Sama airlines

Sama Airlines is one of the Low Coast Carrier operating in Saudi Arabia which I often use for travelling Riyadh to Jeddah or Dammam due to its cheaper airfares. Planes are old and seatings have lesser space, no extra legroom, no free meals onboard, FA’s were robotic without smile. NasAir is another LCC but their service is better and planes are new, which I can compare to our Cebu Pacific Airways in the Philippines.

I had planned a trip to Jeddah months before having paid by credit card 1 way ticket Riyadh to Jeddah thru Sama but was unable to travel on the specific dates so I had to re-scheduled by flight on Sept. 2 and added additional fees which cost me more than the airfare if I took Saudi Airlines. But 6 days before my scheduled flight I happend to visit their website and was shocked to find that Sama Airlines suspended all their flight operation starting 24 August 2010 due to SR1 billion loss! They stated on their website that they will arrange flights from other airlines for guest holding confirmed tickets and wait for their call/sms confirmation. I had to call their office to verify and was able to speak with a lady agent who assured me that I will be contacted soon. Days are approaching for my flight scheduled but no advise from Sama. I called them for 4 consecutive days and emailed them twice but I received no answer from any of them. On the day of my travel I went straight to the airport at earlier time hoping that I can talk to someone from them but unfortunately all their office were close and no representative at the airport to talk to. I had no choice but to buy a new plane ticket from Saudi airlines. Good thing they’ve added flights to Jeddah this Ramadan were there’s high demand of travel for Umrah pilgrims. My problem now is how to refund my paid ticket since nobody from their side can be contacted.


About hunterpm

I'm an Overseas Filipino Worker based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia since January 2007. I love travelling and plan to go around the world before I reach the age of 40. I don't prefer staying at hostel for privacy concern, I'd rather stay at a cheap hotel as long as it has its own toilet and bath. I'm a Top Contributor of TripAdvisor and included in the Top 10 contributor in Riyadh, I don't get any benefit from it, just personal satisfaction. I used to work in Kapuso network GMA7 in Manila for 6 years. Missing my busy showbiz career as a segment producer but kinda loving my current work now, enjoying a relax working environment with a good employer and decent salary. I have this blog for me to share my experiences in traveling and working in a foreign country and how I manage to get my head up out of hardships, struggles and challenges in life. Hope you enjoy reading my blog... Thanks everyone!!! 😄😘😜
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