Getting Schengen visa from the Czech Republic Embassy Riyadh

On my previous blog about getting B1/B2 visa from the US Embassy Riyadh I’ve mentioned about my Schengen visa application. Two months before Eid-al-Fitr holiday I planned to visit my bestfriend in Belgium. While comparing visa requirements from several websites of Schengen member countries, Czech Republic Embassy website makes me more interested. Basically all Schengen visa requirements are the same for all member state but vary only on how you will apply. At Czech Republic they require the following: Schengen visa application (typewritten) completed and signed with 1 photo pasted, valid Travel/Medical Insurance, bank statement not older than 1 month, copy of credit cards (front page only), flight booking, hotel confirmation (sent by fax from hotel representative with their signature, not thru or email), copies of previous valid or expired visas to USA (which I already have), UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Schengen and Japan (which I already had), employment letter attested by Chamber of Commerce, original passport plus copy and copy of my Iqama and Exit/Re-entry visa. Aside from these documents I also provided an Introduction letter stating what I will do during my trip and why I applied for visa including daily itinerary (helpful but not required). Personal appearance is a must for finger print scan so you need to schedule an appointment. I called the embassy on 3 June 2014 to schedule my appointment and told me that the earliest available slot is on 13 July 2014, less than 2 weeks before my planned trip on 25 July. I got disappointed as there are not enough days left to process my visa application, on their website it says that processing will take 15 working days, but still I grab the available date on 13 July at 10:10am. By the way the Czech Embassy is open for applicants every Sun Tue Thu only from 9am-12nn and for visa scheduling and other enquiries from 12nn-1pm only on those days. Release of passports is from 12nn-1pm only. While waiting for the day of my appointment I am losing hope that I will get the visa so I applied US visa instead and got approved. I finalized and paid my roundtrip tickets to Istanbul Turkey as I already planned to accompany a friend of mine in Istanbul for his trip. Still my Schengen visa documents are complete though so I went to their Embassy located near King Abdullah road at the back of NCB bank on 13 July 2014, it was Ramadan time. At the Embassy a security will confirm your appointment if your name is listed on the applicants log book, you will pass security check and have to leave your mobile and other personal items at the security before you can enter the visa section. When it is my time, I submitted my documents to the window, an Arab staff will check all your documents, he ask me “first time in Europe?”, I said “yes”, on the application I ticked Multiple Entry, he said “we only issue single entry” so he changed it. He gave back my bank statement and didn’t bothered checking it but retain copy of my credit card as he said it suffice as proof of funds. Then they took my 10 finger print scan and paid my visa SR306 cash. They gave me a receipt and a slip showing the date of release of my passport, glad to see the release date is on 24 July (last day of work before Eid holiday, a day before my trip to Istanbul). On my introduction letter I stated that I will be flying from Istanbul to Prague and will stay in Prague for 4 days only, if my visa is not yet ready on 24 July I will take it back and just stay in Turkey the whole 9 days holiday. I went at the Embassy 2 days before the release of my passport, it’s not yet ready so I went back on 24 July and they released my passport with Schengen visa in it. It was such a relief and I was very happy. After that I went back to work and immediately bought my ticket IST-PRG online, kinda expensive airfare since my travel is just in the next few days. I also rescheduled my hotel reservation in Prague. So I fly to Istanbul with my friend on 25 July 2014 and stayed there for 4 days, then I left him and fly to Prague on 29 July and returned to Riyadh on 2 Aug. I have roundtrip ticket RUH-IST-RUH via Saudia, too bad I can’t refund my Saudi ticket IST-RUH as I travelled from PRG-RUH via Turkish Airline. It was a great short trip intro to Europe. Prague is such a beautiful city where every corner is picturesque. I also visited Dresden in Germany for 1 day. Unfortunately I didn’t met my bestfriend in Belgium as our schedule didn’t matched, there is always next time for it. 😉     Check Czech Republic Embassy Riyadh website for more information. 



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I'm an Overseas Filipino Worker based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia since January 2007. I love traveling. 25 countries as of January 2019. My favorite countries i visited multiple times are Japan UK France USA. I don't prefer staying at hostel for security & privacy, I'd rather stay at a cheap hotel as long as it has its own toilet and bath. I'm a Top Contributor of TripAdvisor in Riyadh. I used to work in Kapuso network GMA7 in Manila for 6 years before working in KSA. I have this blog to help other travelers the basics & techniques how to apply tourist visas. Hope you enjoy reading my blog... Thanks everyone!!! 😄😘😜
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4 Responses to Getting Schengen visa from the Czech Republic Embassy Riyadh

  1. Deer sir I need schengen help visa my waif helth prablam before 8 years I wall cheek all doctors hire Pakistan in saudi arabia no good sir this time I need out said u help me thank you

    • hunterpm says:

      If u are Pakistani u should be aware that its really difficult to get visa approval from western countries including europe due to high cases of overstayers. However if u are very rich and can demonstrate a strong financial capabilities u can be issued visa. I dont really have first hand experience applying for Schengen visa for medical purpose but based from research u need the following aside from the usual supporting documents: referral letter from a doctor in KSA stating a need for your wife to have her medical attention in Europe, u should have medical appointment confirmation letter issued by a hospital in Europe, u also need to present evidence of financial means to pay medical expenses, travel and accommodation during your stay in Europe. Why dont u try Hospitals in the UAE they have the best hospitals in the GCC.

  2. Jeff zakie says:

    Good day sir. I’m planning on getting a schengen visa as my cousins live in spain. But i don’t know if im qualified or not. I already reviewed the requirements. Some i can acquire but i dont have any credit card here as im just a normal employee here in ksa. Is it possible for me to have a schengen visa? Thanks

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