Getting Turkish visa for Filipinos in Saudi

I traveled to Turkey alone for the first time in August 2012 during Eid-al-fitr holiday and stayed for 5 days. I toured Istanbul and Bursa seeing all important sights in the city. I will share to you my experience applying for visa at the Turkish Embassy Riyadh. I completed the application form which can be downloaded at their website pasted 1 photo in it, prepared the following documents: Employment Letter attested by Chamber of Commerce, flight booking, hotel booking (you need to write the hotel address on the application form), 3 months bank statement, copy of my credit card (front side only), copy of my Iqama and Exit/Re-entry visa, original passport and payment of SR225 cash. I submitted it thru one of our Saudi Staff who went to the Turkish Embassy, I just provided him with an authorization letter. After 1 week I got my passport with Turkish visa sticker in it. On my second time applying for visa on June 2014 for my trip on 25July 2014 Eid holiday, this time is much more easier as I already have valid US visa so I just applied online thru and got my Turkish E-visa within 5 mins. All you need to do is fill out the online application form and pay $20 (SR75) by credit card, print the E-visa for your reference, although not required as to when you arrive in Istanbul, the immigration officer will electronically see your E-visa once they scan your passport, and they will also check the US visa on your passport as reference. You can stay in Turkey up to 30 days. As a Filipino, you can only apply E-visa if you have an existing valid US, UK, Canada, Schengen, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and other OECD member countries, if you don’t, you need to apply the old way at their Embassy.


About hunterpm

I'm an Overseas Filipino Worker based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia since January 2007. I love traveling. 25 countries as of January 2019. My favorite countries i visited multiple times are Japan UK France USA. I don't prefer staying at hostel for security & privacy, I'd rather stay at a cheap hotel as long as it has its own toilet and bath. I'm a Top Contributor of TripAdvisor in Riyadh. I used to work in Kapuso network GMA7 in Manila for 6 years before working in KSA. I have this blog to help other travelers the basics & techniques how to apply tourist visas. Hope you enjoy reading my blog... Thanks everyone!!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜˜πŸ˜œ
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104 Responses to Getting Turkish visa for Filipinos in Saudi

  1. warlajo says:

    Hi hunter! I really enjoyed reading your blog.. Very helpful especially for those who are fond of travelling like me.. Im also a filipino living in riyadh, been travelling southeast asia but never been to countries that required visa. Im planning to apply for 1 this year, just a question what do you mean by letter of employment attested by chamber of commerce? And do you really need to book first the flight and hotel before you apply for visa? What if i will not be granted a visa? Can you enlighten me please… Thanks πŸ˜ƒ

    • hunterpm says:

      hi warlajo! thanks for reading my blog! Any visa application made here in KSA requires an Employment Letter, some embassies require attestation sticker from Chamber of Commerce (like Turkish Embassy/Schengen states, etc.) some don’t require (USA, UK, Canada), Employment Letter includes your name, profession, nationality, passport number, Iqama number and expiration date, monthly salary, start date of employment from your present employer/company. It need to be signed by your employer stating the purpose of this letter is for “visa application” and the approved travel dates. You need to attest it from Riyadh chamber of commerce (fee SR25). You need to include hotel booking (from etc.) as you need to write the hotel address on your application. Just make sure when you make hotel booking, it should be cancellable, not prepaid option. They normally require credit card guarantee when making hotel booking in any website. You also need flight booking, just go to any travel agency and ask for it, it’s free, as you need to put your travel dates according to your flight booking on the application form. If you dont submit hotel/flight booking/reservation along with other supporting documents I’ve mentioned on this blog, your application will not be processed. Once your visa is approved, you can cancel your hotel booking if you find a much better hotel, and book&pay your plane tickets from any airline. good luck πŸ˜‰

      • warlajo says:

        Thanks for the reply hunter! I see.. Because i just recently applied in US embassy and i just presented employment cert not attested by chamber of commerce [unfortunately i was not issued a visa lol] going back where is chamber of commerce? Do i need to schedule? Is it the same thing also if i will apply japan visa? Have u tried applying for australian visa? Sorry i have lots of questions.. I feel that you will be of great help since we’re both pinoys living in riyadh and lots of experience at that…

      • hunterpm says:

        You can ask any of your liaison officer to attest it or any of your male colleague. Come any time at Chamber of Commerce center at National Product center at King Abdullah road from 8AM-8PM SUN-THU (avoid morning time, long queue). Yes Japan visa requires attested Employment Letter also. Australian visa application is all online, you need to complete your application online, upload all your supporting documents (Employment letter, hotel/flight booking, itinerary, your introduction letter explaining why you want to visit australia, exit/re-entry visa, Iqama with official english translation, 6months bank statement, copy of credit card, copies of your old and current passport with visa stamps/sticker, the most important of all is colored clear copy of your passport data page with stamped “certified true copy” by Philippine Embassy Riyadh). Go to our Phil Embassy in person, bring your original passport + 2 colored clear copy, pay SR100 for notary fee. Scan all these docs and upload it. pay your visa fee by credit card, no need to send any original document, not even your original passport, wait for processing which could take 2-5 weeks, once your visa is approved, they will email you your “Visa grant notice”, your passport will not bear visa sticker, only airline staff can verify that you have Australian visa during your travel to Australia. For more detailed info check

  2. warlajo says:

    How much is the exit/re-entry visa? Can i process that by myself or really need the liaason officer to do that for me.. And where can i get the english translation of my iqama… ?

  3. HunterPM says:

    Exit/reEntry visa cost SR200, u cant do it yourself, only authorised staff of your employer/company can prepare it for u, it only takes couple of minutes to have this, u just make sure to have exit/reEntry visa 90 days before your travel date, u cant apply more than 90 days as it will expire, it usually be valid to re-enter saudi 2 3 or 6months from the date of exit depending on your iqama validity.

  4. Krishna Vargas says:

    Hello! Credit card is really important?what do u mean by 4 months bank statement?Thanks

    • hunterpm says:

      Credit card only if u have it, bank statement is needed to support your employment letter showing your monthly salary is the same amount you receive in your bank account, also you must show them that u have enough ready cash in your bank account to sustain your travel. But as i said on my blog, if u currently have valid visas to US UK Schengen Canada Australia Japan just apply online and no need to submit any supporting docs in 5mins you will receive your Turkish visa.

  5. Leigh says:

    Dear Hunter,

    Your blog is helpful.
    I just have a question. I actually live in UAE and UAE is already one of the countries listed as OECD.
    I have tried applying to but I can’t find the UAE in list of choices for Supporting Document From.
    I know you are from Riyadh but in case, you can maybe help me out on how to get a visa in UAE to Turkey.


    • hunterpm says:

      hi Leigh, better call the Turkish Embassy in UAE for correct details. UAE is not in the option of OECD, mostly Western countries member of OECD lang nakalista, if you have any other visa sticker from OECD countries, make sure it should still be valid at the time of your travel to Turkey. Applying from the Turkish Embassy for a visa is not hard, very minimal documents required and they easily approve it. thanks for reading my blog πŸ™‚

      • Leigh says:

        Thanks Hunter,
        Was able to find the required documents for Visa Application in UAE.
        Also, I heard that visa right now for Filipinos is available upon arrival in Turkey?
        Is this true?

      • hunterpm says:

        no its not true for visa upon arrival for pinoys, yes if you are from EU or US or other western countries. even those other nationals who dont require visa now need to apply online and they can have it in minutes, for those who need to apply the usual way at the Turkish Embassy the requirements are minimal and visa is easily granted, good luck πŸ™‚

  6. aileen says:

    hi i just want to ask about the bank statement that is needed in embassy.does it need to have a stamp sealed from the bank.coz mine was only print out from internet banking. pls reply asap ty.. im also from riyadh btw.

    • hunterpm says:

      Hi, printed from online without bank stamp will be ok…

      • Aileen says:

        Hi thanx.. My friends and I enjoyed our turkey trip last december thanx for ur info. Nxt plan is to get schengen visa.. I am now checking again ur blog for new updates coz May is our next target.. will be staying more in paris coz that is our entry en exit point. Any advise on how to start applying..

      • hunterpm says:

        If u plan to travel on May as early as now u need to start completing ur application requirements, first sked ur appointment as early as possible to avoid rush during peak season at VFS, then complete all required docs, u can apply 90 days before ur planned trip. refer to vfs france website to know everything u need. Good luck πŸ™‚

  7. Diana says:

    Hi., im interested to apply for australian tourist visa, you mentioned that application is online, but on their website online application is for certain passport holder only. Should I lodge for paper application. Im also here in Riyadh.

    • hunterpm says:

      Yes australian visa can be applied online and philippine passport holder is included on the list, u dont have to present original documents, everything is scanned copy that u have to upload after completing online application including ur passport, payment is by credit card, once approved ur visa will be electronically recorded so ur passport will not have any visa stamp or sticker, they will just email u a “visa grant notice”.

  8. Diana says:

    Thank you so mouch for the info youre very helpful.

  9. mari says:

    hi! im planning a trip to turkey. i just want to clarify re: flights and hotel bookings: is it ok if “reservation” only? im from alkhobar and a travel agent i asked here said i need to pay extra for the flights and hotel bookings (100-200sr). where did you get your “free” flight bookings, by the way? thank you!

    • hunterpm says:

      You need to have hotel & flight booking as u need to write the hotel name and flight details on your visa application, booking a hotel is easy and free at but they require u a credit card to guarantee it, be sure to choose the option “cancellable”, once ur visa is approved u can cancel your booking if u choose another hotel, for flight booking there are lots of travel agency whom can provide u free flight booking, tip: when u go to travel agency dont tel them u need it for visa purposes, tel them u need to travel to turkey for business & your employer ask u to get flight booking showing airfare for approval before u pay for it, they will print u a booking for free.

  10. David Joel De Vera says:

    Hi Hunter dude!
    Thnaks for your blog! A really great help to us who want to travel while here in Riyadh! Just want to ask if how much required nila na money in the bank to travel in Turkey? And if accepted ba mag apply ng visa if without credit cards!

    • hunterpm says:

      Theres no specific amount required basta make sure the last balance sa bank account mo is enough to cover all your travel expenses, formula ganito ($100x number of days in turkey + rountrip airfare + hotel). Ok lang if u dont have credit card basta meron kang 6 months bank statement showing your monthly salary na nttanggap mo is the same amount na nk specify sa Employment Letter mo.

  11. Nel says:

    Hi, plan ko next month magtravel sa turkey for 2 weeks only, yung bf ko nasa turkey pero australian citizen siya and business owner siya ng jewellery shop doon. Do you think na maaapprove ako ng turkish consolate basta complete documents lang ako? tsaka hindi ba big deal kung magkano yung balance ng saving basta sa 3 months na yon nagkakaroon ng deposit? Kasi January ako nag open May na ngaun nasa 2,500 lang pera ko pero withdraw and deposit naman ginagawa ko so may 3 months bank statement pa din ako. Pakisagot naman po salamat.

    • hunterpm says:

      Just submit complete set of documents, if bf mo ggastos for u then ask him financial guarantee letter stating he will help u with all your finances while u are in Turkey. If ikaw ggastos sa travel mo make sure na yong bank statement mo shows enough balance to cover your whole stay in Turkey, that is airfare+hotelfor2weeks+$100perday= total nito un ang dapat nila makita sa balance mo. Im not sure if maapprove ka if they see your balance nsa sar2500 lang kaya ask mo bf mo letter of financial support.

  12. EM says:

    Hi Hunter, during ramadam my idea
    po ba kau kung ilang weeks ang processing ng turkish visa? my travel date na kc sa July 17, dpa narelease passport ko hopefully 3rd week ng june so d pa aq nakakapagapply ng visa n pde ba tru accredited agency mgpaprocess ng visa. Thank you.

    • hunterpm says:

      5 working days processing, apply directly at Turkish Embassy not thru agency para wala ka bbayarang service charge, if u cant go to embassy in person ask someone to submit your application basta magprovide ka ng authorization letter sa taong uutusan mo.

  13. Ayva says:

    Hi! Great info you have! My question is regarding Turkish evisa for Filipinos. Does the immigration officer ask you for a hotel booking? And the rest of the requirements such as flight booking, $50 a day, etc.? Or they just simply scan your passport and check your US/Schengen visa?

    Also, US/Schengen visa must be valid upon your entry to Turkey only and not the duration of stay?

    Thanks in advance!

    • hunterpm says:

      Upon arrival at the immigration counter as per my experience, they just scanned my passport, it will appear on their database that i had Turkish EVisa then they ask me to open the page of my passport where my US visa is located just to see it. No other question or documents asked.

  14. Reese says:

    Hello, ask ko lang po paano po kung magaapply po ako ng visa ngayon. Tpos bigla po kunwari dumating ng July or august. Kaso ang bakasyon ko sa december pa. Di ba meexpire agad ung visa? Ilang days or months kaya dapat makaalis, pagdumating ung visa?.

    • hunterpm says:

      Lets say today mo natanggap yong visa, validity will start also today until 3 months (e.g. Issued date 15/06/2016 valid from 15/06/16-15/09/16) u must travel to turkey within that period for stay either 15 or 30 days single entry. U can apply visa 1 month before your intended date of travel.

  15. hunterpm says:

    Kahit 1 day kalang sa turkey pwede as long as ang travel mo is within the validity period of your visa.

  16. Yoyie says:

    Hi Hunter! your blog is worth reading and helpful. I am also working here in Riyadh, bitten by the travel bug + impulsive pa! πŸ˜€ buti na nalang nabasa ko blog mo at ginawa ko syang guide πŸ™‚ i booked a roundtrip ticket for Turkey kasi akala ko visa upon arrival lang kailangan, feeling ko wala na akong time mg process kasi July 2 na flight ko. i had a hard time applying online i think the system was down, good i was able to read your blog, you mentioned about evisa so since ang bilis aplayan ng US, i applied and got lucky πŸ™‚ kaya may turkey evisa na ako ngayon..hassle free pa, bagay na bagay para sa tamad like me πŸ™‚
    Shukran much! ingat palagi sa byahi!

  17. Yoyie says: travel then!

    • Yoyie says:

      Hi Hunter! i’m a bit worried now.. what else do i need to bring aside from my passport & evisa? marami bang hinihingi sayo ang immigration sa turkey? πŸ˜€

      • Yoyie says:

        ayy..question answered na. nabasa ko na comments mo sa taas hehe.. shukran katir! πŸ™‚

      • hunterpm says:

        From my own experience, so far only US do interview upon arrival at immigration counter, no interviews in Schengen zone Japan Asean countries Middle East & Turkey.

  18. Hannah says:

    Hi Hunter. Hope you can help me with my doubts. As I’m going through the search engine of the requirements for getting Turkish visa for Philippine passport in Saudi Arabia, I come across your blog (fortunately). I have a valid Schengen visa for 1 month and it will be on July 2016. I am planning to have my 5-day vacation in Istanbul by December of this year. Do you have any idea if I can process in e-visa in July but will be going in December?
    (I assume that it will be the same as I have a valid Schengen visa and you have valid US visa.) Hoping to see some answers. Thanks.

    • hunterpm says:

      U have to know that eVisa is only valid if ur Schengen visa is still valid during your travel dates to Turkey. EVisa start its validity from your proposed travel dates to turkey for stays up to 30 days only. It is not possible to apply EVisa in july then travel is in December. Getting EVisa is easy and quick in 5mins u can have it as long as ur Schengen US UK Canada Australia NZ Japan visa are still valid during your travel dates to Turkey.

  19. Hannah says:

    Got it. So I guess I need to process the visa application by papers and personal. Thanks for the answer.

  20. Ben says:

    Hi Hunter…
    I have a current Japanese visa…but not USA or Schengen. On the government website it doesnt list Japan as one of the countries that allow me to apply for an evisa. Is it possible to apply for an evisa with a valid Japanese visa? I have called the embassy and they were total rude jerks. Please let me know…also can i apply for multiple entry or just single. We dont need a visa for Georgia and i would love to see it as well. Cheers!

    • hunterpm says:

      Yes u can apply Turkish EVisa if u have Japan visa, just make sure it’s still valid during ur travel dates to Turkey. U will be given single entry upto 30days stay usually.

      • Ben says:

        Thanks for your reply but I fear they have changed the policy. I asked the embassy about an OECD visa like Japan and Korea (which i have) and they said it must be Schengen, USA or Ireland.
        Just curious where you got your information. I already purchased a ticket so im not very happy! 😦

      • hunterpm says:

        It seems that they’ve change the policy. When i applied in 2014 when u click supporting doc for visa, Japan is still included even South Korea Canada Australia, now only USA Schengen Ireland are included. But dont loose hope. U can still apply thru their Embassy and requirements are minimal and they grant visa easily as long as u submit complete docs as per their check list.

  21. jsyed says:

    Hi Hunter, Please advise what is the processing time for visa at the Turkish Embassy Riyadh. I plan to travel during the Eid holidays (Sep 9). Just need to make sure the visa would be granted on time, else dont want the passport to be in embassy during the holidays and i get stuck in saudi for long holiday.

  22. Quico says:

    hello.. is credit card really mandatory? that’s the only one i don’t have.. thanks.

  23. Shiela says:

    Hello pwede po ba na mag open ako ng atm para ma ideposit ko ang pera ko sa banko at makakuha ako ng bank statement agad pwede po b yun sa pag kuha ko ng turkish visa thanks

  24. Shiela says:

    Wala kasi kaming atm sa company namin,, gustong ko mag apply ng turkish visa pwede po ba na 1 week bgo ang vacation ko mag apply ako ng atm para maideposit ko lahat ng pera ko para maka kuha ako ng bank satement pwede po ba yun pls help po thanks

    • hunterpm says:

      Nsa Labor Law po ng ksa na dapat nk atm na sahod kahit mga katulong. Pag mag open ka po ng bank need mo ng letter galing sa employer mo. Usually po 3months bank statement need pagmag aapply ng visa. Better call Turkish Embassy kung ttanggapin nila application mo kahit wala kang bank statement, iready mo nlang po mga payslip mo as proof na sumasahod ka.

  25. Dolly says:

    Hi, kahit ba tourist multiple entry USA visa they will accept in e-visa? Thank you!…. and hindi pa ako nakapag tour sa usa even once, turkey muna then usa….

  26. john. j says:

    Hi bro, for turkish tourist visa for 10 days from saudi, do they need specific ammount in bank statements like SAR 5000 or 7000 or more. As i am working in ministry of defence then do i need the stamp of chamber of commerce.

    • hunterpm says:

      If u are working in the government no need for Chamber of Commerce, Turkish Emb is not so strict about amount as long as the total amount in your bank statement can cover your plane ticket, hotel, daily expenses for food transpo for 10 days.

  27. K.L says:

    Kuya, I’m planning to tour Turkey next month. May Japan visa po aq, single entry lng. I used it last february. Makakakuha kaya aq ng e-visa?

  28. Vin says:

    Hello it’s same procedure till now? There’s a hear say that you need to go thru agency.

    Do you have any idea?



    • hunterpm says:

      Dont believe in hearsay. Verify information thru official Turkish Embassy website. Use google at your advantage for any information u need.

      • Vin says:

        I checked it already but i have additional concern .. How long it would take? Look .. I am planning to go this January 5 , 2018 and by next week I will go to Philippines. I think I have no time , If this the case can I apply in Philippines since I have enough time there? Cheers .

      • hunterpm says:

        If u r short of time to apply in ksa, u can apply in manila but be sure to have ur COE and other required documents issued in ksa, when u apply in manila.

  29. Vin says:

    Bank account also will be here and credit card? I don’t have account in Philippines.

    • hunterpm says:

      As i said, documents issued from ksa, not from Philippines, thats means bank statement from saudi bank, exitReEntry visa from ksa, copy of iqama with English translation, CoE from ur saudi sponsor, copy of ur roundtrip ticket ksa-phl & roundtrip ksa-turkey, hotel booking in turkey, letter of explanation from u why u need to apply in Manila instead in ksa, normally applicants from PH applying in their home country requires ITR, u need to submit explanation letter why u cant submit ITR since u r an OFW, it would also be helpful to submit copy of ur employment contract to show details of ur employment duration in ksa.

  30. Vin says:

    ok thanks. =)

    • Vin says:

      hi there.. The Turkish Embassy in the Philippines didn’t process my visa. Anyway I rebooked my ticket by last week of Jan 2018 and I will process my visa when i came back in Saudi.

  31. Rhen says:

    Hi Hunter. I just want to say this blog is very helpful. It answered almost every question I have in applying for a Turkish visa. I’m planning to try my luck for my December vacay and I have my requirements ready except the plane tix. A couple of questions: which travel agency here in Riyadh would you recommend for the free flight booking?(p.s. my Arabic is not that good and I don’t know how to convey the requestπŸ˜…) And, I printed the application form in an A4 bondpaper. Will that be ok or they require a specific size for the docs?
    Btw, I’m a Filipino nurse here in Riyadh with a terminal and incurable case of wanderlust.
    Thanks in advance!

    • hunterpm says:

      All travel agency have english speaking staff (filipino staff). Just tell them that u are canvassing for plane tickets for ksa-turkey, give them ur planned travel dates with ur name and they will print ur itinerary and cost of the ticket for free. Some agency ask SR100 for flight booking if u tell them its for visa purposes. Tell them u will be back to confirm once the cost is approved by ur employer (kunyari). All docs must be printed in an A4 size white paper.

      • Rhen says:

        Ok, update about my visa processing: they no longer accept personal appearance at the Turkish embassy. All applications must go through affiliated agencies. Waiting for the approval takes two weeks minimum (according to the travel agent). Some even say it usually takes a month or more.

    • Vin says:

      Hi there. What is the name of agency process your visa?

      thanks ,


  32. Fatma says:

    Hi, i have valid south korea visa … i wanna know how i can get turkey e visa.. ? Im ordinary Philippines passport holder. I’ve been to Istanbul last year i get evisa since i have valid Uk visa … since its already expired i wanted to know if i can use the south korea visa since its oecd country like what you’ve said in your get evisa in turkey. I tried but it only give me schengen, uk ireland option. I’ll be waiting for you reply. Thanks

  33. Nancy dacles says:

    Hi sir I’m just reading your blog. I’m just asking sir about sa bank statement need 6 months. In your opinion sir magknu po lahat dpat amount based dun sa formula mu kpag sa sr.

    • hunterpm says:

      Usually po tinitingnan nila magkano natitirang pero mo sa bank mo kung sapat ba ito para pambili ng roundtrip ticket, hotel, pang araw-araw na gastusin habang ikaw ay ns Turkey. Standard po budget is $150 per day so kung 7 days ka dapat meron ka natitira sa bank mo higit pa sa $1050+ticket+hotel

      • Nancy dacles says:

        Thanks po sa info sir. Sir validity po ng pag stay e depende po sa tao or may binbasehan po kung qualified po hnggang klan pd mag stay.sir need po ba personally apply ng visa. Kung ung boss qoh po mag aasikaso po valid po kya un. Nsa Riyadh po kse aq

      • hunterpm says:

        Pwede kahit representative ng company mo ang magsubmit ng application basta may authorization letter ka. Tourist visa depende po kung ano bbigay sayo if 15 or 30 days single entry.

      • Nancy dacles says:

        Sir usually po hm po ung roundtrip ticket at hotel po…sencia na po sir… Hehehe

      • hunterpm says:

        Flight reservation at hotel booking required

  34. David says:

    Hi Hunter! What airlines did you use to go to Turkey? I’ve heard na dapat daw Turkish airlines? I booked through etihad kase

  35. Hi hunter, i tried applying for turkish visa as well and completed the application form online. But i cannot book for embassy appointment at any given dates.. should i just go there personally without appointment?

    • hunterpm says:

      Im not familiar with the new application procedure for Turkish visa at the moment. As u read my blog my first time i applied directly at embassy thru our driver, no prior appointment needed, i just provided our driver with authorization letter. My 2nd time i applied online and visa was issued after few minutes by email only as it was an E-visa since i have valid US visa already.

  36. Dear Hunter,

    nung mag check ako ng application online qualified daw ako for E-Visa. nilagay ko yung nationality ko at kung saan ako mag aapply which is here in Riyadh. tapos sabi dun I’m eligible for E-Visa nga. pls enlighten me. thanks

    • hunterpm says:

      U can apply Turkish E-visa if u have existing valid visa from any of these countries (US UK Schengen Ireland). Otherwise, u need to apply the normal way at the Turkish Embassy.

  37. Sheila says:

    Hello sir, i just want to ask about the bank statement kasi ang company namin hindi hinuhulog lahat ng salary namin in our ATM account but i have more than enough balance in my account to travel to turkey, do you think it will be a problem na hindi match ang salary ko sa employment certificate ko vs sa amount na nilalagay ng company sa ATM? Please enlighten me because i am planning to travel in April thanks so much

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