow you proceed with the application and will ask you to return once completed the missing document. Exit/Re-entry Visa is an essential requirement for Schengen visa application for residents coming from KSA.

    Also, the Schengen form i accomplished from the internet was said to be old and won’t be accepted. can someone send me/tell me where to get the updated form, please. Thank you very much!

    • hunterpm says:

      Yes that is clearly stated on the website, if u apply for France, there is checklist u need to complete list of required documents, also form is there to fillout. Always check website first. If France, just google VFS France Riyadh, if Germany, VFS Germany Riyadh, and so on, each Country have specific requirements.

  38. ksbkhurami says:

    I along with my family, arrived back after 15-days trip of Europe, we went to France, Switzerland and Spain… We had great time in all places, Switzerland is Verry Expensive as compare to other Countries.
    Hunter, I want to ask you small question, I wish to apply Canadian Visa with my family, as I am planning to travel to USA (I do have USA visa, valid for another 4.5 years) what is opinion, as I have made two unsuccessful attempt for Canadian visa one was march 2017 and other was couple of years back… what is is your opinion/guidance about Canadian Visa Application… Kindly advise, thank you.

    • hunterpm says:

      Having US visa and good travel history to Europe doesn’t mean automatic approval for Canadian visa. Canadian visa is more difficult to get but u can always try your luck again and again.

      • Maria says:

        Hi sir hunter.. i am from Dubai and i have apointment on june 29 sa vfs with swiss embassy.. swiss un fiance ko and iniinvite nia ko this time..and written in french un letter nia.. andto din cia sa june 29 kc vivisit nia ko..u think my high chance na mabigyan ako longer validity.. dito cia dati nagwowork at dito kami nagkakilala.. 4yrs na kami and last 2 schengen visa ko france yun entry then exit switzerland.. pano ko ba maexplain sa cover letter na bigyan nila po akong longer validity…pwde ko ba iincude collage photos namin as proof of relationship? Waiting for your response po.

      • hunterpm says:

        Having a guarantee/invitation letter from EU citizen doesn’t guarantee visa approval or longer visa validity. It’s totally at the discretion of Embassy visa officer. But as u stated u had 2 previous Schengen visa before so it would be ur third this time. U have good chance of being given longer visa validity as long as ur supporting docs satisfied the Embassy visa officer. On ur cover letter u should sell urself why they should give u visa with longer validity. I got issued longer visa validity on my third Schengen visa. Good luck!

  39. shaun says:

    good morning,
    applied for schengen visa from Swiss embassy about 2 weeks ago with VIP appointment, because its really busy time didn’t get any appointment so i took VIP, and last week i got my passport with 3 months visa, now im planning to visit swiss, then spain and france and then from France to london by train…
    have a nice day guys.

  40. shaun says:

    hi hunter,
    how you doing, just wanna ask you quick question,
    does labor profession on iqama makes any difference, one of my friend he is in IT department but his profession on IQAMA is LABOR he wants to apply Schengen visa, what would you suggest about this issue ?

    • hunterpm says:

      I suggest he ask his employer a letter explaining what his actual position and work and his Iqama profession. Technically using different profession in Iqama to his actual work is a violation as per Saudi Labour Law, he should ask his employer to correct this otherwise they will be penalized.

  41. ksbkhurami says:

    Hi, Hunter
    Please note that one of my colleague having good travel history (i.e. visited USA, Europe, Turkey etc) wishes to apply an Irish Visa along with his kids . Can you please provide any guidance on the same..
    Thank you for in advance for your usual support.

  42. shaun says:

    afternoon hunter,
    quick question, im going swiss cuz got my schengen from swiss embassy so i have to enter there, thn France and from france to UK by train/plane my return flight is from Greece with couple of hour stay so can i go out cuz i have valid visa or i have to enter again from swiss.
    hope you got my point.

  43. Sara says:

    Hi Hunter!
    I just need some clarification.. I got multiple entry visa valid for 1 year.. duration is 90 days.. expiration will be dec 5 2017
    I travelled last december and stayed until first week of january, now, I want to go back this august.. is there anything I need to do or submit to the embassy again for the trip? Is there any conflict with regards to date(august) since I left schengen territory last January? Do i need to buy travel insurance?
    Thank you in advance!!

    • hunterpm says:

      Nothing, just go and fly again with no worries.

      • Sara says:

        Thanks Hunter!
        another question, I’m having a bit problem with my Iqama. Here’s the case.. My intended trip is August 31 – Nov. 5.. My Iqama will expire on Dec. 11.. Now, our secretary is asking me to change dates because of my Iqama. is there really a problem about it? also in applying for exit/re-entry visa? I wanted those dates because of the additional eid vacation.. 😦 i need your suggestion.. Thanks again!

  44. zainab says:

    hello hunter,

    I want to travel to Belgium in October for a training program. The problem is the vfs belgium is only in Riyadh. I was planning to include germany and france on my trip too. So is it okay if I apply from either of these two cities since there is the office here in khobar for those two? I have a valid UK visa as of now but that expires next month. Will that cause any hindrances in the schengen visa?

    thank you

    • hunterpm says:

      U can apply either France or Germany as tourist then if visa is granted u can use it to go Belgium without mentioning about training program. But be sure to provide france or germany itinerary as tourist, not training program, otherwise theyl ask u invitation letter which could force u to apply at VFS Riyadh for Belgium. Regardless if ur UK visa is still valid or expired, itl make ur Schengen visa application stronger.

  45. Noreen says:

    Hi, hunter. Been to Italy twice, Germany & Austria, obtained my schengen visas from Italian embassy. Planning to go to Zurich for a weekend only, then stay in Paris for the rest of the week. Switzerland is my entry point & France is my exit point, in which embassy should I apply for my schengen visa this time. Thanks.

  46. Akarsh says:

    Hello, Hunter. I apply for Spain Schengen visa on 30th Oct and got rejected. Reason for the refusal was “The information provided to justify the purpose and conditions of intended stay is not reliable”

    Then I re-apply from France embassy on 30th Nov and got rejected again with the same reason “The information provided to justify the purpose and conditions of intended stay are not reliable”.

    I called France embassy and spoke to the receptionist he said, it got rejected due to hotel booking from the state did u pay for the hotel ? I said no he said that’s why it got rejected.

    Can you advise something about it?

  47. shaun says:

    hi hunter,
    hope you doing good,
    one of my friend applied for swiss visa with his family (6 passport) on 18 of last month, but he didn’t get his passport back yet, he tried to get an update from vfs they said passport is still with embassy, what should he do now because it more then 3 weeks and more then 15 working days.
    any suggestion ?

  48. shaun says:

    good morning HUNTERPM,
    wanna ask you something, 4 months ago i applied schengen from swiss and i got 3 months multiple visa, i visited and spent 15 days in EU, now i’m planning to apply again for schengen but this time from Italy, could you tell me the duration of visa this time i will get like last time swiss issued me 3 months what if i want longer then 3 months, this is my second visa so is it possible they will give me some longer, or i have to ask for more then 3 months ?
    is this good idea , please suggest.


    • hunterpm says:

      Its up to the Embassy if they want to give longer visa validity, even if u ask for longer they can still give u shorter validity, its their decision. However if u apply on the same Embassy for the second time, they usually give longer visa validity as per my personal experience. But make sure ur itinerary shows u will stay more days in the same country u applied.

  49. Faiz Ali says:

    Hello Sir, This question is little complicated for me, can you please help me.
    Entry Permit for Your Final Destination Country, If Applicable

    Actually, i m travelling to Riyadh to Paris, Paris to London, & London to Karachi Pakistan to my home country, what should I answer for that, about my UK visa or about my hometown Karachi.
    I attached flight reservations for the visa, Riyadh- Paris, Paris-London, London-Karachi, Karachi- Riyadh.

  50. Faiz Ali says:

    Ok, Sir .. thank you so much. it means it’s not compulsory to mention even though I m travelling to other countries from Paris.

  51. David says:

    Hi sir,

    i am Indian National and have applied for Schengen Visa on 23-Jan-2018 in Riyadh via VFS. i have a valid tourist US Visa and have made one visit to USA. i have showed 23k in my bank account with purchased Saudi Airlines Air ticket Riyadh-Rome-Paris-Riyadh, and Hotel Booking from not paid can be cancelled. can you please tell me what are the chances of getting Schengen visa from Italy and how long will it take how many working days.

    • hunterpm says:

      U have strong chances of getting Schengen visa. However i dont have experience with Italy if they process visa as quick France Spain & Swiss.

      • David says:

        I am sorry for the late reply, my visa got approved but to my surprise I received only 13 days? visa where I requested for Multiple Visa and I was expecting for 1 year, but the main problem here is the Visa is expired and I have not traveled. Will this affect my future application of Visa. Do I need to apply for other State. And I am afraid I might be rejected in future for not utilizing the visa.. need your suggestions.

  52. Hi hunter, it’s been a while. I wanna know if i will be able to acquire multiple-entry if I only presented of going to a single country. For instance, Italy for 10days (itineraries/hotels/tranportation) given that i tick multipleentry tick box

    • hunterpm says:

      On this blog i only put Swiss as my sole destination but i ticked multiple entry, i got multiple entry for 90 days stay valid for 6 months. Same goes with my Czech schengen. It really depends solely on their visa officer decision.

      • How about your letter? Did you mentioned that your itinerary was solely in Swiss?

      • hunterpm says:

        My CoE mentioned purpose for Schengen visa application, not mentioning specific country. My cover letter i’ve mentioned only Swiss cities. When i applied at Swiss, i’ve got previous 3 Schengen visas. That helped alot in establishing i can travel multiple times so even if i didnt mentioned multiple visa on my letter they gave it to me.

      • Thank you.

        Is it necessary to enter and exit in the same country of main destination? For instance czech visa, I entered czech then went to germany, austria etc. should i still go back to czech to make a final exit or just exit directly from the last Schengen country I’m into?

      • hunterpm says:

        Not necessary, u can even change the whole itinerary if required.

  53. Hello sir Hunter, i wanna know if the assessor will be looking for the train/plane bookings within the country? Or only for bookings to other countries? For instance in France, will they be looking for my train details from paris to nice if they see that i have a booked hotel in that place? Thank you

    • hunterpm says:

      Within the same country, not really, however they might ask if it’s let’s say, Brussels (Belgium) to Paris (France) by train. I had an experience with Spain Schengen visa the VFS staff asked me train or plane booking for Barcelona Spain to Paris France which i didnt have so i immediately ask a travel agency to have flight booking for SR100 however its not possible to book train tickets, u have to book and buy it, when i got back to VFS staff he was busy so i was assigned to another staff and that staff didnt ask for train ticket.

  54. Sir Hunter, regarding bank statement, how early can I obtain it from the bank? Should it be a day before the application date or can i get it 5days before application date?

    • hunterpm says:

      When u get ur salary on ur account, dont withdraw yet, go to your bank and ask for bank statement so that ur last balance is at its highest, then u can withdraw some amounts after. be sure to keep high amount balance within the period of visa application process. The perfect time of submission of ur application is few days after u get ur salary.

  55. Bunch of thanks sir hunter πŸ™‚

  56. shaun says:

    good morning Hunterpm,
    hope you doing good, im back with some query,
    my wife is with me and she is on visit visa in SAUDI ARABIA, now i want to apply schengen visa, so can i apply chengen visa with my wife while she is on visit in KSA ?

    • hunterpm says:

      **This is an auto-reply: this blog has not received LIKES despite answering many comments. I apologize for not answering further comments as of this time. Thank you!**

  57. Norphrie Mai g says:

    Hi sir, hope your doing great! I have some question is it hard to obtain German visa? I’m planning to have a short holiday there maybe around sept this year. Your respond is highly appreciated. God Bless.

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