Getting Tourist Visa at Japan Embassy Riyadh

I have my aunt living in Japan for almost 30 years, married to a Japanese citizen with two children (my cousins can’t speak a word in English or Tagalog). My friends from Manila will be traveling to Seoul from 11-15 Oct 2013 and I am planning to meet them in Seoul. Since South Korea is very near Japan I decided to visit my aunt also in Japan. I told my aunt about my intention to visit her in Tokyo and ask her to send me some documents such as invitation letter and letter of guarantee signed by her Japanese husband, their proof of residence in Japan, copies of their passports and residence IDs, daily itinerary and other useful documents in Japanese which she sent me by courier. To prove our relationship I asked my mom in Manila to send me authenticated birth certificate from NSO (National Statistics Office). My planned travel was 12-25 Oct 2013. It was holiday in Saudi during this period for Eid-Al-Adha. 2 weeks after receiving all my documents I completed my visa application and submitted it on Thursday 22 Aug 2013 at Japan Embassy in Riyadh inside the Diplomatic Quarter, no need to schedule an appointment, just go there from 9am-12nn daily. I was the only applicant on that day yet they are very strict with the security procedure, you have to leave your personal belongings at the security and they will give you an ID. Once inside the visa section I handed over my documents at the counter, they checked it all, i provided them with my bank statement, copy of my credit cards, copies of my previous passport to show my previous travels as my current passport is new (just 3 months old) but they returned it all to me and didn’t even bothered to check it, they just relied on the documents supplied to me by my Japanese uncle. After checking my documents they gave me a receipt showing the date and time of the release of my passport, it was after 2 working days (submitted Thurs, then no processing on Fri and Sat as this is weekend so they processed it on Sun and released it on Mon). For Filipinos, visa fee is waived so i paid nothing. The whole process took me only 15mins. I wend back at the embassy on Monday noon time and got my passport with my Japanese Temporary Visitor visa in it. I traveled to Japan for 11 days and visited 5 cities (2 nights each city: Tokyo, Hakuba, Nagoya, Hakone, Hachioji-my aunt’s place). I fly direct with Korean Air from Riyadh to Seoul, stayed in Korea for 3 days then continued my trip to Japan, return flight from Tokyo Narita to Riyadh via Seoul with Korean Air. I bought JR Pass valid for 7 days before my trip. I really enjoyed this trip πŸ˜‰ Check this website to know the requirements and procedure how to apply for Japan visitor visa



About hunterpm

I'm a single Overseas Filipino Worker guy based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia since January 2007. I love travelling and plan to go around the world before I reach the age of 40. I don't prefer staying at hostel for privacy concern, I'd rather stay at a cheap hotel as long as it has its own toilet and bath. I'm a Top Contributor of TripAdvisor and included in the Top 10 contributor in Riyadh, I don't get any benefit from it, just personal satisfaction. I used to work in Kapuso network GMA7 in Manila for 6 years. Missing my busy showbiz career as a segment producer but kinda loving my current work now, enjoying a relax working environment with a good employer and decent salary. I have this blog for me to share my experiences in traveling and working in a foreign country and how I manage to get my head up out of hardships, struggles and challenges in life. Hope you enjoy reading my blog... Thanks everyone!!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜˜πŸ˜œ
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57 Responses to Getting Tourist Visa at Japan Embassy Riyadh

  1. waqas ali says:

    I like japan . I need tourist visa & i meet my uncle

    • hunterpm says:

      Requirements are simple if u have relative in japan, ask them to provide u with invitation letter with letter of guarantee along with their copy of residence ID/passport, but u have to prove to them ur blood relation by providing your birth certificate and your relative in japan, visit their website for more accurate information.

  2. Sahil malik says:

    I am pakistani. Me live in saudia Arabia
    I want going to japan for visit….in 3 mnth i llove japan….
    Can you explain me

    • hunterpm says:

      You can ask your relative/friend in Japan to send you Invitation letter/Guarantee Letter and other required documents like their passport/residence ID/proof of relationship to you, if your purporse is to visit them. But if your purpose is for sight seeing only, you need to provide you have sufficient money for your trip by submitting your 6months bank statement, copy of your credit card Iqama, exit/re-entry, hotel/flight booking along with your application. Visa fee for Pakistani is free. Please visit for a more detailed information according to your nationality. Good luck!

  3. warlajo says:

    How much was your budget for the japan-korea trip?? Like plane ticket, hotel and allowance

    • hunterpm says:

      Japan is expensive to visit, rountrip ticket usually cost SR4000-5000. I took korean Air that time and transitted 3 days to Seoul before traveling to Tokyo, before my trip i purchased JR pass for $200 valid for 7 days, really helped me alot in traveling from city to city by bullet train and city train, i visited 5 cities in Japan (2nights each city) stayed at 2-3star hotel or b&b, last 2nights at my aunt’s house, i traveled with my saudi friend which gives me more saving in food/hotel/taxi as we share expenses. I think i spent around SR10k personal expenses, excluding plane ticket, excluding 3days stay in Korea.

  4. Romie says:

    Hello Hunterpm,
    love your post. I am planning to visit Japan with Family this coming Dec. We are all Saudi resident (with Iqama) However, my family is in the Phil now due to my daughter’s college and they will come back her only by next year.
    Would it be possible for me to apply them the visa from here in KSA with out personal appearance?
    Of course I will get their pport from Philippines for submission to Japan embassy.

    • hunterpm says:

      If you are going to apply as a family, you can submit your and your family’s application at the same time atleast 3 months prior to your planned trip to Japan, no need for them to appear in person at Japan Embassy Riyadh, but be sure to provide for them exit/reEntry visa under your sponsorship, copies of iqama, NSO issued birth cert of your children and your marriage contract, original passports, flight booking, hotel booking, daily itinerary, your 6months bank statement, chamberised employment letter, your intro letter stating what u and your family will do in japan, on your application form tick purpose of your trip is sight seeing, good thing about applying here in ksa is u can apply directly at the japan embassy and u will not pay any amount.

  5. Good day sir, im here in saudi arabia riyadh for almost 18 years, im planning to visit japan as a tourist only for site seeing during my vacation in the phils. My problem is where and how to start applying for tourist visa, what document i will prepare, how to get an application letter. I have no credit card.please, help me what will i do thanks sir.

    • hunterpm says:

      First visit japan embassy website to know the latest information and steps how to apply. Download the application form and fill all needed infos, tick purpose of trip as sight seeing, then complete the required documents, ask your sponsor/employer to provide u with employment letter addressed to japan embassy riyadh, stating your name nationality passport number iqama number, position, starting date of employment, monthly salary. It should be legalised by Chamber of Commerce (sr25 for stamp). On that letter should mention u want to visit japan for sigh seeing and travel period. Also ask your employer for exit/reEntry visa. U also have to book your hotel as u need to put the hotel address on your application form, its free at but u need a credit card to guarantee it, make sure its cancelable. also flight booking showing Riyadh-Manila, Manila-Tokyo-Manila, Manila-Riyadh routes, u can ask flight booking at any travel agency for free, but if u already paid your tickets then submit a copy of it. If u dont have credit card, make sure your 6 months bank statement shows a good last balance (sr15000 is good).

  6. Lot says:

    Hi, thanks for the informative blog. I just would like to ask if the Company Certificate requirement needs to be Chambered or the Company stamp will do. Thank you so much.

    • hunterpm says:

      Hi Lot, on their website it wasnt mentioned that the Employment Letter needed to be chamberized so better call the embassy to verify if its really required, although in my case i submitted a chamberized one to make it more credible and it doesnt cost much anyway, only sr25.

  7. Ruhul amin says:

    Dear sir
    How can i go Japan because i love Japan i want to meet my brother please tell me

  8. ruhul amin says:

    Dear sir
    I want to go torists visa japan so What documents need to explane me pls

  9. Saeed Akhtar says:

    I am eager to visit japan,but I am disappointed of your strict rules for entry, is there any possibility to fulfill my desire to see a fantastic country and its people,keep in mind I have no relative there….?

    waiting for positive reply,

    Saeed Akhtar

    • hunterpm says:

      If u are going to japan for sightseeing purposes the requirements are simple, u just have to prove yourself to them that u are a genuine tourist, check their website for latest info and requirements for sightseeing purpose to Japan.

  10. Mike says:

    My wife and I are planning to visit japan for vacation. We have a friend currently working in japan so can we ask her to provide for both of us (me and my wife) an Invitation letter/Guarantee Letter? If yes do we still need to show a bank statement with sufficient money? Thanks.

  11. Michael says:

    Hello Hunterpm,
    My wife and I are planning to visit japan for vacation. We have a friend currently working in japan so can we ask her to provide for the both of us (me and my wife) an Invitation letter/Guarantee Letter? If yes do we still need to show a bank statement with sufficient money?

    • hunterpm says:

      Yes u can request him to send u invitation/guarantee letter with copies of their passport and residence ID. Yes u still need to show copy of your own bank statement.

      • JaMsHeD ali says:

        Hunterpm can you send me you cell no?
        I want to talk you plz

      • hunterpm says:

        If u have any question about Japan visa please visit japan embassy website for detailed information. I only shared my experience applying visa to Japan as a filipino, i dont have any information about any other nationality applying for japan visa.

  12. Amit shrestha says:

    I want to visit in Japan for 2 weeks. Could you please send me to visa process

  13. Jane says:

    Hi πŸ™‚ i’m planning to visit Japan sometime this November. Is it safe for a female to travel alone? Do i still need to have travel itinerary to go along with the documents required?

    Thank you!

    • hunterpm says:

      Japan is one of the safest country to visit for all even if alone. Yes u need to submit your planned daily itinerary, it may not be the actual itinerary u will follow.

      • Jane says:

        It’s me again.. I’ve read from one of your comments that if you don’t have a credit card you need at least SAR15000 bank balance? so if i have a credit card, will a SAR10k do? I’m just gonna stay in Tokyo for the duration of my trip. I’m planning to process the visa a month before my planned departure date, will this be enough time to process? Thank you so much.

  14. carol says:

    hi, Pwede ba Akong nagapply ng Japan visa Sa Saudi kahit na Sa Manila Ako mangagaling papunta Japan? please advise. Thank You

  15. Luisa ARceo says:

    hi my husband is planning to get a japan visa , he is now in riyadh.. we have a free trip on dec 11 -15,2016 free trip by the company im working with ,,, my husband plan is comeback here ist in the phils , and from here (phils to Tokyo japan) .. we are thinking time will be tight if he will get japan visa in the phils… he plan to get japan visa in Riyadh… what are the requirements! pls emai. thanks

    • hunterpm says:

      He can apply in Riyadh as long as his Iqama is still valid and if he can provide the required supporting documents as per check list from Japan Embassy Riyadh website

  16. yamin says:

    hi sir paano mag apply ng tourist visa sa japan dto po ako sa Riyadh..tutuloy po ako sa gf ko anu po mga requirements tsaka po mag kano poh babayaran thanks ng marami

  17. Michelle says:

    Hi, I’m planning to apply for Japan visa this week. Got a copy of ticket, booking, exit-re-entry visa, credit cards, COE and 6 month bank statement ready. Upon submission of the documents required in the visa section will they let you know if they will grant you the visa or not? Thanks a lot!

    • hunterpm says:

      They won’t tell u if ur visa is approve or not, they’ll only tell u if all documents are complete. They’ll give u receipt showing pickup date of ur passport with no guarantee if ur visa is granted or not.

      • Michelle says:

        I see. Thank you

      • Ikram Khan says:

        I apply for Japan visa last month but still I’m waiting for their reply I submit all the required documents on 6 October but still I didn’t get any response from embassy of Japan so how long I wait?

      • hunterpm says:

        Normally it only takes 2working days to process and u should get back ur passport on the 3rd day, other nationality takes longer to process, when u submit ur application u should be given a small paper receipt showing the date when u can retrieve ur passport back.

  18. Mark Wayne Batrina says:


    I want to ask advice how to get Japan Tourist visa since I don’t have any relatives or friends there I will do sightseeing myself for 3 days. In applying Japan Embassy in Riyadh is it okay if my Certificate of Employment has no stamp from Saudi Chamber of commerce and I don’t have credit card is it okay if print out from my Samba statemnet account and how much must be in the account? my itinerary plan is to take my vacation first in Manila then Manila To Tokyo then back again to manila before going back to Riyadh:

    March 2 – Riyadh to Manila
    March 7 to10 – Tokyo to Manila (3-4 days in Japan)
    March 18 – Manila Riyadh


    • hunterpm says:

      Try to call Japan Embassy riyadh to confirm if theyl accept employment cert without chamber attestation stamp. No problem if u dont have creditcard just make sure ur last remaining balance on ur bank accnt is around sr15k+. Statement printed at Samba online will do just make sure that ur monthly salary stated on ur employment cert is the same amount reflected on ur bank statement each month, for ur March trip u can apply as early as January or 90 days prior to ur planned trip.

  19. Zel says:

    Hi, i am also working here in ksa under a government sector. I want to take a visa in riyadh as a tourist with no guarantor. My route would be saudi-manila, manila-tokyo, tokyo-manila then manila to saudi. As i have read your blog, one of the requirements is bank statement, so i would like to ask if i can use my philippine bank account instead of my bank account here in ksa. And also, is it necessary to have a re-entry permit to ksa even if i already have confirmed flight manila-tokyo tokyo-manila? I am planning to go this feb 2017 and i would like to secure a visa the soonest, maybe next month. Of course i have plans of returning here in ksa but i dont think they can give me a re-entry as early as now. Thanks in advance.

    • hunterpm says:

      Bank statement from saudi bank is required to support ur employment letter, the salary stated on ur employment letter should reflect on ur monthly bank transaction credited to u by ur employer, u can still submit ur PH bank statement as additional document. ExitReEntry visa is required for all visa application made in ksa whether u are applying Visa to Japan, Schengen, UK etc. ur employer should be able to provide u with exit/reEntry visa 90 days prior to ur planned travel, this document is ur proof that u r allowed to enter Saudi again after ur trip. Having a paid roundtrip ticket is not a guarantee for visa approval, most embassies dont require a paid ticket including Japan, flight dummy booking will do. U can apply Japan visa 90 days prior to ur planned trip if u r that excited, just take note that validity of that visa will start from date of issuance, Japan process visa as little as 2 working days, if they give u 3months visa only it may nolonger be valid if u postponed ur trip, u have to use it before it expires otherwise u have to apply again. They decide if u deserve shorter or longer, single or multiple entry visa validity.

      • Rona Yarag says:

        Pede rin cguro from Riyadh to US via Korea then Riyadh or Pinas? Thanks again po.

      • hunterpm says:

        Depende po if New York city ppuntahan mo bakit kp dadaan ng korea eh 14hrs direct flight from Riyadh, pero kung Sanfo or LA ppuntahan mo ok lang riyadh-korea (9hrs) then korea-SFO (10hrs) which s still considered long journey, compared to lets say riyadh to SFO (17hrs). I know someone who traveled from USA to pinas via korea pero di sya pinayagan magtransit withour visa sa korea kaya nag antay nalang sya sa airport, u can call the korean embassy to confirm this.

      • Zel says:

        Is 10k sar show money enough? What do u think? I am planning to stay there for 8 days.

      • zaitechzai says:

        hello. i want to ask if how much show money do i need in my bank statement for visa application? thanks

      • hunterpm says:

        Ur bank statement balance must show an amount enough to cover ur trip ( roundtrip ticket cost + hotel cost + daily budget for food & transpo), let’s say u plan to travel for 10 days, u dont have friends/relatives to stay so you’l stay at cheap hotel $100x9nights=$900 + $1200 airfare + $100 x10=$1000 for food/transpo, total $3100 this amount should reflect as ur last available blance in your bank statement.

  20. Rona Garay says:

    Hi, namention niyo po na, no need visa for Korea if there is valid US tourist visa. Thanks po!

    • hunterpm says:

      Applicable lang po yan kung ikaw ay bbyahe galing pinas going to US via korea pwede ka po mag transit up to 30 days sa korea without visa, pero kung ikaw po ay papunta tlg ng korea from pinas and back kailangan nyo po ng valid korean visa

  21. metheinsomniac says:

    Hello. My brother is in Tokyo and I wanted to visit him this May. May I ask what do I need to pass? I am also in Riyadh. Is an itinerary a must? Or i can plan my vacation after getting the visa?

    • hunterpm says:

      Yes they require submitting itinerary. There is a format to follow on their website. Dont worry u dont have to follow what u wrote as u can always change it or not follow it at all after ur visa is granted. Also, applying for Japan visa to visit a relative, u need to submit more documents to prove family relationship while if ur purpose is just sightseeing the required docs are simpler. Check their website for more info.

  22. Jastine Joyce says:

    hi, im here in jeddah saudi arabia and im planning to go to japan on december. my contract will finish this november and will go exit. Is it possible that i can acquire japan visa here even though i will not come back anymore? thanks

    • hunterpm says:

      Im not sure if they can issue u visa since it is required to present “exit/reEntry visa”, not exit visa and valid iqama should still be valid for the next 3months atleast after ur planned trip to Japan. If u are going for final exit it means u dont have anymore strong ties with KSA, a requirement to apply for Japan visa in Ksa.

  23. Archi says:

    hi i’m here in khobar and we’re also planning to apply for tourist visa in japan here. May I ask about the application form. It is stated to write an “ID no. issued to you by your govt.”. Are they referring to the ID in the Philippines like driver’s license, PRC etc? or Iqama ID number here is ok? Thanks.

    • hunterpm says:

      ID means National ID, if u are Saudi citizen, u should put ur national ID number, if u are Filipino, put N/A as Philippines doesn’t have national ID system.

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