UK visa application from Riyadh KSA

 Just wanted to share my experience applying UK visa from VFS Riyadh. Before I start, let me give you the following background:

– I’m a Filipino working in Riyadh

– I had previous UK visa refusal in 2012

– I already visited 10 Schengen countries, USA, Japan, S.Korea, Turkey, Thailand, Singapore, HongKong, UAE in the past 9 years all for tourism, prior to applying UK visa this April 2016.

Documents I submitted:

1. Original passport + copy of data page

2. Printed Online visa application form (they will only take the confirmation page showing the barcode and your photo you pasted on the first page)

3. Employment letter (attested by Chamber of Commerce)

4. Copy of my Iqama (residence permit)

5. Copy of my Exit/reEntry visa

6. Copies of my previous/existing Schengen Japan US visa, as well as my two older passports with its entry/exit stamps from countries I visited

7. Payslip for 6 months

8. Bank statement for 6 months (stamped by bank)

9. Copy of my Bupa travel insurance

10. Copies of my credit cards

11. Introduction letter stating what I will do in the UK (not required but I submitted)

12. Flight booking

13. Hotel booking (cancelable from

14. Photo (pasted on the application)


21/03/16 – I registered at and started my 6months General Visitor visa Application.

30/03/16 – I completed my online visa application, paid my visa fee by creditcard $126, scheduled my appointment and took Primetime appointment on Saturday 02/04/16 as I cant go out during my office hours on weekdays, printed my appointment confirmation.

02/04/16 – I submitted my visa application documents at VFS Global Riyadh (check for more info at Since i took primetime appointment I paid SAR387 cash + SAR10 for sms notification. They took my biometrics details (finger prints, digital photo). The photo that will appear on your UK visa will be the photo that they took during your biometrics collection. The whole process lasted 15min only. When i reach home I received sms and email notification that my application has been forwarded to UKVI.

03/04/16 – I received email that my visa application is now being prepared for assessment by an Entry Clearance Officer.

13/04/16 – I received email by noontime that the decision has been concluded and my passport will be returned to VFS Riyadh center shortly. Then late afternoon I received sms that my passport is ready for collection. No hint if visa is granted or not.

14/04/16 – I collected my passport at VFS Riyadh. My UK visa has been approved. They also returned some of the original documents I submitted.

*update: despite having hundreds of comments and inquiries asking assistance and guidance. There is only 1 like for this post so I won’t be answering anymore inquiries until i get LIKE first to show that this blog is helpful enough for u. Thanks for your understanding.


About hunterpm

I'm an Overseas Filipino Worker based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia since January 2007. I love travelling and plan to go around the world before I reach the age of 40. I don't prefer staying at hostel for privacy concern, I'd rather stay at a cheap hotel as long as it has its own toilet and bath. I'm a Top Contributor of TripAdvisor and included in the Top 10 contributor in Riyadh, I don't get any benefit from it, just personal satisfaction. I used to work in Kapuso network GMA7 in Manila for 6 years. Missing my busy showbiz career as a segment producer but kinda loving my current work now, enjoying a relax working environment with a good employer and decent salary. I have this blog for me to share my experiences in traveling and working in a foreign country and how I manage to get my head up out of hardships, struggles and challenges in life. Hope you enjoy reading my blog... Thanks everyone!!! 😄😘😜
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362 Responses to UK visa application from Riyadh KSA

  1. My boyfriend just applied for her youth mobility scheme visa the other day. A few days later she went to the bank to get her documents and proof of funds needed for her appointment. They’re dated after the day of application. Is this going to be a hindrance? Thanks for your help!


    • hunterpm says:

      Proof of funds or bank statements or bank certificates should be issued few days before your appointment for visa. Unless specified by ECO that it needs to be dated as per his/her specified date.

      • angela says:

        hello currently employed here in riyadh and about to exit after my contract i have to have a new contract again for additional document?

      • hunterpm says:

        If u are applying with few months remaining in ur contract and about to exit, u will loose ur ties to KSA, for that they will not approve ur visa. U can try by showing them new JO and new contract from new employer in KSA to show u r coming back in KSA after exiting. They dont normally approve visa for exiting expats.

      • Angela says:

        Hello sir.thank you for the response.I’m applying for a standard visit visa only and it is obligatory for me to have a new contract? Thank you again sir.

      • hunterpm says:

        Regardless of ur travel purpose, u need to establish ur economic or social ties with the country of residence (ksa), if ur going for final exit, this ties will no longer be valid.

      • Angela says:

        Thank you sir!is there any option for me to het there? Sorry for questions because it’s my firt time to travel to other country.

      • hunterpm says:

        Another ground for visa denial is no previous travel history, u should atleast travel to visa-free countries first before applying visa to any western country to establish good travel record and comeback after every trip.

      • Angela says:

        Hello again mom will send me letter of invitation for i need to have a new contract?sorry sir for much inquiries.thank you for response

      • hunterpm says:

        You should apply for visiting relatives in this case, there’s specific checklist for it from VFS website u need to check the supporting documents required. However, even if u provide an invitation letter from ur mom, u still need to establish strong ties to KSA or to PH to convince them that u will go back to ksa or PH after your trip. You’ve mentioned before that u haven’t traveled to other country which could lower your chances of getting visa approval. U can always try your luck though.

      • Angela says:

        Ah…okay sir.
        Perhaps i can submit a letter stating what will i do to UK? Thank you sir.

      • hunterpm says:

        There’s a part on the online application for it “additional details” u can state details of your trip

  2. ash says:

    hi is there a chance for me to appeal coz me and my friend applied but i got a refusal- I submitted a bank statements [actually i have 2 accounts in anb here in riyadh] i have dollar acct wch frstly handled over to the lady whos checking my docs but its not that active acct coz im just putting a money once every 2 or 3months but its sufficient. The lady ask for a active one I told her I prepared also my riyal acct but the fund there is not sufficient so she said she will just set aside the dollar acct then if they will ask she’ll just include so I told my self maybe she knows better so in the end I just said Okay.
    After 4days we received a notification and I got denied for the reason of not sufficient acct I got really pissed out coz the lady did not submit the sufficent acct that I prepared instead she just submitted the riyal acct that doesnt have enough funds. my question is what is the statement they really want? the one that is active (coming in and out acct) or it doesnt matter as long as there is money that is more than enough funds for my stay? or what if ill just transfer the money in my dollar acct to my riyal acct? im confused now what am i going to do coz i want to re apply again and im running out of time bcoz we booked for may 22 flyt. pls help.

    • hunterpm says:

      Hi Ash, firstly, filing an appeal is time consuming and total waste of time and money (for appeal fee). So reapply your visa as soon as possible, ofcourse u have to submit new sets of docs and new visa fee. On the additional info sheet part in the online application, put the reason of refusal and state how VFS staff handled your financial statement, make your explanation concise as number of words allowed are limited, then submit an introduction letter to support it stating why u want to apply again, why u believed that VFS staff committed an error not submitting your $ accnt, what u plan to do in the UK etc., type it in 1 A4 paper with your name and signature. Secondly, if u really believed that the VFS staff did not consider your dollar account (with sufficient funds) and only considered your Riyal account (not sufficient funds) then email VFS UK KSA now and complain about it. VFS staff have no right not to include your dollar account statement. They should submit all documents u provided as their main duty is to accept visa application only, purely administrative. Decision to grant u visa lies solely from the Entry Clearance Officer at the UK Embassy. Let me ask u, have u seen her not putting this $ statement on the dark blue envelop during your submission? If yes, then VFS staff committed an error so complain against her. If no, then start transferring some amount from your $ accnt to your SAR accnt, make sure your last balance should be atleast SAR15000+ depending how long u plan to stay in the UK, to be safe u should show atleast £100 per day. Never submit bank statement with less amount, although the Embassy does not specify any required amount intended for visa application.

      • ash says:

        thanx for a quick response coz im dead tired and im losing hope already (actually i ask here also b4 about my turkey trip-thanx so much)
        -yes i saw her separating my 1page dollar acct and said she’ll submit only my riyal acct so i thought maybe they only need the more active acct and not merely the one with sufficient fund. Im planning to re apply on the 9th of may wch actually my last hope since we confirmed a flight booking this may 22. (my last resort indeed though it took me a lot of courage if still I will really need to do this or what coz time and money will be a waste again if I am going to be rejected d 2nd time around) Am I going to transfer my dollar acct to riyals? but im afraid theyll question me y theres a sudden huge amount on my SAR acct? or ill just stick to my dollar acct but this time ill prepare for a 6mos statement. coz b4 i only ask for 3mos bank statement wch doesnt include the time i deposited b4 coz the last 3 money deposited was nov 2015,dec 2015 and recently feb 2016 (hope u followed what im trying to say) please bear with me.
        And since they already took my original copy of exit re entry, orig insurance, orig translated iqama is it ok to just submit the photo copied one?
        is there a need also to present a copy of my credit card? coz really if theyll just review it further I am the one who booked for our hotel,flight en even the insurance of my friend with the use of my CC then bang i just got denied bcoz of this lady. nwei a big thanx. ill wait for ur reply 😞

      • hunterpm says:

        Normally the Embassy should have returned back to u original docs u submitted whether visa is granted or not. If u read my blog properly i stated i submitted copies of Iqama (no english translation), copy of exitReEntry visa (not original), copy of travel insurance. I also submitted copies of credit card front page, hotel and flight booking. The only original docs i submitted were Employment letter, 6months bank statement, passport. Submitting your $ accnt statement (if its savings accnt) is a way of showing u are financial capable to travel so im surprised that VFS staff didnt included it. Send VFS UK KSA email to complain. U should transfer some money from your $ to SAR accnt to show your last balance atleast SAR15k. They will not question u of sudden increase as long as u support this with a letter signed by u, that u transfered some amount from your $ to SAR accnt. As i told u make introduction letter stating your refusal and why u think they make mistake in refusing your visa due to insufficient funds. Tip: never pay flight tickets unless visa is granted, dont be too confident specially if its your first time applying for UK. Request bank statement from your bank when you just received your salary to show your last balance is high, u can withdraw after they give u your bank statement on that same day. When u apply again at VFS remember this, VFS staff are not authorised to advise, reject or not include any supporting document on top of your other required docs. Their main task is ONLY to accept visa application and check if everything is correct and complete. If they ask u again, remind them about this, otherwise ask for their supervisor for more clarification. I saw some applicant doing this when a VFS staff start intimidating them. When I applied Schengen visa from Spain at VFS, this Indian staff showed some attitude so I reminded him “are u not supposed to give advise as stated on your website?” He ask me for a train ticket from brussels to paris as it is included in my itinerary, i told him I already stated on my intro letter that i will purchase train tickets if my visa is granted, let the embassy decide whether i still need train tickets since its also stated that the Embassy (not VFS) has the right to ask additional documents if necessary, yet he still insist, i left and went back and i was assigned to another staff and she didnt ask me for train tickets, my visa was granted after 2 days. About credit card copy, u should include this as its also a verifiable financial means. When i applied Schengen visa from Czech Rep they only ask me copies of my credit cards as means of financial capability, they didnt asked me for bank statement.

      • ash says:

        Hi. that lady ask us an english translation for our iqama and so we did. The reason we immediately booked and confirm a ticket bcoz its a promo b4 so we grab it like what i usually do during my other country trip but it seems this month is not in favor with me.. anyway ill try again and Wish me luck for smooth flow and positive result. ill keep u posted but if no response from me maybe I failed again. Pray for me .. lols … In God’s will itll be granted. fingers crossed.. thanx for ur time. 🙂

      • ash says:

        im back! i got my visa already.. thanx hunter!

      • hunterpm says:

        Congratulations Ash im so happy for u! U should share your experience reapplying UK visa 😉

      • nima says:

        hi hunterpm, thanks for your help
        i applied for a spouse visa( priority) today, and the lady was new and didn’t know anything and didn’t ask about any documents except for my passport and application and when i asked her are all my documents are sufficient and right? (because i thought maybe she should check) she replied and asked me did you include what they need from you? because we don’t deal with much settlement applications so i don’t know!
        anyways i said yes and gave her all my documents and she stabled not the original online application but the copy to all the other papers she wrote and signed, then when i took the bio-metrics, the lady there returned the original application that i signed and removed the picture i gave the first lady and also returned it!

        is that normal?
        or i should go back and ask them?

        thanks again for your help

      • hunterpm says:

        First of all, i am not familiar about spouse visa application, only general visit visa. Second, photo is not actually needed as they will take ur biometrics data, finger print & digital photo, that digital photo they took will be the photo that will appear on the visa sticker on ur passport once ur visa is approved. Spouse visa is a settlement visa which is not very common to be processed at VFS so take the check list of all supporting documents required for spouse visa and complete it.

  3. YELDS says:

    hi dear, nice to read your travel experiences and visa application process. Just like you my visa in USA granted last year, multiple visa valid for 10 years. I got also my Canadian tourist visa valid til november 2016. In fact I will be travelling this August for both countries. About my UK visas, I applied many times as student visa (nvq) and also as tourist visa but it was refused (student- im not a genuine student etc.) Tourist visa – dont believe that will not coming back in my work in KSA since my sister is working in UK. Now after returning from my trip to USA and Canada I would like to apply again for UK visa. Is there any chance that my visa be granted since I’ve got a 10 yers multi visa in USA ? Or is it the same thing that my visa refuse? many thanks

    • hunterpm says:

      There’s a big chance that u will be granted UK visa after u show them your passport bearing visas with entry stamps from US & Canada. Next time u apply UK visa they will ask u if uv been refused visa to the UK so be honest in answering that and support it with a letter explaining your previous UK refusals and why u think they have to approve your visa application this time.

  4. Kirly 79 says:

    Hi! In immigration in uk, did they checked your hotel booking? I planned to book for application purpose only, cancel afterwards, then stayed with my cousin.

    • hunterpm says:

      No problem to book any hotel then cancel it later, upon arrival in UK immigration officer will ask some questions so be ready to answer, in my case theyv ask me; what will u do in the UK (sightseeing, meet friends, watch Beyonce concert on July3), r u traveling alone (no Im traveling with a friend then he called my friend and we were interviewed together), how many days (6 days), r u meeting friends (yes another two UK-based friends will be joining us at our Airbnb). No hotel reservation shown.

  5. Mary Louisiana Cruz says:

    Hi, do you know how to apply UK working visa, if i will be coming from Riyadh? I am a Filipino and would like to transfer after to UK.

    • hunterpm says:

      As u are aware about #brexit , it would be much harder for an EU or nonEU citizen to apply to the UK to work. But if u have a prospected employer to sponsor u to work in the UK u can apply, just take note that UK is implementing Point based system for UK employment visa applicants that u need to qualify. For more information visit their official website

  6. Zainab Sheikh says:

    I have just applied for the UK visa from Al Khobar they are requesting a residential proof that is like a tenancy contract or something but i stay with my parents and we live in the accomodation compound of my fathers employer so which document should i be taking??

    • hunterpm says:

      U need to request a letter from your father’s employer confirming that you and your family under your father’s name, is living at your employers compound and it should show the location address with signature and stamp from your fathers employer.

      • Zainab Sheikh says:

        The thing is i am currently working and have a separate iqama so i dont come under my fathers iqama anymore. Is it still the same procedure?

      • hunterpm says:

        Submit copy of your iqama and your fathers iqama, also copy of your birth certificate to show that you are your father’s daughter, ask also your father to provide a letter confirming u are his daughter as evidenced by copy of your birth certificate

      • Zainab says:

        So the letter from the employer regarding the residency proof is not required if i just submit the iqama’s with my birth certificate?

    • ark says:

      hi zainab read ur posts … did u show evidence of your residence or got visa without it ? thanks…and secondly can u tell me that after completing your online application ..can we get a vfs appointment at alkhobar easily or becuz of summer season its difficult to get an appoointment within the next week ? thanks

  7. Zainab says:

    Another thing i wanted to ask was , is it necessary to carry the exit re entry too? Iam only travelling in October 2016 so if i apply for the exit re entry now it will expire in October 2016, my appointment is on Tuesday 2nd August 2016, if i dont carry my exit re entry will it be a problem or should i change my appointment to a later date.
    Thank you

    • hunterpm says:

      If u take exitReEntry visa tomorrow, it will be valid for travel before 25Oct3016 or 90days from issuance, u must exit ksa before 25oct. If u cannot submit exitReEntry visa, your application will not be accepted.

      • Zainab says:

        If my visa is not accepted and i end up not travelling then i have to pay a penalty of 1000sar if i do not use the exit re entry

      • hunterpm says:

        If your visa is not granted, ask your company to cancel your exitReEntry visa, its free, there is penalty only if u dont cancel before its validity ends

      • Uche says:

        This is scary as I applied without an exit and reentry visa

  8. Zainab says:

    How do you get a multiple entry visa? I did not see any place where they ask us if we are applying for a single entry or a multiple. Does the UK embassy provide with multiple entires visa?

  9. Zainab says:

    One last question, you mentioned in your document list that the bank statement has to be atleast 6 months back but i have it only for 3 months from april that is because i did not have a bank account prior to that as iam a new recruit. Is that alright?
    Thank you very much for all the answers hunter, i’ve been really worried about all this. I feel a little relieved after all the answers from you. Thank you very much. And sorry for so many questions.

    • hunterpm says:

      Its ok u can try submitting 3months bank statement. However, make sure u should be working atleast 12months (minimum) from your present employer, as usual reason of visa refusal is not working long enough from present employer to establish strong ties in ksa.

      • Zainab says:

        I have been employed only from April 2016 but iam born and brought up here, been in the kingdom from 25 years now and my parents and the rest of my family are here too so is that a plus point?
        Also in the document checklist they want me to submit proof that i have family residing in Saudi Arabia so their iqama copies will be sufficient for this right?
        Iam just planning a 7 day trip 4 days out of which will be used for a training program that i have been accepted to.
        And i just noticed that i made a mistake in the column countries travelled to in the last 10 years i have just travelled to India but a few times over the last 10 years i mentioned two of the dates properly but two other dates got mixed up will that cause a hindrance in the visa approval?

      • hunterpm says:

        Having your whole family in ksa and being born here is a plus. However im not so sure about your very short employment history. Also traveling to your home country is not considered travel history since its your country of nationality.

  10. Zainab says:

    regarding my earlier question about the adress proof, i aas told even the saudi post issues a letter regarding adress proof’s. Do you have any idea regarding that?

  11. Zainab says:

    Ohhh right. Okay got it. Thank you very much.

  12. Zainab says:

    Does The adress proof have to be attested too? If so , from where?

  13. Zainab sheikh says:

    I received my visa today. Thanks a lot for your help hunter.

  14. RuhtoLon says:

    I submitted for visa on 14 Aug 2016, I forgot to submit my exit-reentry.
    The lady at the counter who collected my documents was least bothered if I submitted anything at all.
    Now, its been around 10 working days. I suspect they might not reject my application but will request for additional documents.
    1) how will they request for documents? online or through VFS?
    2) Either way, will I have to go and submit at British Embassy in Riyadh or VFS?

    If it is VFS I’m sure I wont get a response before my travel date. I do not have much time as my tickets are booked for 7 Sept 😦
    Any idea?

    • hunterpm says:

      They shouldnt have accepted ur application without exitReEntry visa in the first place, there is a check list they need to tick if u have submitted all required documents then u have to sign it and the VFS staff who handled ur application. Embassy staff will decide if u need to submit additional document or request for an interview, they will inform VFS to contact u for any request. U can call VFS for follow up although 10 working days is still normal processing and could be longer since it is high season for visa application.

      • RuhtoLon says:

        hey thanks for the quick reply. much appreciated.

        the local lady at the counter who accepted my application did absolutely nothing to check any documents whatsoever. I was perplexed but I thought it is different from that of Schengen visa procedure.

        Ok, so I understand any query will be routed via VFS.

        1) Incase they request for documents today and I submit them today, how long would you think it will take for them to add that to my documents and get back? Another 5-10 days?

        2) Do you think it could be rejected for this reason?

        3) Are decisions taken in Riyadh or elsewhere?

      • hunterpm says:

        1. Could take another 3-5days
        2. Could be rejected since its one of the required supporting document, could be approved even without asking for additional document
        3. Decision to issue or refuse visa is being decided by an Entry Clearance Office at UK Embassy Riyadh

      • RuhtoLon says:

        Thanks again for the repy.
        I have contacted the international help desk asking how do I update it. They said already decision made on Wednesday – I will wait for Sunday for a mail from them.
        Ill let you know what happens.

  15. Sweetlass says:

    Just wanted to ask regarding flight booking for UK visa application, is it confirmed flight or plain booking/reservation? Thank you.

  16. Ahmed says:


    I received an email, that my application is under consideration by Clearance officer on 1st Sept. but till now no email received from them. I have contacted the international help desk asking how do I update it. They said already that the decision was made on Sunday the 4th September. But I haven’t received my passport yet from VFS nor received an email stating that the decision has been concluded. What could be the reason of delaying? any Idea?

    • hunterpm says:

      U just have to wait for VFS to send u email or sms once your passport is ready for collection, sometimes their system is slow in updating. Also delay maybe because eid holiday came.

      • RuhtoLon says:

        Sorry for the delay. My UK visa was granted. Realized that there is a big delay esp before holidays. In UK I saw a lot of Saudis , esp in London.

  17. Hafiz says:

    Hi, I am going to apply for UK visit visa. My question is that the flight ticket should be confirmed or dummy is accepted?

  18. Blue says:

    Hi. I am planning to apply for UK visa. I only visit one country in ME for the past ten years. My salary is not that high but it is stable and have been working for years in one company. Is salary account enough for bank statements or do I need to have savings account? Thank you.

    • hunterpm says:

      Current account or savings account as long as your last balance is enough to cover your trip. Just take note that Visa Officer will consider will application based on your credentials, that is your travel history, years in your present employer, financial status aside from submitting complete supporting documents as per the check list. Good luck

      • Blue says:

        Ok. Thanks.
        Does the iqama need to be translated to english? I read it from somewhere that it is one of the requirements.
        How do you do dummy booking? I don’t want to buy ticket without knowing my visa will be approve for sure.
        Thank you.

      • hunterpm says:

        When i applied i didnt submitted translated iqama, when my friends applied they were required to submit english translated iqama so better submit translated one. U can ask any travel agency for a booking, just ask them to quote u airfare for your route and they should be able to give u print out for free, u can tel them u will pay it upon your visa approval, other agency ask a small fee in doing this.

      • Blue says:

        Regarding exit/re-entry visa, is it required to pass it during application? Correct me if I’m wrong but if you have exit/re-entry, must be use within 2 months. And the dates plan on my tour is after 2 months. Just want to prepare early.

      • hunterpm says:

        ExitReEntry visa is required, it is valid 90 days starting from date of issuance, u should use it within that period to exit ksa

  19. Blue says:

    If you apply for the visit visa, is it automatic as a multiple entry or do I need to request it? Thank you.

    • hunterpm says:

      Its automatically given

      • Blue says:

        Ok. Thanks. This site is very helpful. I passed my documents yesterday together with my sister bank statement. I hope I pass.

      • Blue says:

        The Entry Clearance Officer contacted me today and asked our HR personnel extension number. He said he’s been calling for a long time and nobody is answering. Is that a normal procedure for them? Our people in HR is always out >_< . Now I'm nervous and afraid he might not be able to talk to our HR personnel and I wonder why he wants to talk with them. I hope he calls again.

      • hunterpm says:

        On rare occasion they call to verify employment details of a visa applicant, but very rare

      • Blue says:

        So what do I do now? Should I contact the UK embassy and tell them what time or when they should call our personnel or I’ll just what will happen next?

      • hunterpm says:

        U have to wait for their next call m, u should give someone’s telephone call to even if its mobile long as he can verify ur employment details

      • Blue says:

        Ok. I’ll just wait. I had my employment certificate attested by chamber of commerce and iqama translated to english. And the timing they called me is lunch break so it didn’t help for them to talk to someone. Thanks Hunter for replies.

      • Blue says:

        Received my passport. Visa approved. Thanks a lot for your help Hunter. 🙂

  20. Violet says:

    Hello! Your blog is really helpful. Just wanna ask your opinion, I am a dependent here in Jeddah and my parents will sponsor my UK trip. what are the chances that visa application will be approved given that my mom’s bank statement is SR70,000+.

    Thank you.

    • hunterpm says:

      If u can submit complete supporting documents as per check list, check the VFS UK KSA website for details. Also if u have good travel history and if u have invitation from someone in the UK. Visa Officer will not rely on how much money u Or your mom have, decision will depend on your personal circumstances.

      • Violet says:

        Thank you for your fast reply. 🙂
        Btw, the travel agency who is helping us in my visa said that it would be better if I don’t declare/submit an invitation from someone in the UK since I am a dependent travelling alone. How true is that?

      • hunterpm says:

        U shouldn’t go through a travel agency since applying UK visa u need to present urself in person at VFS for biometrics. Agents will just guide u on the visa process ofcourse u need to pay them for their service but wont guarantee ur visa approval. You’ve mentioned ur dependent from ur mom so i assume u dont earn a living for urself, correct me if im wrong. If this is the case, having invitation letter from someone in the UK helps. But if u dont have its still ok, as i said Visa officer will consider ur application based from ur personal merit.

      • Violet says:

        Hi Hunter!

        Thank you for your help. My visa got approved in just 4days. 🙂
        Just wanna ask if the immigration asked you to show the cash that you’re bringing with you in the airport?
        Thank you

      • hunterpm says:

        I have no experience being asked to show actual cash/money upon arrival in any of my trips to any country, even in the US.

  21. Khan says:

    Hi Hunter,
    Nice thread man, good to see so many persons getting help and advises under one roof. Well I have some queries with regards to UK visa.
    In February 2016 my UK visa (Visitor Family) was refused saying I get salary regularly but account gets depleted and didn’t shown the proof of additive amount other than the salary..etc and that time I was travelling to Canada on Immigrant visa.
    No again iam travelling to Canada with Canadian PR card, and applying as visitor Tourist visa for 4 days stay in London and also booked a hotel in London (, can be cancelled). What are my chances.
    Secondly, taking company letter, do I need to stamp chamber or is it acceptable without chamber. As per UKVI requirements, they say ask company letter on their letter head.
    Thirdly, do I need to present Exit-re-entry visa. Because nowdays the exit/re-entry visa is online based.
    Please help man.

    • hunterpm says:

      U said u applied before for UK visa then got refused so u should already familiarized what documents u need to submit. ExitReEntry visa regardless whether issued as electronic or not u need to submit copy of it plus Iqama copy with english translation. Maybe the UK visa officer will ask what are u still doing here in KSA since u already have PRVisa to Canada so better submit a letter of explanation for that. You bank statement last balance should show more than enough balance amount to satisfy that u can afford to travel.

  22. Kar says:

    Is it possible to have a two days vacation in London? How much money is needed to show or when asked by Immigration officer? Will booked a hotel. Was only allowed 3 days vacation from work.

    • hunterpm says:

      1 2 3 5 10 160 days it doesnt matter, you’l still be given 6months UK visit visa if approved, just complete all supporting docs as per check list for visa application. Upon arrival at London, immigration officer will ask few questions about ur trip, im not sure if theyl ask u how much money u have (i havent been asked to show money in any of my Europe trip, only in the US they asked how much cash r u bringing but didnt actually ask u to show them the money as per my experience). Although 2 days s too short for vacation, not worth the airfare cost.

      • Kar says:

        Visa is granted. Yup, two days is short. But if I do not take it. Then no vacation at all in London.

  23. Blue says:

    Hi. I have a question but not related to applying visa.

    I tried to check where I can ask this question online but unsuccessful. My question is, if I travel to UK from SA, was it compulsary that my point of entry is the same for point of exit? Or is it allowed, from SA to UK, then UK to Manila (with return), then from UK back to SA? Thanks.

    • Blue says:

      I forgot to add Hunter. From SA to UK, I’ll spend 2 weeks there before I travel to Manila. Thanks.

      • hunterpm says:

        It doesnt matter where u will go after ur UK trip, what matters to them is u have plane ticket out of the UK. Like US & Canada, UK doesnt stamp passport upon exit since no more passport control upon departure from the UK, only airline & security check. I traveled 3x from KSA to UK this past 6months without any issue (Riyadh-London, London-Zurich), (Riyadh-Manchester, Manchester-Copenhagen), (Copenhagen-Manchester, Manchester-Riyadh).

  24. Zainab says:

    Hi hunter,

    I have a valid UK visa but it expires in feb 2017 and i need to travel again in april so is there any way wherein i can extend my visa or do i have to re apply?

    • hunterpm says:

      U have to wait til ur UK visa expires and apply for a new one or u can apply again 90days before ur intended return visit to the UK on April, however ur current visa will be invalidated and they will put X in it and stamp “curtailed” which doesnt look good so better wait and apply by March or right after your UK visa expires.

  25. Ken says:

    Hello Sir Hunterpm! I found this website as very helpful.

    I’m planning to go in UK for vacation when my contract will finish next year September 2017. ( 1 more year 😊) So I am going to Exit and will go to UK for tourism.

    My question is about the exit/re entry visa.. Is it possible to request an Exit Visa before August 2017? So I can fully submit my complete requirements to VFS and hopefully to get the approved visa on or before my contract ends.

    • hunterpm says:

      First of all, u cannot apply UK visa if u are going for final exit as they will ask u for exitReEntry visa. Unless u can show evidence of the following: evidences of good travel history, enough money available for ur trip, new employment contract after u exit Saudi, confirmed onward ticket to ur home country. Remember that exit visa is electronic and recorded to ur passport u dont need a print out of it, when u go final exit u just need to present your passport and ur original Iqama at the airport passport control which they will collect from u before they stamp ur passport EXIT. UK visa officer will consider if u have strong ties with KSA for them to approve ur visa, since u will go final exit, this ties will nolonger be valid.

      • Kenn says:

        Thank you so much Mr Hunterpm, you’re so kind.. I am now thinking of other options

      • Ken says:

        Hello Mr. Hunter PM, another question I forgot to ask.. if l am going for final exit here in SA, Is it allowed to go to another country and not to my country of origin (Philippines) ? What process should I expect when I am in the airport? Hoping for your feedback.

      • hunterpm says:

        I already answered this question, pls read my reply to Blue on the comments

  26. Kenn says:

    Hello Mr. Hunterpm! Your website awesome!

    I’m planning to go in UK for tourism/vacation next year as my work contract will end on September 2017. So I’ll go for an Exit Visa.

    My question is, can I request an Exit Visa before August 2017 so I can fully submit my complete requirements to VFS and hopefully IT will grant my approved UK Visa on or before my contract ends..

  27. marge says:

    hi hunter,

    Read your uk visa process. I am a Filipino living and working in Cambodia. I applied for a UK tourist visa last week, my passport collection will be on thursday next week. I’m still worried no indication if approved or not, if have two previous schengen visas. Nabasa ko na you have schengen visas prior your UK application mo nung 2012, can I ask whats the reason kung bakit refuse nila ung visa mo…di pala plus points ang schengen visa kapag nag apply for UK visa.

    Worried lang for the results.


    • hunterpm says:

      When i applied UK visa for the 1st time back in 2012, i havent been issued visa from any western country, my travel history that time only covers asean & middle east countries, this could be the reason why i got refused although theyv mentioned that i haven’t showed enough strong ties from my country of residence. But when i applied Japan visa and got approved, it started from there, i applied US Schengen and UK (2nd time) and i got approved from them all.

  28. marge says:

    Hi Hunter,

    Thank for taking time read and reply my message.

    Got my approved visa today. Did you also buy oyster card?



  29. adan benlayo says:

    Hi hunterpm
    Good Day!
    Your blog was very helpful to everyone who is planning to travel in UK. I am reading all the conversation and I get more idea for faster visa approval. But I have some question regarding UK visa application. Because I am planning to travel to UK this January.
    1. What is the minimum time for applying a UK visa before the intended travel?


    • hunterpm says:

      Normally u can submit ur application atleast 1month in advance, however for first time applicants its advisable to apply atleast 90days before ur intended travel dates to the UK.

      • adan benlayo says:

        what would be the validity start of uk visa? is they give different date and month ? or they follow on what you are written in itenirary?

      • hunterpm says:

        Uk visa validity starts at the date of issuance, unlike Schengen visa which start from date of ur proposed travel date.

    • adan benlayo says:

      I have a problem in choosing an appointment. It always” the appointment you have chosen is no longer available. Please choose another time.” I almost check all the days together with different time but still disame. What should I do?

      • You seem to have made the same mistake i did..using the website instead of the visa4uk one…anyway what my husband did to fix it was he went to an agency near vfs in jeddah and a guy fixed it however he paid 200SR, that is around 50 dollars

  30. wilma says:

    hi mr. hunter, i have some question about the Uk online application.Im applying here in Vfs riyadh i made my application thru online now I want to edit some information but i cannot make changes on it. I think I submitted it by mistake. Can you help me? thank you.

  31. MAS says:

    Greeting hunterpm
    wonderful blog you have here thank you!
    I want to apply for UK visa but I have a few questions:

    1- I will apply with my mother and she will sponsor me (I’m a student at University)
    I am a resident (born and live in KSA) while she is a citizen of Saudi Arabia. I was wondering if our visa got approved and my mother decided not to travel, Will I be able to travel alone? or will the immigration officer ask me about her at the airport? (since she is my sponsor)

    2- All of our Documents are complete, good salary 16,000 SAR and enough money on bank statement 25,000 SAR for 7 days. However, our travel history isn’t the best we’ve only been to Malaysia & Turkey in the last 10 years. Do you think we’ve got a big chance of approval since my mother is a citizen?

    • hunterpm says:

      There is a change. If u decided to travel alone and if u r still minor, i dont know what document u need to present once saudi immigration officer at airport will ask u so u need to find that information yourself.

  32. Norphrie Mai g says:

    Hi mr hunter, I’m planning to visit my boyfriend in uk what document should I provide? Thank you.

    • hunterpm says:

      U can check the VFS UK SA for check list, u need to ask ur bf for an invitation letter stating guarantee of financial support if he will shoulder ur expenses plus proof of his financial capacity such as bank statement

      • Norphrie Mai g says:

        How much for the show money I mean exact amount should be in my account

      • hunterpm says:

        For safety u should have atleast SR15000 minimum balance, although they didnt specifically state exact amount, its always safe to show well enough balance

      • Norphrie Mai g says:

        Thank you so much mr hunter.

      • Norphrie Mai g says:

        Hi hunter, good evening I just to as you some question.. I started my online application this week but there question on the application like this Have you been issued any visa for the uk, uk overseas territories or commonwealth country in the last 10 years? Should I tick yes? Since I’ve been to the commonwealth country like Malaysia and Singapore. And my seconde query is about any friends or family in the uk, as I am visiting my boyfriend should tick yes also? Thanks

      • hunterpm says:

        Tick YES if you’ve been to the UK, tick NO if you’ve only been to Malaysia or Singapore. About you’re 2nd query, tick yes if u intend to visit your bf but be sure to present an invitation letter to support it and his personal details will also be asked such as his residence status in the Uk, address, profession etc so be ready to answer it.

      • Norphrie Mai g says:

        Yes I had an invitation letter and his personal details. In fact I’m traveling with him from Manila as soon the visa issued.thanks you sir!

    • Norphrie Mai g says:

      HI sir hunter, urgent I need your help I had mistake taken my appointment at vfs. I booked my appointment August 14 instead of August 10. Can I change my appointment to August 10?

  33. Umer Aslam says:

    Hello Sir.
    This is Umer. I have all documents regarding embassy expect letter of employment attested by Chamber of commerce. I can ask for letter but chamber of commerce is difficult. .. so is this okay if i have a simple letter by my Kafeel.
    Waiting for your answer. .. God Bless you Kuya…

  34. Dee says:

    Hi Mr. Hunter is it normal that the in passport there is a stamp of immigration officer in my uk visa page? Can I still come back to UK?( I have multiple entries). Many thanks.

    • hunterpm says:

      They usually entry stamp on top of the UK visa sticker upon arrival in the UK but they will not stamp upon exiting the UK, ofcourse u can come back and they will stamp again ur Passport upon entry.

  35. Hi! I would like toa sk of the plane ticket you submitted was confirmed? Coz i got some advoces that i may just submit a dummy plane ticket through travel agencies
    Ny appointment will be this january 29th so if you may please give me an advice too..

    • hunterpm says:

      If u read my blog properly i stated there “flight booking” or “dummy booking” not “flight ticket” also i already discussed this point in one of the comment

      • Yeah, that is why i asked coz it might be confirmed or pending pertaining to payment when you submitted it..
        Coz what i have now is confirmed but is just a “Dummy” and acquired it through our hospital’s in house travel agency

      • hunterpm says:

        No such thing as “confirmed dummy”, dummy means it’s just a booking with real flight details but the booking reference may not actually exist Or a booking that u need to pay before a deadline. the only considered “confirmed” is a paid tickets

      • Just wanna share with all of you that i got my visa today..The result was also exactly 10 days from the time I submitted my application ans support documents..Thanx to this very informative blog..😉😉😉😉

      • Oh! I get it now..Thank you!,,

  36. drzubi says:

    Hi hunter,
    i am applying for uk visitor visa to attend royal college conference along with my wife and daughter.
    i have few queries? kindly help.
    1. do i need to apply seperately for each member with different e mail? i need to apply for exit reentry visa before applying? can we get the appointment in vfs on same days for all family members?
    4. i am sponsored my royal college,and i will cover my family expenses ,how to mention it.

    plz help

    • hunterpm says:

      1. U can apply for u & ur family members using 1 email using ur profile
      2. U need to submit copy of ExitReEntry visa for u & ur family upon submission of ur visa application
      3. Theres is “family appointment” option at VFS
      4. Present a cover letter addressed to UK visa officer explaining what u gonna do, how u gonna fund ur trip, whos inviting u, support it with an invitation letter from ur college.
      Good luck

  37. czar says:

    Hi sir like to ask if it is needed for the coe to be stamped in the chamber of commerce? And does the exitReennty visa here available in english print out because ive seen my collegues exitReentry visa and its in arabic..

    Hope to hear ur reply..thank you

    • hunterpm says:

      Not required for chamber attested coe. ExitReEntry visa is issued in both English/Arabic

      • czar says:

        Thanks..more power to u sir

      • czar says:

        Sir.. Another question….a friend will send me an invitation letter, she is a uk it necessesary to send her letter via dhl here in saudi?. Or she can just scan it and i will print it here?..

      • hunterpm says:

        U can submit copy of that invitation letter along with copy of her British passport, proof of home ownership if u r going to stay with her, bank statement if she will shoulder ur expenses while in the UK. Photo of u together to prove relationship if u have.

  38. Muhammad says:

    I am planning to apply for UK visit visa for 5 passports me, my wife and three kids aged 10, 7 and 3 years resoectively from Riyadh Saudi Arabia, I have also inivitation letter from my British friend. Will 40,000 SAR be enough as end balance at time of submission.
    Reply please

    • hunterpm says:

      Its enough as long as they see ur monthly salary being credited to your account by your employer.

      • M Iftikhar says:

        I am filling an application forms for visit visa to UK for myself and for my kids are all under 18. In the application form for under 18 there is field says that “which country deport from” what it does mean ?
        Please reply.

      • hunterpm says:

        R u sure its the right word u read? May be it’s “country of departure”

      • M Iftikhar says:

        Yes I m sure its written like “Country Deported from”

      • M Iftikhar says:

        Do we need to have travel insurance for UK visit Visa?

      • M Iftikhar says:

        What supporting documents should be submitted against spoise and childern under 18 Visit visa application form?
        Being a husband and father I support this visit trip pf them. Though I also submitt application for visit visa along with my wife and kids.
        Please list the documents of spouse and kids

      • hunterpm says:

        There is a list of supporting documents u need to complete depending on what type of visa application is being applied. Read the website of VFS UK and the British Embassy website, all your questions will be answered there, just read and understand it. If its too hard for u to understand, ask a travel agency to assist on your application. Ofcourse u need to pay service fee for that, but theyl definitely help someone like u who seems clueless about the application process.

      • Muhammad says:

        What permission do you have to be in Saudi Arabia? (Required)

        I have a temporary visa? I am a permanent resident?

        what I should choose against this as I am full time employee and hold Resident Card (Iqama)

      • hunterpm says:

        Put “Residence Permit” then state the number and validity date. Iqama or Muqeem are temporary resident permit, not permanent. Saudi have no permanent resident visa for expats like greencard in the USA.

      • M Iftikhar says:

        Hi, I want to take appointment in First week of may, but the dates are not highlighted in May, what it does mean? Either VFS global open appointments in each month or its full?

  39. mari says:

    brother, plss help me.. i was making an appoinment in VFS khobar, however there is no date available for their prime time ?.. should i just select the standard one?but plss enlighten me of the difference of these two selections
    thankyou so much

    • hunterpm says:

      Prime time appointment means it’s the date and time beyond the usual office times of VFS, it requires a different fee for u to take it, like me i took prime time appointment which was Saturday morning as I couldn’t submit my application during their usual operating hours Sunday-Thursday 9am-4pm

  40. mari says:

    in addition to that, standard cost 185usd (693sar) in comparison with the prime time u selected whicH amounts to 387sar.

  41. Muhammad says:

    I am filling the visit visa application of UK for my kids who are all under 18. In section Under 18 of the application form where they ask “Please give details of your parents/guardian(s) in your home country?” under this form there is a field called “Country”, please advise what to put as its description says “Country deported from”

    this deport has confused me so please help me out to what to put?


  42. M Iftikhar says:

    Yes It written exactly as follow:
    Country deported from

  43. M Iftikhar says:

    Please help me out as I am strucked tro finish application form for my kids
    (I am filling an application forms for visit visa to UK for myself and for my kids are all under 18. In the application form for under 18 there is field says that “which country deport from” what it does mean ? )
    Please reply. Regards

  44. Michael says:

    Please do u have contact of vfs Riyadh, I paid for courier , but at the moment the only message I’ve got is that my documents are ready for collection at UKVI Visa centre….I’m far away from Riyadh

    • hunterpm says:

      Check the website of VFS for contact info.

      • Michael says:

        Pls I’ve checked 2ru the website, couldn’t find any customer care /contact phoneNUMBER..particularly Riyadh vfs.. perhaps ure not comfortable posting it online, kindly mail it to my email …. if u have it, that would be much appreciated. .Thanks .

      • hunterpm says:

        If u know how to use google, search “VFS global riyadh contact number” telephone will appear

  45. Taher Talib says:

    i am applying for a UK visa for me and my wife. If i visit the VFS Global UK page, it says 2 options”Register Account” or use the new Service(If u click on this it will take you to GOV.UK site and u enter an email ID and answer questions).
    I have used the ‘New Service’ option and created 2 separate profiles with emails for me and my wife. Is this fine ? Also, i would be the one sponsoring the entire trip , so what do i input for the below questions?
    1. Do you have any income or Savings(Entered NO for Wife application)
    2. How much money are you planning to spend in UK(Entered same figure as that of my application)
    3. Total money u spend each month(entered 0 SAR)
    4. Paying towards cost of your visit(Gave details of Husband)

    Also, for the question “Permission to Stay in KSA” , should we put Permanent Resident or Temporary? i have an Iqama.


    • hunterpm says:

      Permission to stay in ksa- u need to put your Residence Permit number (Iqama or Muqeem for 5yrs) and its validity date. It should be temporary as we dont have greencard-like Permanent Residence card.

      • Taher says:

        For the option to enter countries travelled in last 10 yrs , should we mention details of each and every visit to the country or just the latest visit?
        For Ex: i have visited Bahrain 10 times in last 3 yrs, do i give details for all these trips or just one is fine?


      • hunterpm says:

        If u only visited Bahrain u can list all your travel dates to Bahrain and its purpose if it’s tourism or business.

  46. Umer Aslam says:

    Hello Hunter PM,
    i read your whole comments, i really appropriated your efforts.
    i asked a question about 5 months ago and you answered it very well i was glad,
    but at the moment i have some more questions:
    actually i m going to apply for UK visa to attend ICC Champion Trophy 2017 that is happening on 4th of June 2017, i am keen about cricket,
    i read in your comments that we need 3 salaries that should transfer by our sponsor,
    Mr. Hunter i have up to 20,000 SR in my account but my sponsor never transferred me my salaries. what is solution for it? and any special advice if i am applying for sports activities visa. kindly waiting for your reply.
    one thing more sir,i am a Pakistani PP holder i never visited any country before.
    someone just scared me here that they will reject your visa application, just because i never visited any country before.
    kindly brief me about this topic as well. God bless you always.

    • hunterpm says:

      It would be very difficult for u to get approve UK visa since u havent proven yet that u can travel and comeback to after your trip, plus being Pakistani which have a bad reputation of over staying having high cases in the UK. Also your financial capacity cant be established because it doesn’t being transferred thru your bank account by your employer. Having high cash balance in the bank isn’t guarantee your visa approval. Anyway u can try applying, just want to warn u that if u apply and get refused a visa, they will stamp your passport with evidence of your visa refusal which could lead to more visa refusal in the future. I suggest u travel first to other countries which doesnt need visa for Pakistani to establish good travel history.

      • Umer Aslam says:

        Great.. Thanks Mr. Hunter
        You r right. 1st i will see another country.. please let me know if i can arrange a Sponsor letter from a Pakistani British PP holder.
        is there any chances ?

      • hunterpm says:

        U can try but it will not guarantee visa approval too.

  47. Umer Aslam says:

    Thanks for your time Mr hunter.. can i have your number for future help?. if you dont please

  48. wanderexplorer says:

    Hi, i just got my visa yesterday. Thanks Mr Hunter. I will share my experience later. I just have one inquiry, I stated in my cover letter that i will go to UK june 2-9, they didn’t actually return my cover letter, but my plan is to go there the whole month of june. Would the immigration officer question me upon arriving?

    • hunterpm says:

      They won’t bother relying on ur cover letter. Upon ur arrival in the UK, immigration officer will ask u several questions details about ur trip. If u tel them u will stay for a month then can verify it on their database if u have return ticket since ur passport details r link to ur flight ticket. If they can’t c any return ticket on their database they’ll ask u to explain why with more follow up question. Regardless u originally planned to stay only for few days, theyl still allow u to stay in the UK for 6months continuously or multiple times within 6month period.

  49. UK visa VFS, Riyadh. I followed your template Mr Hunter for better explanation.
    – I’m a Filipino working in Riyadh for more than a year now
    – I had previous UK visa refusal in May 2016
    – I already visited Thailand (2013), UAE (2016), Georgia twice and Armenia (2017)
    Documents I submitted:
    1. Original passport + copy of data page
    2. Printed Online visa application form (they will only take the confirmation page showing the barcode and your photo you pasted on the first page)
    3. COE with salary details stamped by Government Relations Office or HR
    4. Copy of my Iqama (residence permit)
    5. Letter from my Manager confirming my workplace and stating that I am required to go back to work on a certain date. The letter was also noted by my Director; I attached my Leave Form with it.
    6. Copies of my previous entry/exit stamps and e-visas from countries I visited including my old passport.
    7. Bank statement for 6 months (Payroll Account) (stamped by bank) + Personal Philippine Savings Account.
    -copies of remittances and deposit slip showing that most of the money in my payroll account was transferred to my PH account. Anyway, I think it will also reflect in the statements
    -I also provided a copy of my ATM card in my PH account to show that it is in my possession and can withdraw money anywhere internationally.
    9. Copy of my Axa travel insurance
    10. Copy of my credit card
    11. Introduction letter stating what I will do in the UK (I also mentioned that I’m in a long-term relationship since I read that one of my refusal reasons stated in the appendix V 4.10 The applicant must not intend to marry or form a civil partnership, or to give notice of this, in the UK, except where they have a visit visa endorsed for marriage or civil partnership)
    12. Flight booking (dummy)
    13. Invitation letter from my Uncle in UK stating that he will provide my accommodation. I also get his 3-month bank statement even though he didn’t state that he will finance my travel.

    14. Tenancy Agreement/ Contract Lease of my Uncle

    15. Passport Copy of my Uncle

    16. Copy of my Company ID (not required I guess, but still submitted one)

    Feb 2017– I registered at and started my 6months General Visitor visa Application.
    -I completed my online visa application, paid my visa fee by credit card SR432.79, I scheduled my appointment.
    21/03/17 – 0900H-I submitted my visa application documents at VFS Global Riyadh. They took my biometrics details (finger prints, digital photo). The photo that will appear on your UK visa will be the photo that they took during your biometrics collection. The whole process lasted 15min only. Late in the afternoon received sms and email notification that my application has been forwarded to UKVI.

    22/03/17 – I received email that my visa application is now being prepared for assessment by an Entry Clearance Officer.
    30/03/17 – 1357H received an email:
    Dear Applicant,

    Your application has been concluded and will shortly be returned to our commercial partner. This does not mean that your documents are ready to collect: Please await confirmation of this, or follow the collection instructions you have already been given.

    UKVI Riyadh.
    NOTE: I received all the same emails last year and now except for this email.

    The year I was refused:


    The processed visa application for GWF reference number – GWF0…… was received at the UK Visa Application Centre on 5/23/2016 .
    If a courier service was purchased from VFS Global, your processed application will be delivered to the chosen address.
    If not, your documents can be collected during the designated passport collection times.
    1528H I received sms that my passport is ready for collection. I asked my co-worker to fetch the passport and he brought the receipt along with the filled-up authorization letter I got from the website.
    1627H– my passport was collected at VFS Riyadh. My friend called me and said that my visa has been approved.

    PROCESSING time happened within the span of 10 days from the day of submission.

    Previous application: on the 9th day I got my passport.

    1. Submitted bank statement of my sponsor without my bank statement altho I included my payslip certificate. Well, it didn’t work tho.
    2. 4 months length of employment in Riyadh
    3. No proof of coming back eg. Ticket or exit/re-entry
    4. Lack of Travel history

  50. M Iftikhar says:

    Hi there
    How I can fill Visit Visa application for my family of wife and 3 kids?

  51. M Iftikhar says:

    Hi I am filling the visit visa application form for my daughter whos aged 3 years, there is queation “what is your employment status” what is the most appropriate choice from
    Employed, self employed, A Student, Retired, Unemployed
    Though, none of the 5 choices apply to my daughter so please guide me what should I select under this question

    • hunterpm says:

      For children whos not yet going to school, u need to put “unemployed”. Same goes with adults whos not working whos depending on another person financially also falls in “unemployed”

      • M Iftikhar says:

        Whats the difference between spouse and dependent? If spouse is unemployed then it also considered as dependent?
        If yes then should I enter details of my spouse under dependent details too

      • hunterpm says:

        Anyone who’s depending from u for a living (financially or otherwise) whose not working for themselves but relying from another person is called dependent. Dependent spouse, dependent children, dependent parents, dependent sister/brother, dependent uncle, dependent cousin/relative. Spouse is your partner (husband or wife) who may or may not depend on u for a living specially if he/she has his/her own work or wealth. Try to google or use a dictionary for more information.

      • M Iftikhar says:

        Thanks dear, so if in visit visa application form there is spouse details coulmn is available separately and dependant on separate coulmn so no need to put spouse details under dependent coulmn?

  52. Blue says:

    Hi Hunter. If I am planning to get a UK visa (already been to UK), again months after expiration of my visa, will I go the same procedure for application? Will they need biometrics again? Thank you.

    • hunterpm says:

      Same procedure like applying for the first time, unlike Schengen visa were u can submit biometrics once and it’ll be valid for 5yrs, UK visa need biometrics everytime u apply.

  53. shaun says:

    good morning,
    i applied UK visa from riyadh yesterday,
    now i’m trying to check my application status online but unfortunately i didn’t get any link to get application status, could you please tell me that can we check online or not ?

  54. shaun says:

    i submitted my application on monday 24/04/2017 after submission i received an email that “The visa application for GWFxxxxxx was forwarded to UK visas and immigration”.

    25/07/2017 Tuesday morning 8:09AM received another email that was “this email is to notify you that Your UK visa application is now being prepared for assessment by an entry clearance officer”

    26/07/2017 Wednesday morning 11:05AM received another email “your application has been concluded and will shortly be returned to our commercial partner”

    yesterday evening i was expecting an email from VFS but didn’t get any and now today i’m desperately waiting for an email from VFS, what should i do, should wait or call them because it’s last working day if i dont get passport today then i have to wait till next week 😦

    • shaun says:

      sorry about dates, these are 25/04/2017, 26/04/2017

    • hunterpm says:

      It means the Embassy is just preparing to forward your passport at VFS. U have to wait for VFS to email or sms u once your passport is ready for collection.

      • shaun says:

        good morning,
        im still waiting for their email, i bought sms service as well but i never got any text from them, i dont know what wrong,
        i wanna ask you do you have any VFS inquiry number where i can phone them, i googled it but didn’t get any number if you have any please share it with me.

      • shaun says:

        Hi there,
        im back with my VISA update,
        VFS is really shit, i emailed to UK embassy riyadh today and got their reply, they replied that your passport is sent back to VFS on 26/04/2017 contact with VFS,
        but i didn’t receive any email or sms from VFS, anyways i went there today at 12:30PM and got my passport, VISA Granted.

      • hunterpm says:

        Send a complaint to VFS by stating your case. Congrats

  55. Enzo says:

    How much bank statement do u have during the application process

  56. Salman says:

    Hi Mr. Hunter

    Read all your post and really appreciate your kind and potential advice to all

    this is to bring into your notice that i have applied for UK visa on 30th May 2017 from Al khobar Saudi Arabia . and received an email on 1st stating my documents has been submitted to UK embassy Riyadh .on 2nd i received an email stating that my application has been received to “Entry clearance officer ”

    now fingers Crossed,

    iam working in a Petrochemical compnay & i have submitted 6 months bank statement with SAR 24,200/- , exit re entry copy, dummy Ticket, Hotel from ( Can Cancel ), credit card copy , company Letter with chamber of commerce , Eqama copies of both of us, but no English Translation as the VFS dint ask so i submitted the copy of valid eqama only, i have been to 9 countries like China , Dubai. HongKong Macau Thailand Malaysia Singapore Indonesia & Bahrain, i want an advice that i have been rejected by US embassy in 2015, and i have clearly mentioned in my application colum that due to insufficient documents our visa has been reject for US so will it effect to obtain the current UK visa?? can you advice the chances for getting the Visa

    your Reply will be highly appreciated

    • hunterpm says:

      They will decide based on your supporting documents. Having good travel history helps. Being honest on your previous visa rejection is also helpful. Be patient and wait for the result. Good luck!

    • ark says:

      hi mr salman…can u kindly tell that after coompletely filling your online app and submittiing it..was the appointment at vfs khobar easily available ? i plan to apply on 16 aug ..should i complete the app and book now? or are the standard appointments easily available? thanks

  57. Salman says:

    Thanks for your immediate and valuable reply. i appreciate , i have a last question, i need to withdraw some money from my account,

    1) can i do that now or i should withdraw after the conclusion of my visa status?? i just want to have a idea if they cross check the bank statement thats it ..

    2) i did not translate eqama in English as they dint ask while submitting my application in that a eqama profession is same mentioned in the company letter , ( Sales Representative )

    3) i wanted to visit London and Manchester , in booking my travel agent just issued dummy ticket for 1 week for London hotel only…is that a problem visiting only London but not near by good cities

    kindly reply please

    • hunterpm says:

      1. U can withdraw ur money anytime u want after printing ur bank statement
      2. Its ok iqama copy without English translation, unless they ask
      3. If u mentioned London & Manchester on your application, u should support it by providing hotel booking for both cities. Nxt time don’t complicate it just say 1 city only then u can change or add city to visit after visa is issued.

  58. Salman says:

    bundle of thanks Mr. Hunter ,
    in my application i just mentioned London

    • shaun says:

      hi salman,
      i can share my experience, maybe it gonna help you,
      it’s my 3rd time i applied UK visa and every time granted, i never submitted any document with English translation, like my iqama or any other stuff, so dont worry about that.
      and about hotel booking i always showed one city booking like london but i spend couple of days in different cities ,
      my travel history is like bahrain, UAE, Malaysia, USA and many times UK
      bank statement, i always kept 50K+ with 6 months statement
      travel insurance
      return air ticket
      yeah that’s it.
      #Hunterpm is doing great job.
      best of luck.

  59. Salman says:

    thank you for your wishes

    That is very True..Hunter is doing a Great Job..

    iam glad to have your reply Mr. Shaun i was Bit tensed when i thought i mentioned only 1 city London and there are plenty to see other cities as well .i did my best had submitted the best i can Mr. Shaun.

    i have applied with my wife so for 2 person 24,200/-SAR. i had submitted like you did except Travel insurance , i was aware of this thing..but my main concern was Visa assurance . iam planing to visit on 27th fingers crossed,

    • shaun says:

      well i think this is the best time to get UK visa because it’s summer time and second thing is EID holidays which you are planing to spend in UK, so hope for the best In Sha Allah you will get it,
      if you maintained your balance then 24K should be enough, u got good travel history as well so no need to worry.
      well i think 1 city is enough and rest of your plan you can explain in application.

  60. Salman says:

    In Sha Allah Mr. Shaun.. and you are Right , we have planned our Trip for Eid holidays for 9 days
    In Sha Aallah we hope our Visa will be issued , and i thank you and Mr. Hunter for making me stress free. lets hope for the best , it is all game of Luck and Prayers …will update once our result will be announced .. well how many days will it take…

    • shaun says:

      normally they take 2 weeks or 5 to 8 working days,
      just pray for you self In Sha Allah you will get it,
      yeah update you result once you get it.

      • Salman says:

        Hi All

        Today after noon i Received email from UK embassy …

        Your application has been concluded and will shortly be returned to our commercial partner…

        i think we will come to know only when we receive our passport in our hand..

  61. Salman says:

    Sure . 100% i will update the Result.

  62. Salman says:

    Hi All

    Today after noon i Received email from UK embassy …

    Your application has been concluded and will shortly be returned to our commercial partner…

    i think we will come to know only when we receive our passport in our hand..

    • hunterpm says:

      Wait until u received email or sms from VFS that your passport is ready for collection.

      • Zubair says:

        Dear Hunter, am waiting for your feedback, please

        Hello Sir-“Hunter PM”
        I read your whole comments and i really appreciate your efforts.
        I do need your favor before i start my application process.
        Well, me and my wife planning to visit UK to watch live “ICC Champions Trophy 2017” and based on my details which include;
        1) I have current account with amount more than SAR 30,000.
        2) I have traveled three countries before i.e One time Malaysia and Two times Bahrain and one
        time Qatar for tourism only.
        3) My Salary is more than SAR 10,000.
        4) I have been working in a multi-national company from last 8 years.

        I have passport of Pakistan and i don’t have invitation. Please advice me based on my information can i get UK visit visa?

        Waiting for your advisable comments.
        God bless you

      • hunterpm says:

        Just apply and submit all required documents, they will decide based on it, u have chance as u already proven u can travel and salary is good. Good luck

  63. Salman says:

    ok fingers Crossed…Thank you Mr. Hunter for your kind responses all the time ,

  64. Salman says:

    Hi Hunter

    Today morning ( 7th ). i have received a Txt msg on my mobile from VFS stating our passport is Ready for collection…so i have to go AL KHOBAR to collect the passport or they will deliver me to Jubail city. as i stay in far as i remember they did not gave me any slip for collection

    • shaun says:

      Mr. Salman hope for the best In Sha Allah you will get your passport today with VISA,
      on VFS site they mentioned clearly “Between 01 April 2017 and 31 August 2017, all UK visa applicants in Al Khobar will have their passports returned by courier for a discounted fee. This change has been introduced to maintain the quality of the service we provide to all our customers during our busy summer peak”
      it means they gonna deliver .

    • hunterpm says:

      U should have the receipt issued by VFS, u have to present it if u r going to collect your passport, but if u paid for courier fee they will deliver it to u and no need to show receipt

  65. Salman says:

    In Sha Allah i hope the same we will receive the passport with Visa.. Mr. Shaun that’s really so sweet of you to reply with such a nice info…i really dint notice it on the website..was just wondering how to follow up now…and yes i remember now the lady in VFS charged me 120 Riyal for courier charges…

    • shaun says:

      im still waiting for ur update ?

      • Salman says:

        Hi Mr. Shaun

        Tonight i received email from ARAMEX..i checked with my tracking number on their website and it says that my shipment is in Transit…so today i think they will deliver Jubail. iam also eagerly waiting

  66. Salman says:

    dear Mr. Hunter and Mr. Shuan

    this is to inform you that today 12.30pm i have received my passport from Aramex , and my Visa is Approved….iam very very happy…thanks to all of you for your kind attention and support

    • shaun says:

      that is great, congratulation
      enjoy your trip janab ..

    • shabaz shaikh says:

      Aslamaalaykum Brothers,

      My Self Shabaz Shaikh, I had apply Family Visit Visa for UK on 3/7/2017 in Alkhobar VFS. My Elder who is currently staying in UK Manchester is Sponsoring me.I am really confused that they will grant me the visa or not because i have not submitted Exit / Rentry as well as Residential detail of Saudi Arabia.Below Are the Docs I submitted.

      Shabaz Shaikh:
      1) Application copy
      2) company letter (Chamber Attested / My Business Card Attached / Salary Confirmation / Designation)
      3) passport
      4) Iqama copy
      5) Health Insaurance Card
      5) Bank Statement..( 6 – Months as per salary 28300 SAR. )
      6) cheque copy..( 6 months – As salary in our company Paid by Cheques)

      Elder Brother Sponser.
      1) Sponser letter
      2) TCS company letter
      3) UK Visa
      4) Work Permit
      5) Passport Copy
      6) 3 months Pay slip.
      7) P60 Tax and UK_NI NO
      8) Bank Satatement (3 months UK Bank Satement)
      9) Medical Insaurance
      10) UK council Tax.
      11) House Rent
      12) Water Bill
      13) Electricity & Gas.

      Please share your knowledge

  67. Salman says:

    thank you very Much to all of you…i think if we have UK visa we can obtain turkey Visa online..any idea???

  68. Salman says:

    Thanks for the iam very happy alhumdulillah

  69. Salman says:

    Dear all

    Need a short help…i need some info about the Tour operators who can arrange your trip for Turkey and UK..

    • shaun says:

      Mr. Salman,
      well i think no need to take these kind of services, u got internet u got google u can find out everything on google + google maps

  70. Neon says:

    Hi i would like to travel to both europe and uk for holiday. Is it better to apply for schengen visa first or uk visa first?

    • hunterpm says:

      On average they both process visa application 1-2 weeks for first time applicants, if had u been issued UK/Schengen visas before, they can process as little as 1-3days.

      • Kar says:

        For the second time applicant, visa approved before, is it ok to submit application if your travel date is after one month?

  71. Siripala says:

    Hi Hunter,
    I am planing on visiting both UK and Paris this summer. Could you please advice on which Visa to process first.

    • hunterpm says:

      Already answered on other comment. It’s up to u to decide. Just take note that Schengen visa validity starts from the date of your proposed travel based from your flight booking, while UK visa validity starts immediately upon approval of your UK visa.

  72. Taher says:

    Has anyone got UK visa without submitting Exit-Rentry and Travel Insurance? Is this compulsory to be submitted?
    My Multiple Entry Exit expires on 25th June and i am travelling on 26th. So if i need to submit Exit-Rentry, i would need to tell my sponsor to cancel my existing visa and issue a new Single Entry-Exit with a 90 day validity.


  73. Siripala says:

    Hi, I applied for the UK visa, in the Checklist there is a requirement for proof of home address (tenancy agreement). Is it a must to submit?

  74. AM says:

    Thanks, much appreciated for detailed explanation. Very clear steps mentioned and procedure.

  75. Najam says:

    I applied online and paid the fees. I missed one booking in my form, Ho can I modify it??
    Secondly, how do I apply for my wife and baby? We go for standard visitor visa of UK. Thanks,

  76. Wernher Von says:

    I received an SMS Message to my Mobile from VFS and it says: GWFXXXXXX is ready for collection at UKVI Visa Centre.
    Can I go now to VFS Office to collect my passport even though I don’t receive a call from them?

    And also at the same date, I received a message from

    Subject: Application Received from the post CRM:XXXXXXXX
    Dear WERNHER,

    The processed visa application for GWF reference number – GWFXXXXXXX was received at the UK Visa Application Centre on 6/14/2017.

    If a courier service was purchased from VFS Global, your processed application will be delivered to the chosen address.

    If not, your documents can be collected during the designated passport collection times.

    Please note this is an auto generated e-mail. Please do NOT reply to this email.

    Do you think they will give me Visa or not?

    • hunterpm says:

      VFS will never call u, they only send sms.

      • Wernher Von says:

        It means Sir, I can go now to VFS Global Riyadh. Do you have any idea Sir what time I can go there?

        Do you think Sir that I have a chance to get VIsa with the email that I receive from VFS Global?

        Thanks for the reply.

      • hunterpm says:

        Today is Saturday their office is close. They dont tell on email nor sms if your visa is approved. U can only know it once u open the envelop.

  77. shabaz shaikh says:

    Hello HunterPM.
    Hope You are fine at your end!
    I have one confusion and worried about my visit visa applied for UK.I am an Indian working in a I.T Company in Al-Khobar- Dammam. I have applied for UK Visit visa on 3/7/2017. I have submitted all the necessary documents including ( Company Letter chamber attested / Iqama Copy / Passport / Medical Card Copy / Business card & bank statement 6 month 28k sar ) but i have not submitted exit/ re- rentry Permit copy & Saudi Residential documents as they did not ask in the counter during submission.So my visa going to reject? please reply brother.
    3/7/2017 : Application Submitted.
    3/7/2017: Received SMS Visa Application Forwarded.
    4/7/2017 : Received email that your visa application is been processed by Entry Clearance officer.

    till now no reply….

    Please reply Mr. HunterPM

    • hunterpm says:

      If u read other comments on this post u can see other applicants with similar question so hope u find time to read it to know the answer.

      • shabaz shaikh says:

        Thank you so much Mr.HunterPM for the thing i want to ask that in the email which i received from VFS Riyadh they mentioned this below point..

        This email is to notify you that your UK visa application is now being prepared for assessment by an Entry Clearance Officer.

        Please note: We strongly recommend that you do not book a flight to the UK until your visa application has been approved and you have collected your passport. We do not accept responsibility for any financial loss incurred as a result of delays in processing applications and we will not fast-track applications solely because of travel plans.

        Once a decision has been made on your application we will email you to let you know. You will then be contacted by the Visa Application Centre with instructions on how to collect your documents. Please do not go to the Visa Application Centre before they have contacted you.

        What does this mean ( Not to book the flight ticket ?? ) Is this email is their general format or only in my case.?

      • hunterpm says:

        Means do not purchase your ticket until visa is approved, that’s why u only need to submit flight booking during application.

  78. shabaz shaikh says:

    okay Mr HunterPm.
    Thank you for your reply..lot of expectation from this application as i am visiting to my elder brother in manchester with whome i have not meet from last 4 years.tensed situation.let c.

  79. shabaz shaikh says:

    Dear Brother hunterPM.
    I have check online maximum processing days for Family UK Visit visa is 15 days from Riyadh. I applied on 3 july2017 but still there is no update.

    So the 15 day processing time for Visa is including week off i.e.(Fri / Sat) or only working days.???

  80. Harlyn says:

    Hi, just want to share my uk tourist visa application here in riyadh. I am a Filipina currently working here as a nurse in Riyadh. I submiited my application last july 4, 2017. After 10 working days, my passport is already available for pick up. I was granted a visa. The bank statement that i submiited only showed a 7000 riyals balance,i also enclosed my COE, translation of my iqama in english, payslips for d previous 6 mos. I didnt include the exit reentry visa because it is not required (there is a checklist in their website for the documents to be submiited). And they specifically stated in their website that you dont book a round trip ticket in case you will be denied a visa. I think my travel history helped me get a visa. Anyway, tnx for your blog hunter. i came accross this site 2 weeks ago. By the way, 2 of my workmates paid 1000 sr each and they were given a visa in just 4 working days.

  81. shabaz shaikh says:

    Dear HunterPM,

    Sorry For Late Reply.I got my UK Family visit Visa Finally.I am Very happy and thank you for the support and the information Tc brother.

  82. Jean Therese Nicolas says:

    Good day po, sir Hunter tanong ko lang po if hanggang kelan valid ang uk visit visa once ma stamped and approved. For example po ay sa november 16 pa ang flight ko, and within this month ko plan mag asikaso for visa. kelangan po ba magpabook na kaagad kung wala pa namang visa approval? Thank you. I will appreciate po if magrereply kayo. Thank you

    • hunterpm says:

      Not recommended to pay plane ticket if visa is not yet approved. However if u are confident enough for visa approval then u can buy ur ticket in advance. If u apply visa in KSA, UK visa is valid starting from the date of issuance up to 6 months validity. U can apply as early as 90 days max before your planned trip. U need flight booking or dummy booking in submitting your visa application.

  83. Akarsh Saleem. says:

    Hello Hunter.

    Thank you so much for this valuable information. I have few questions.

    1. I have applied for the UK on 2012 and got rejected due to lack of document. I received a letter with my passport for the reason for rejection. Now I am planning to apply again and I have already mentioned in the application that my visa application has been rejected before. I asked one of the travel agents they said you have to submit this rejection letter while re applying. So is rejection letter important? currently, i don’t have that letter and even don’t have the copy for it. Should i submit anyways?

    2. I have completed and paid the application fee and schedule an appointment on 15th Aug and I am planning to travel on 15 Nov till 31 jan. So if I apply for exit re-entry visa? I will be traveling on the last day ( From 90 days validity since its issued ). What if I request multiple exit re-entry for 6 months will it work?

    • hunterpm says:

      Rejection letter- not important to submit when applying for new visa. But be sure to have your old passport, copy the page where they put the rejection stamp as the reference can be found there. U also need to write the date of that rejection stamp when answering the part “have u been refused visa to the UK before?”. Exit ReEntry visa- if u read the other comments in this blog u will see some applicants did not submit copy of their exitReEntry visa but got their UK visa approved. Although it is still advisable to submit one, just remember that u have to use it within 90days from issuance, otherwise it will expire and u will pay a penalty.

      • Akarsh Saleem. says:

        Thank you Hunter, for your reply.

        About exit/ re-entry, i am planning to get it and try to prepone the air ticket or else I will ask the manager to cancel it after I receive the visa and re issue it. About Insurance I have Medgulf will it work? I called the customer care and inquire about. He replied yes it will be accepted in the UK only in emergency case. But I feel like he was not sure for what he said. You have mentioned that you used BUPA travel insurance. Kindly provide me the details from where you got it?

        Thank You.

      • hunterpm says:

        Actually travel insurance is not required for UK visa application. But it is useful for emergency cases while abroad. Bupa and Medgulf are both accepted as long as its validity states “worldwide coverage”. My company issue BUPA insurance for all our employees and it has worldwide coverage. ExitReEntry visa is valid 90days from date of issuance. If u cannot use it within 90days u have to cancel it to avoid penalty. For tickets it’s up to u.

  84. Burhan says:


    I applied family visit visa on 10-Aug-2017 with normal process at Riyadh centre. Can anyone suggest how much time will it take to get my passport ? has anyone got information about recent processing times ?
    On UK immigration website, processing times of Riyadh embassy are of May 2017 which suggests most family visit visa applications are processed within 5 working days. But now I believe with Eid Holidays are ahead, there are more visa applications in Embassy and time for decision will be more.

    I need to get back my passport before 31-Aug-2017 because I need to travel to home country for Eid vacations. Any information about recent processing times of july/Aug will be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.


    • hunterpm says:

      U applied during peak season so expect 2weeks processing. Dont worry they usually finish it before Eid Holiday starts.

      • Burhan says:

        Thank you for reply Hunter. I hope I get it before Eid vacations as there are 13 workings days still to go.
        As I gone through above comments, so far I have not received email which people have received after submitting application such as below
        “Received email that your visa application is been processed by Entry Clearance officer.”
        Does it mean, process on my application has not started yet ?
        Uptil now, I only have received sms about forwarding application to ukvi, it was received on the day I submitted application.


      • hunterpm says:

        It means still not accessed by entry clearance officer at the UK embassy. Its high season so expect some delay due to huge number of applicants. Also sometimes their system is not updated so be patient. Nxt time apply as early as 90 days before ur travel dates to avoid this worries.

    • Norphrie Mai g says:

      Same here, mr burhan I submitted my documents last August 10 in vfs Riyadh till this time still no update.

      • Burhan says:

        Norphrie, I think its due to peak season, I have not got any update so far. It looks like, my eid vacations are going to be ruined as possibility of getting passport before 31-Aug-2017 is less.
        Please update here if you get any update and whenever you will get passport. Many thanks.
        Also did you apply as normal process ?

      • Norphrie Mai g says:

        Yes normal process. I will as soon as I get an update.

      • Burhan says:


        18-Aug-2017: Today I received email which says “This email is to notify you that your UK visa application is now being prepared for assessment by an Entry Clearance Officer.”

        Now, I am hopeful to get passport in coming week.
        But I received this email today and its friday which is off day here in Riyadh. I dont know if they are processing applications on off day as well.

      • Burhan says:

        18-Aug-2017: I received email which says application being prepared for assessment by entry clearance officer.
        Would someone suggest how many days it takes after this email ?
        Also I received this email on Friday which was off day, are they processing applications on off days as well ?

      • Burhan says:

        Norphrie, any update on your side ?

      • Norphrie Mai g says:

        I recieved email from them last Friday the same as yours. Still no update

      • Burhan says:

        27-Aug-2017: Received concluding email. Hope to get passport today or maximum tomorrow.

      • Norphrie Mai g says:

        No update till now.. It’s good. You got email from them that they already concluded you application.

      • Burhan says:

        28-Aug-2017: passport received, visa granted.
        Many thanks this blog was very helpful.

      • Norphrie Mai g says:

        Hi mr burhan, any update?

  85. ark says:

    hi hunter .. im a doctor applying for business visitor visa …all of my peers who applied in july got their visa back in 8 days ( including nonworking days).. i intend to apply on 21 aug 2017..and wil have 8 days before eid… and also i want to get my visa before eid..i heard they try to clear all visas before eid should i apply for priority or non priority visa ? plz advise thanks
    ps: im apllying from alkhobar

    • hunterpm says:

      Its peak season to apply this period. Good luck if u can have visa before Eid. U can try priority visa if u like but still it wont guarantee you’l get visa before eid. But try your luck!

      • ark says:

        but dont they guarantee to process your visa within 5 working days on priority visa service ? u think if i even apply on priority basis i wont get my visa before eid? thanks

  86. Akarsh Saleem. says:

    I Submitted all my documents on 15th Aug and still, I didn’t receive the email says application being prepared for assessment by entry clearance officer.

    • hunterpm says:

      Lesson learn guys, do not apply during peak season to avoid this inconvenience, even their website does not recommend this as u can submit your application 90 days in advance.

  87. Akarsh Saleem. says:

    I successfully got my visa ( tourist + family & friends visit visa ). A Million thanks for Mr. Hunter.

    Would like to share my experience.

    > Completed Online visa application on 13 Aug 17

    > Took an appointment on 15 Aug 17

    > Submitted all the required document on 15 Aug 17

    1. Passport (original)
    2. Passport copy with stamp pages.
    3. Iqama copy with English translation
    4. Salary certificate with COC
    5. Application states the holiday period has been granted by my company (Instead of Exit/Re-entry)
    6. Credit card copy
    7. Vehicle registration with English translation
    8. 6 Months Bank Statement ( 25K+)
    9. Check List application
    10. House rent documents.
    11. Details of my Sister in Uk ( Her UK ID card, House rental agreement, Passport copy, Job certificate )
    12 Mom/Dad passport copy, Iqama copy.( to prove relationship between me and my sis )
    13 Flight ticket.

    > Received email states “UK visa application is now being prepared for assessment by an Entry Clearance Officer” on 23rd Aug 17

    > Received email states “Your application has been concluded and will shortly be returned to our commercial partner” on 4th Sep 17 ( Delayed due to Eid holidays from 31st Aug till 3rd Sep )

    > Received Sms to collect the passport on 4th Sep

    > Collected the passport and UKVI returns all my documents 😀 on 4th Sep evening.

  88. Bassel says:

    Dear Hunter,
    How interesting and very useful is your blog, I read all the comments above.
    I would like to share my experience too, I’m from morocco, I’m a doctor, I’ve submitted a standard visitor uk visa application on the 30th August at the TLS contact in Rabat (The capital of Morocco), the documents I submitted are :
    – Visa application form duly completed,
    – Bank statements of 6 months,
    – A payslip from the ministry of health,
    – Proof of employment,
    – A booking of a hotel,
    – 6 previous schengen visa,
    – My passport
    I’ve completed the old form application not the new one.
    By the way in morocco they accept the french documents.
    I’ve received an email the day I submitted, 30th August, telling me that my application was forwarded to uk embassy, then in 4th September I received an other mail telling me that my Visa application is received by the UK Visas & Immigration and will now be processed in accordance with published timelines.
    Up to now I didn’t receive anything else.
    I hope it will work !
    I’ll give you update.

  89. Bassel says:

    Visa approved and collected today.

  90. DrIsma says:

    Wondering if you can help –
    My wife applied for spouse visa to join me and she has got the email from ukvi that’s her application has been concluded on 1st October and that the application has been forwarded to vfsglobal Riyadh. We have not yet heard from vfsglobal (in fact even after paying 20 SAR for the SMS service my wife has not heard a thing from them).
    We need to fly out on the 7th of October So is there anyway we can contact them? Do you know of any number ? ( I trawled the Internet but couldn’t find a vfs helpline).

    Many thanks ;

  91. Umer says:

    Hello, Mr Hunter, How are You?
    i had a conversation before that time i asked many questions about UK visa, unfortunately that time i had lack of doc and travel history. now i just completed my doc and created some travel history by traveling to 3 different countries in June, 2017 like Georgia, Azerbaijan and Sri Lanka, the whole trip was for 9 days.
    Now i have complete doc expect the salary transfer in my account but i have salary slips from my company, and 2nd issue is i don’t have any credit card to show them but i have good bank statement history with 25K ending balance. I am working in my company as a Senior Sales Representative, please write me somethings for possibility, waiting for your response, TC God Bless You

  92. Umer says:

    can anyone share the format of Spenser’s letter for visa?
    waiting for response

    • shaun says:

      The Consular General
      Embassy of the United Kingdom

      Visit Visa

      This is confirm that Mr. ABC XYZ, (your nationality) National, Passport No ABC12345, is employed by XXX XXX Ltd. Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since XXth June 20XX and currently working as XXXX.

      Mr. ABC XYZ is planning to visit the United Kingdom between the period 3rd may – 2nd June 2018.

      Mr. ABC XYZ currently receiving a total monthly salary of SR XX,XXX

      Any assistance you can provide to facilitate his proposed visit to the United Kingdom would be highly appreciated.

      Yours sincerely,

      Ahmad Al Najmi,
      Head of HR
      (COMPANY NAME .)

  93. Umer says:

    and also tell me please is there possible to submit my application without exit re-entry ?

  94. Cityzen says:

    Greetings hunterpm,

    This blog is very useful among others, who need to apply UK Visa in KSA. Sharing stories between peoples experiences here just make it excellent.

    May I ask you, if I’m planning to submit for UK VISA wife+kid, what are all documents need to be translated into english (birth certificate) as my kid born in KSA, so its written in arabic. And if its translated do I need to re-attest into COC and MOFA as well ? I understand this is to ensure/proof he is my kid but is it necessary ?

    Secondly, for marriage certificate also is it needed or necessary for UK embassy to translate this and again to COC and MOFA ? as my marriage certificate issued from my home country not from Saudi. I understand both documents are not required/stated on vfs, but my wife colleague gave unsure clue that “All documents must be translated”. And if they require some more documents, the VISA process should be re-apply from beginning or just bring the required docs to be completed, and how many days it would take the process.

    For Iqama, I read above comments that your friend and some other person translate their iqama as well. Again, does it need to be attested by COC and MOFA to be legalized the documents in KSA ?

    Thanks in advance to allow me asking on this blog, I will be submitting into vfs early next month to have 1 and half month before my travelling date.

    • hunterpm says:

      To prove family relation, u need to present Birth Cert of ur child & Marriage Cert for ur wife. I assume they r both under ur sponsorship so their Iqama will show this details. If u r going to submit any document written in other language, u need to provide official English translation. U can find alot of translation office in KSA. That English translation doesn’t need COC/MOFA. Also ask ur employer to include in ur COE that u and ur wife/kid with passport number blah blah would like to apply UK visa. Visa processing takes 10-20days for first time applicants, u can apply 90 days in advance prior to ur planned trip. If u find this blog helpful, please hit the like button. Thanks!

      • Umer says:

        Hello Sir Hunter, I didn’t give the details of Hotel Reservation, please tell me can i edit my application or can i create a new one? my current application just have payment remains.

      • hunterpm says:

        If u already made online signature & click the submit button, u cant modify it. Either u try to make new online application or u can go on with the existing application and ask VFS to modify it during ur appointment, they may ask for payment for doing this. Lesson, review all answers 5X before click submit.

      • Cityzen says:

        Thank you hunterpm for your quick response.
        Today I have paid to book appoinment, but make a mistake for my baby booked on different day (day after).
        Any idea if I update/reschedule his appoinment date, should I pay $197 again ?
        Or another thought, If I keep the schedule separately with my son. Should I complete all of my application docs part to his supporting documents as well ?


      • hunterpm says:

        No issue if u book ur son on a different day, he’s a minor which means he needed to be accompanied by his parents during application. U can bring his application with u (and ur son if he’s required to appear in person) during ur appointment.

  95. Cityzen says:

    hunterpm and all readers, allow me to bring updates on the situation where your family member having different appoinment date (my case is my son) a day after :
    1. You will need all ORIGINAL documents for your son (family member) if they are going to apply on different date, so as you said my son is minor is slight inaccurate. As they won’t be accepting copy such my Employement Letter or Bank Statement which is time consuming.
    2. You still can include your family member to applying the same time with you just tell to the officer, BUT you have to pay 415 SAR (VFS Al Khobar) where they accept debit/card, the details I’ve just read it now :
    “Walk-in without appointment service – Walk in without pre-booking an appointment, or use the walk in service if you miss your appointment.
    This service is aimed at customers who prefer not to book an appointment and is ideal for those looking to travel spontaneously. A Walk In Without Appointment service will be offered between 14:00 – 15:00 hrs for customers wishing to use our standard lounge and between 09:00 and 16:00 hrs for customers paying 415.00 SAR to use our premium lounge.”

    1/11/2017 – All Documents Submitted @2pm appointment at VFS Al Khobar
    – Receive SMS for GWF# was forwarded to UKVI on 1/11/2017
    2/11/2017 – Receive Email from OFFICIAL: UK visa application – GWF# that your UK visa
    application is now being prepared for assessment by an Entry Clearance Officer
    I’m surprised is it that fast to receive our application status within a single day, as I read
    above shared by Akarsh Saleem. says: September 5, 2017 at 8:35 am took around 7
    Days after documents submitted.

    I will share the updates once I had any from UKVI.

    During documents submission found some unsure facts that :
    – They didn’t take my photograph (3.5×4.5) and attach it on our application, But I leave it there on the officer desk (hopefully they will aware off it, since while I’m taking biometric she said “no need”) is it OK ?
    – We have to make checklist by ourself where I found some uncertain for some documents between give tick mark of Original / Copy section. What if we gave incorrect tick marks ?

  96. Ahmad Khan says:

    Hello Mr Hunter,
    I am a Pakistani National living here in Madinah, I need your help regarding UK visa. I have been travelled 3 different countries in June 2017 in a single trip, and today I got the visit visa for Japan as well. now my plan is also to apply for UK Tourist visa on Sunday. because I have planned to visit UK and Japan on the same trip. here I need your help to How to present my file in UK embassy?

    My profession is Sales Representative

    i have these Doc to submit :

    1. Original passport + copy of data page

    2. Copy of my National Identity card from Pakistan

    3. Printed Online visa application form

    4. Employment letter (attested by Chamber of Commerce)

    5. Copy of my Iqama (residence permit)

    6. Translation of my Iqama (residence permit)

    7 Copy of my Exit/reEntry visa

    8. Payslip for last 6 months

    9. Bank statement for last 6 months of Quick Pay NCB account ( SR 39K Standing balance )

    10. Copy of AXA travel insurance for 1 months covers worldwide

    11. Copy of my credit card from Al Rajhi Bank

    12. Flight booking reservation (Madinah to London – London to Islamabad – Islamabad to Tokyo- Tokyo to Madinah)

    13. Hotel booking from (For 10 Days in London & 8 Days in Tokyo)

    All Xerox copies are Colored copies

    so please tell me if something is missing or irrelevant in this file. I will amend it.
    It will be my pleasure if you suggest me something for my better presentation. Hopefully you will reply me soon.

    • hunterpm says:

      Seems ur documents are all complete, go ahead apply for UK visa. Good luck

      • Ahmad Khan says:

        Hello Mr Hunter. i am confused by filling this column,
        can you please help to fill this answer:
        Give details of tourist activities and places you will visit, friends or family you will see or stay with, plus any non-tourist activities you plan to do during your trip such as doing business, receiving private medical treatment or getting married.

  97. Ahmad Khan says:

    Hello Mr Hunter,
    I just printed my application and Documents Checklist, I found that is little different than the copy that is available on the website on VFS. actually, 4 requirements are confusing me:
    ( Tick if you are including this documents)

    1- information about your visit visa.
    2- Home address, doc showing where you live such as ( Tick if you are including this documents)
    3- Evidence of Assets
    4- Additional information- Evidence of Family members remaining in your home country whilst you travel.
    what should I present to the embassy to tick all requirements ? while I have only the doc that I wrote in my post before. now, what shall I do for these 4 Ticks. should I tick or just leave blank?
    I don’t have any house contract copy
    evidence of assets I have only my car and savings that are on my account

    waiting for you guideness soon.. as my appointment is tomorrow. hopefully, you’ll rep me soon

    • hunterpm says:

      I dont know why they’re asking u these requirements as i never encountered it. I applied for General Visitor visa. Maybe u applied another type. Sorry cant help u.

  98. Ahmad Khan says:

    I also applied for General Visitor Visa.
    any suggestions that I can present them to cover all these requirements or should I leave blank that I don’t have the doc.

  99. Ahmad Khan says:

    I am still confused & finding the way to fill these requirements. hopefully can find a better solution. if anyone has better idea..please share your experiences

  100. Athar says:

    Hey there, just a quick question tho.

    My friend is living in the KSA, and they are planning to visit me here in London this Summer for a couple of weeks. He has been living there for over two years and working on an independent. He doesn’t have a bank account, and it looks like can’t open one. I find this a bit strange that why he can’t open a bank account.

    Is there any other set documents that can be submitted other than the bank statements?

    I’m not sure if anyone come across with this situation before?

    • hunterpm says:

      The way u describe your friend is kinda suspicious. You said he is working as independent, how is that? He should have an employer sponsoring him to legally work in the UK. If he is freelancer, what is his legal status of staying in the UK? Only illegals are not allowed to open bank account.

  101. Julius Chavenia says:

    Hi I been in the UK twice, now that my visa will expire on February 2018, do you think I can renew my visa for 2 years as my spouse living in the UK.???

    • hunterpm says:

      Its up to u if u want to apply 2 yrs, im sure u r aware that UK visa cost depends on the length of visa validity u applied (6months, 1 2 5, 10yrs being the most expensive) and sometimes even if u applied 2yrs visa still they can approve visa with lesser validity and visa cost will not be refunded.

  102. Julius Chavenia says:

    but what are the chances that they can give me for 2 years validity? do i have a better chance to get it?? thanks

    • hunterpm says:

      I personally dont know ur personal circumstances but if u have valid reason to travel to UK multiple times within 2yrs then apply for 2yrs UK visa. Your wife in the UK can provide u invitation/guarantee letter to support ur application, however both of u should show financial capacity to support ur planned multiple trips tp the UK.

  103. Julius Chavenia says:

    another question, do you think submitting a friends invitation letter and another letter from my spouse is a bad idea??? thanks.

  104. can i ask about Schengen Visa? What is the requirements needed from my sponsor? Thanks

  105. dear for uk visit visa flight booking in confirmed requires or we just show the reservation only

  106. Raza says:

    We need information about visit visa. My wife is on visit visa in Saudi Arabia . Can I apply her visit visa for Uk from Saudi Arabia. I have already multiple Uk visa .Even I can ask my uncle for sponsor letter for Uk .

  107. Julius says:

    My visit visa will expires soon do you think its easy to get another visa or is it easy to renew it???

  108. Angela says:

    Good day sir! i will be having a transit visa to london after exit from riyadh then headback to philippines.does it have additional fee for the ticket going to london?thank you

    • hunterpm says:

      U need to tell me first, do u have UK visa? Why do u have to transit to london if ur going home to PH in the first place? Thats highly questionable unless u possess valid visa to the UK. U might not be allowed to board ur flight upon checkin at Riyadh airport if they ask u UK visa and u cannot provide one and will ask u to purchase ticket direct to PH since PAL’s airfare is really cheap.

      • Angela says:

        I will apply for transit visa just to see my mom and its only 48hrs and then i will be heading to ph.

      • hunterpm says:

        Transit visa is allowed only if u r arriving at let’s say Heathrow and ur connecting flight is at Gatwick and ur transit time s less than 24hrs. Judging from what u just said u will not be allowed transit visa, instead u need to apply General Visitor visa. However, expats going for final exit to ksa will not be issued this visa since u will lost ur economic ties with ksa which s one of the requirement. Also take note of airfare from riyadh to london is different from ur airfare from london to manila.

      • Angela says:

        Ah…ok sir.but the 24hrs is just for direct transit visa right?

      • Angela says:

        I mean i want to be a visitor in transit visa only sir.thank you sir.

      • hunterpm says:

        I suggest u search for more info about this and visit official UK visa website to avoid being refused visa. If u believe u have strong chance of getting approve visa then u can always try ur luck. Either way u r case will be assessed based from ur personal circumstances and travel history.

  109. Jaison says:

    Hello my dear friend. I would like to visit my brother in uk so I select standard visitor visa type. My planning to travell with my family( wife and son) I have all documents exept address proof and exit/re-entry visa. I have 3 doubts during filling my application
    1) I am working in jubail since 2014 and went vacation 5 times. These trips are required to included in the travel history? I am confused on this. First I fill the date when I reach in saudi arabai but again they are asking did you travel any other contries. Can I write saudi arabia again and again.because of this I stuck in my application.
    2) what should be the answer for what permission you have to be in saudi arabia( I have iqama)
    3) for my wife’s application what will be the answer for how much money you expected to spend for the trip as she is independent visa and unemployed.Is it necessary to divide equaly for the 3 applications
    Waiting for your reply and thanks in advance

    • hunterpm says:

      1) you should list the countries u visited in the past 10yrs. Saudi and your home country are not included since saudi is your current country of residence/employment, and your home country is where u go home every vacation. Have u been to countries other than Saudi and your country of nationality?
      2) u need to provide your iqama number and its validity, u can also provide exit/reEntry visa number and validity.
      3) for your wife u need to put the amount u intend to give her during your trip and explain that u (her husband) will be providing that fund to her since your wife is unemployed and dependent with u financially. Same goes with your dependent son. U can add these details on the part “additional details of your trip”.

      • Jaison says:

        Thanks for your reply.
        I visited malaysia for 5 days for tourism purpose, so malaysia is enough in this part?
        One more thing I would like to know
        I got company letter and NOC in letter headed paper. Is attestation from COC is required?
        Thanks in advance

      • hunterpm says:

        Its ok even if u just visited other country for 1 day that should be part of travel history. Attestation for CoE and NOC is not required, just signature and stamp from your company.

  110. Jaison says:

    18k SAR bank balance is enough for my 3 applications( including me, wife and 1.5 year old baby)In the invitation letter my brother mentioned he will pay our all expenditure in uk. Including transportation,stay and food.
    Also my salary for Dec and Jan are pending. Should I wait for my salary because my leave application has been approved from 15th april. So I have to apply early as possible,is there any problem if apply with 18k. I can provide pay slips for Dec and Jan but bank statement will not showing this amount. Should we consider this also?
    Very very thanku for your prevoius reply

    • hunterpm says:

      Ask your company to credit ur pending salary to your bank account immediately so it can add strength to your bank statement and financial capabilities to travel with your wife & child.

  111. Johhn says:

    Can anyone share the proper location of visa application centre in khobar( user pay). I could not find in google map

  112. carol says:

    Do we need to provide exit/re-entry visa information (number and validity) in the online application?
    or can we just get exit/re-entry visa when they grant us UK visa?

  113. can you tell me the right type i select. my mother sister husband sponsoring me for uk visit visa so what type i select for visa Tourist or Family Visa . my main purpose of travelling for tourism and meet relatives..

  114. while applying from this site
    there are only two option showed one for family visa and other for Tourist
    when i select tourist their is a question showed the main purpose of your trip to visit/stay with close family relative who is settled in the UK. if i select yes then the caution showed you select wrong visa type. so which type i select either tourist or family.?

  115. i am Second degree relatives so its possible to apply family visit.

  116. Digna says:

    Hello hunter I am blessed with your generosity in sharing and advising on your blog.What can you advise me regarding documents to be submitted(on my part and my sister’s- invitee) on visiting her in the Uk and at the same time to attend her daughter’s(my niece) 18th birthday on May 25th, 2018.I am planning to lodge my application in 2nd or 3rd week of mar.I have SR14,00 on my account, i just got my salary a week ago.Is it ok not to withdraw until I finished my application?will it will suspicious for the consulate why I don’t have any bank transactions prior to my application?(maybe they’ll think why I didn’t have expenses/withdrawal history after i get my salary ’till my application time?)

    I am currently working in Yanbu and I’ll be submitting my application through vfs (visa application center) ,Jeddah .
    In the invitation letter, should I address it to Bristish General Consulate , Jeddah or Embassy in Riyadh.I am asking this because I’m not sure whether the vfs will be forwarding my documents, Jeddah or Riyadh.

    Thank you in advance.

    • hunterpm says:

      Address it to UK consulate in Jeddah. U can take bank statement when ur last balance is at its highest then right after getting it u can withdraw some amount of ur salary. Ive done it all the time without any problem.

  117. Roxanne says:

    hi sir, is exit reentry really needed for visa application?

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