Barcelona, “pickpocketing capital of the world”, indeed!

I didn’t know that Barcelona has a title the “pickpocketing capital of the world”, not until I was victimized. Then I googled it to confirm, indeed it was, lots of articles about it and even youtube videos. During my stay in Barcelona, on 19JUL2015 me and my friend checked out early at 5am from our hotel near Las Ramblas to walk until Placa Catalunya to catch AeroBus to BCN. To go to Las Ramblas we need to pass a small alley where a group of young guys were chatting (in a non-spanish language). Then a guy came up to me to promote their “strip club” and gave me some kind of flyer and demonstrated how the ladies dance on guys lap, while doing the demo and talking to distract me, I didnt noticed that they already took my mobile and my passport in my front pocket. Then we walk few steps and another two guys asking for a lighter and speaking to us in a language we dont understand and pretending maybe I have lighter on my pocket by touching it and then the copy of my plane ticket fell on the ground, thats the time they run away and noticed that my pocket was all empty. My friend who’s with me couldn’t react as he was shocked by what happened, but i kept my cool. Then the guy who first demo on me shouted “don’t worry we will help you find those guys”. People passing by is telling us in spanish which from what I understood it they’r telling me ‘dont worry your stuff will be returned to you soon”. Couple of minutes later this first guy run towards me, playing as a hero, returned back all my stuff (mobile and passport) and told me to take care next time and asking for a reward for the help, he asked me eur50 or 20 as thank you, I told him I only have eur10 and I gave him then we left. Those guys are working in groups. Good thing my money is secured on my back pocket, only bills without bulkiness in my back pocket so they didnt took notice. No police to ask for help during that time. Other blogs I read about this scam is telling that if you report it to police, the police will even laugh at you and ignore you, Spanish law states that if someone caught pickpocketing and the amount is less than eur400, they will just ask for a fine of eur150 and they are free to go and pickpocket again and again and again. Bad experience in Spain, its a shame that those Eastern European thieves are putting Barcelona a bad title. Tip, if you have cash, put your bills on your pocket (even at the back pocket as long as it’s not bulky, not on your bulky wallet inside your front pocket. When someone approach you tell them to move away from you and talk to him few feet away, and dont let them touch you or get near you or your stuff. Make a scene and shout if they insist so they will leave you when attention is on them. Always pay attention to your bags and avoid any kind of distraction.


About hunterpm

I'm an Overseas Filipino Worker based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia since January 2007. I love traveling. 25 countries as of January 2019. My favorite countries i visited multiple times are Japan UK France USA. I don't prefer staying at hostel for security & privacy, I'd rather stay at a cheap hotel as long as it has its own toilet and bath. I'm a Top Contributor of TripAdvisor in Riyadh. I used to work in Kapuso network GMA7 in Manila for 6 years before working in KSA. I have this blog to help other travelers the basics & techniques how to apply tourist visas. Hope you enjoy reading my blog... Thanks everyone!!! 😄😘😜
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